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Sexy Lingerie Options for This Valentine’s Day

It is normal that for Valentine’s Day you want to surprise your partner. Thinking about a super romantic dinner?, what about a new experience about something he or she likes while wearing something delightful for both of you? Lingerie will always be one of the best tool to leave your lover in awe. At New […]

Libidinous Self-confidence

You’ve heard self-confidence before, obviously, but have you heard of sexual self-esteem? How you feel internally will impact all areas of your life, including one of the most important, your sex life. New Fine Arts Dallas advises you how to feel the strong, sexy person that you are. You may be wondering what intimate self-confidence […]

Guide for a Feminine Masturbation

At New Fine Arts Dallas we want you to know your body, stay healthy, explore your erogenous zones and feel safe while finding satisfaction. If you have never masturbated or have done it a few times and you are not very convinced that you are doing it right, do not worry or feel bad, many […]

Sexy Valentine’s Day Ideas

If you are looking for sexy options to have a Valentine’s Day loaded with sensuality, at New Fine Arts Dallas you will find something special to accomplish your mission successfully. Valentine’s Day is coming: The International Day of Love. And there are many scenes and activities that can be done with your lover. But if […]

Tips for Traveling With a Sex Toy

Traveling with a sex toy is usually a desire for many but few do. Do you consider going out soon? Sure you have to pack clean clothes and hygiene items but what about a sex toy, for many it is useful to know how you can take it on your trips without any problem. Traveling […]

Sexy Foreplay Ideas

When exploring our sexuality with our partner, it is common to first have that excitement of foreplaying as a way to reach climax, but what about the details? We will share the tips to improve foreplay and have better connection and orgasms. The subject of foreplay could be endless. For now, let’s say it simply […]

BDSM Tips: 8 Golden Rules for a Safe and Sexy Time

Are you and your partner getting ready to try BDSM? It’s normal and can even lead to better mental health and a stronger relationship. If you’re taking the brave step forward, don’t jump into the lion’s den without a bit of preparation. Learn how to have fun and still stay safe by following a few reasonable BDSM […]

How to Prepare for Pegging: Everything You Need to Know

Do you feel that your sex life is no longer that interesting? Why not spice up your and your partner’s sexual activities with something new? Try out something known as pegging! How do you bring this up and how should you approach this? Well, read on to learn how to prepare for pegging. How to Bring […]