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Dildo vs Vibrator: Which Stimulation Is Right for Your Needs?

Each year people in America spend more than $15 billion on sex toys. If you are thinking of adding one to your repertoire then you’re in good company. These toys offer you the perfect opportunity to explore new avenues of pleasure by yourself and with a partner. However, with more sex toys available on the market today, […]

The Who, When, Why, and How of Using a Cock Ring

Did you know that cock rings were invented around 1,200 BC? Cock rings have more or less stayed the same since then, although today, we can now make them out of safer and more comfortable materials. But the questions still remain the same: What does a cock ring do, how do you use a cock ring, […]

Go Big or Go Home: Is a Cock Extender Right for You?

Did you know that more than 30 million men in America suffer from erectile dysfunction? ED can be caused by a variety of factors but the result is always the same: a man isn’t able to achieve or keep an erection that will last long enough for sex. The solution to this may be a cock extender […]

9 Sure Fire Ways to Spice up Your Sex Life

Did you know that between fifteen and twenty percent of couples claim to be in a sexless marriage? While there’s no requirement to keep having sex when you’re part of a couple, sex is certainly an act that can strengthen the bond between you and your partner. One reason why people stop being intimate is because […]

Flavored Lubricants For Your Senses

Surely you have used some lubricant, but have you dared to try a flavored lubricant? at New Fine Arts  you can find them and make the experience of sex even more pleasurable. As you know in the love and sex industry there are thousands of options, shapes, materials and of course flavors. If you want […]

Tips For Sex Toys Care

No matter how often you use your sex toys, they require some special care and even more if you want them to perform at their best and last longer, so New Fine Arts   brings you these helpful tips. You must know that the care of adult toys is extremely important, it is for better and […]

What Are the Benefits of Using a Lubricant With CBD?

Did you know that about 30% of people use lube during sex? That’s quite a few people when you think about it! One fun type of lubricant that you can use in the bedroom is a lubricant with CBD. This lube contains tons of unique benefits. So, are you ready to learn all about CBD lubricants? Let’s […]

Edging: Guide To More Intense Orgasms

Do you want to try a sexual practice that has grown a lot in recent times and that promises to give more intense orgasms? New Fine Arts  has the guide for you to successfully engage in edging. Many men, and women too, are looking for ways to learn how to control and prolong their orgasms  […]

3 Ways To Break The Routine In The Bedroom

Do you feel that your relationship has fallen into sexual monotony ? New Fine Arts will help you to discover ways to reinvent yourself and give your relationship a new spark. We understand that routines are not necessarily bad: they help us to keep our lives under control, to pay more attention to other tasks […]