10 Must-Have Sex Toys You Need to Pick Up From an Adult Store in Dallas

Your nightstand drawer could use a new addition. If you are like most Americans, this is where you keep your collection of sex toys. Whether you already have one, five, or ten, you can always use a new toy to spice up your bedroom activities.

There are the traditional toys that remain reliable throughout the years. Then, there are the new and popular sex toys that embrace innovation. Visit your local adult store in Dallas to check out these ten must-have sex toys.

1. Clitoral Stimulator

The hot new kid on the sex toy block is the clitoral stimulator. These small yet powerful toys focus their entire effort on the clitoris. They tend to be small in size and have delicate or feminine designs.

This makes them perfect for those buying their first sex toy. They also do not obviously look like sex toys. This makes them the ideal sex toys for traveling by air.

Clitoral stimulation can get overwhelming for those who are not accustomed to it. Look for one with adjustable intensity to get acclimated to this new sensation.

2. Vibrating Massager

You can’t go wrong with a classic vibrator. Today, you will find a broad range of vibrator types. The best vibrator is the one that suits your sexual preferences. Vibrators are also one of the best sex toys for couples.

There are four common types of vibrators. Each focuses on delivering a different type of vibrating experience. Wand vibrators are the traditional style.

  1. Bullet and finger
  2. G-Spot wands
  3. Rabbit
  4. Wand

A bullet or finger vibrator is the smallest and most discreet option. However, they also tend to have the weakest vibrating ability.

The rabbit is the most well-known in mainstream culture. It will give stimulation to multiple areas at once. In contrast, the G-spot vibrator is less well-known but gives targeted stimulation.

For the greatest enjoyment, look for a vibrator with multiple speed, intensity, and pulse pattern settings. This lets you change things when your nerves become accustomed to one setting.

3. Dildo

A dildo is another traditional sex toy that is straightforward in design. The best dildos deliver maximum pleasure when used for internal stimulation. While dildos are popular with women, they are also perfect for men interested in pegging.

When shopping for a dildo, consider the right size, level of anatomical accuracy, and color. There is also the level of curvature. Some may also have additional features, such as a suction cup base.

4. Cock Ring

Wearing a cock ring during sexual activity with your partner can enhance sensations. Because it restricts blood flow, men will experience bigger erections and help with erectile dysfunction issues.

Cock rings are designed to fit snugly around the base of the penis, so putting them on can get tricky. Some cock rings require you to stretch them to fit around. Others allow you to slip them on and then tighten them into place.

For maximum pleasure, consider a cock ring that vibrates. This brings pleasure to the wearer and their partner.

5. Male Stroking Toys

Stroking toys are one of the most popular solo toys for men. Gone are the days of the archaic Fleshlight or Pocket Pussy. Modern stroking toys come with an endless list of features and technology.

Look for one that has adjustable functionality to customize your experience. It is also smart to consider the cleaning ability, as you will want to sanitize your toy to keep it safe for future use.

6. App Controlled Toys

Embrace technology by purchasing a sex toy that comes programmed to work with an app on your phone. This is a great way to improve sexual communication with your partner when you are long-distance.

Some toys require proximity to connect via Bluetooth. In comparison, others allow for long-distance play. Some have simple functionality, and others have multiple setting controls.

When shopping for smart toys, consider the user experience of the sex toy and the app.

7. Glass Toys

Silicone sex toys are popular, but glass toys deserve recognition. These elegant toys will bring class and sophistication to your love life. You can safely warm or chill them to add a temperature element to your sexual play.

Smooth glass toys feel lovely against your skin. They are also easier to sanitize. Look for a glass toy that is the right size for your body.

8. Prostate Massager

Anywhere from 30 to 44 percent of men and women have tried anal with their partner. A prostate massager is a perfect toy for men who want to try anal. These unique toys will massage the prostate, enhancing sexual pleasure.

Some massagers come with vibrating functionality. Others have additional components, such as a cock ring.

9. Bondage Kits

You do not have to dive into the world of BDSM to enjoy a little bondage. A bondage kit is the perfect half-step to spice up your love life without getting too intense.

Look for a kit that comes with several pieces. This lets you experiment with different restraint methods on different body parts. Beginner-friendly bondage pieces will have soft linings and quick-release clasps.

10. Wedge Pillow

If traditional sex toys do not interest you, consider a wedge pillow. It may be the least sexy toy on this list. However, it can inspire intense feelings that you would not otherwise achieve.

A wedge pillow is perfect for couples seeking deeper feelings during intercourse. It is also ideal for couples struggling with getting just the right angle. A wedge pillow can be a lifesaver if you have mobility or flexibility issues.

Look for a firm, supportive foam core with a removable, washable cover.

Shop For Toys at an Adult Store in Dallas

Hopefully, this list of ten sex toys has you inspired. If so, you are overdue for a trip to an adult store in Dallas.

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