A Guide to the Best Anal Plug of 2024

Are you looking for a fresh sexual experience? Whether with a partner or solo, sex toys provide the perfect path to exhilarating escapades. While many people own dildos and vibrators, butt plugs are less common.

Some may feel apprehensive, but a quality butt plug can be an electrifying addition to your collection. Often used to prepare for anal sex, butt plugs can also be enjoyable on their own. This article reveals why you’re missing out if you’re not exploring these thrilling sex toy options.

Beginner Butt Plugs

Are you new to anal penetration? The best anal plug for you is one designed for beginners. With various types of butt plugs available, it’s essential to start slow. Using butt plugs safely requires experience and practice, so begin with a small plug intended for the inexperienced.

You can buy silicone plugs with just a few inches of insertable length. With enough lube, even an absolute beginner should have no issues using a plug this size.

Remember that sex toys like butt plugs may be sold as novelty items. This means they might not be made from body-safe materials. Always research before purchasing to ensure safety.

Larger Plugs

Once comfortable with a smaller plug, you may decide it’s time for a larger one. If preparing for anal sex, consider using a plug similar in size to your partner. Wearing such a plug for a few hours before the act helps you relax and makes it more pleasurable.

Some people enjoy the sensation of a butt plug and might use one to enhance other sexual activities.

If you’re working towards using larger plugs, sets containing 3 or 4 progressively bigger plugs are available. These sets are ideal for transitioning from a beginner to an experienced user.

Vibrating Butt Plugs

Standard butt plugs seem basic compared to the more high-tech sex toy options. If you enjoyed the sensations of a beginner’s plug, a vibrating butt plug could be perfect.

High-end vibrating butt plugs are a serious investment. Like conventional vibrators, they come with various settings. With some toys, a partner can even control the vibration remotely.

The main difference between vibrating butt plugs and conventional vibrators is their suitability for men. While some plugs work well for both sexes, others are designed to deliver vibrations directly to the prostate.

Since the prostate is essentially the male g-spot, these vibrators can provide men with incredibly strong orgasms. A prostate orgasm feels quite different from a conventional one, and vibrating butt plugs are the easiest way to achieve it.

If you’re a man seeking new sexual experiences (solo or with a partner), this type of vibrator may be just what you need.

So What’s the Best Anal Plug? It Depends!

The best anal plug is subjective; it all hinges on your desired experience. If you’re exploring anal play, a small beginner plug makes sense. To prepare for anal sex with a partner, consider a butt plug set with both small and larger plugs.

However, if you’re already an anal stimulation fan, investing in a vibrating anal plug could be worthwhile.

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