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What Is the A-spot?

A Hidden Erogenous Zone Of Women Exciting a woman is not always easy. Each one likes a certain thing, in a certain way and at a different rhythm and order. This forces her partner to find a way to please her . But by doing so, the relationship can become much stronger, more fun, and […]

Benefits of Wearing a Costume in Intimacy

Halloween is just around the corner so why not take advantage of the occasion and dress up in intimacy to spice up your relationship. Maybe you don’t know what you like or what you’d love to do or be, but after giving a specific costume a try, you may discover a new way to turn […]

Benefits of Slow Sex

In sexuality there are no parameters or rules. There are those who prefer a somewhat calmer sex and those who enjoy wild encounters. Sexual rhythms and intensity vary according to the person and the moment. ttoday we will talk about slow sex, a conscious and very intense way of enjoying sexual pleasure, which arouses curiosity […]

All About the Many Types of CBD Products

The cannabidiol (CBD) market size could reach $13.4 billion by 2028. More people are becoming aware of the potential health benefits CBD can offer. As a result, new CBD products are entering the market as well. The increasing demand for CBD has inspired the food and beverage, personal care and cosmetics, and pharmaceutical industries to step in! […]

What is Libido? Tips To Increase It

First of all, let’s define libido as the desire for sexual pleasure. It could also be categorized as a behavior response to sexual attraction. But unfortunately, sexual libido is not the same in all people, nor does it remain constant at all stages of life. Many factors, physical and psychological, such as lifestyle, education, hormonal […]

All About CBD Oils

Are you curious about CBD oils and their potential benefits? CBD is officially the latest wellness trend to take the world by storm. Now you can find a wide variety of CBD products including edibles, makeup, and even pet foods. The popularity of CBD use is rising with 33 percent of Americans using CBD products in 2020. […]

Squirting: What You Need To Know

Squirting is associated with pleasure, but there are many women who have never experienced it. And although it is often compared to male ejaculation, it is not exactly the same, nor is it a symbol of greater sexual vigour. Female ejaculation Let’s start by saying that women can secrete different types of fluids during arousal […]

Porn and Its Benefits

Porno  is considered the set of written, pictorial, or audiovisual representations that show nudity or sexual behavior. Although, the popularization of the internet and technological devices, its use has exploded exponentially, both for individual and couple use. The taboo of pornography prevents men and women from taking advantage of the benefits it has on sexuality […]

Facts About Erotic Dreams

Erotic dreams make us think and question why, but they also, and that’s for sure, make us feel a lot of pleasure but first we need to understand how they work. Sleep is divided into cycles of approximately 90 minutes, each involving a different sleep phase. These phases can be divided into five: dozing, light […]

A Guide to Vibrating Eggs

At New Fine Arts today we present one of the favorites to reach orgasm: The Egg. Versatile, simple, and almost every woman has it: the vibrating egg is one of the most popular masturbators in the world of adult stores. At New Fine Arts Dallas we want you to have options and to know about […]