5 types of lingerie for the woman who likes to spice it up

When it comes to lingerie, there can be no wrong choice. Everything is sexy about lingerie that makes you feel like a strong, sexy woman that you are.

When it comes to picking lingerie these days, you have ample choice to pick out from- the skimpier the better. Less lace, more satin, corsets that make your cleavage deeper, G-Strings and baby dolls. Pick out any, put it on and walk up to your man like the sassy lady you are. Watch his face light up and have a great time.

A baby doll teddy

Baby dolls ensure the cute-sexy combo. It’s flirty and bubbly, to the right amount. Not all lingerie is supposed to be all-revealing. A baby doll ensures that you cover and expose the right amount of skin. The fabric, satin or lace, is your choice. Show those legs off by wearing a mini baby doll and make him go wild.

Keep it classy

Who says you cannot be classy if you are wearing lingerie? A long, silken gown teemed with laced bra and underwear is a good way to go. A peignoir is the right kind of classy act. March up to him in super high stilettoes, oozing both confidence and sex appeal.

Cor-set it up

They have been, and always will be in fashion. Corsets have been in fashion since Victorian times. Now, more than ever, they are a part of sexy lingerie. If you are tapping into your role-playing avatar, corsets are a good way to go. It brings out the cleavage, flattens your stomach and leaves the legs uncovered. And the best part of it is – it comes in satin and leather.

Bring the wild side out

There is a number of role-playing lingerie costumes out there. From leopard print to skimpy schoolgirl outfits, policeman lingerie to simple party girls, there is lingerie for every mood. Add a spark of adventure, porn style naughtiness to it and get yourself in detention or in a run with the law and enjoy a spiced up sex life.

For simpler times

Nothing says “Sex me up” better than white lingerie. If you are looking for a sexy time with your man, slip into skimpy white lingerie to pique his interest. Set this lingerie aside for when you feel incredibly horny.


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