Sex Stores Near Me: Why You Should Visit a Sex Store Instead of Shopping Online

If you’re looking for a healthier, more pleasurable, or more exciting sex life, you’re not alone. More than half of American adults report that their sex life isn’t quite what they want it to be due to a variety of sexual difficulties.

Visiting a sex shop and exploring different toys, novelties, and apparel is a great way to tune into your sexual desire. The question is, should you look up “sex stores near me” and take an in-person trip, or should you shop online?

Buying sex toys online isn’t a bad idea. Many people prefer to do most of their shopping online these days, so why not take care of this errand digitally, too?

We’re here to let you in on the benefits of visiting a sex store in person. Read on to find out why you may just get more out of visiting your local sex store.

Privacy Is Still Central

We’ve all seen the ads for online sex stores that promise to be discreet in their packaging and in the terms used on your credit card bill. This is generally true, at least when it comes to online sex stores with integrity. Can you expect this same privacy from an in-person sex store?

The answer is yes. Sure, you’re going to have to walk into our shop, which can feel a little weird at first. The truth is that no one is paying as much attention to you as you think they are, and we’ll send you back out into the world with discreet bags.

The Staff Isn’t Going to Judge You

Maybe you’re thinking, “I don’t know what I’m looking for. Won’t the staff judge me when I’m wandering around without a clue?”

The answer is no, absolutely not. Sex stores are staffed with knowledgable individuals who understand that every customer is looking for a way to increase their pleasure. It’s not about how experienced you are from the outset.

That said, there is some sex store etiquette that’s worth mentioning. Even if you’re uncomfortable, we suggest avoiding making crass jokes about the products are asking intrusive questions of the staff. The staff is respectful of every customer and it’s important that customers remain respectful of the staff.

The Staff Is Going to Help You

Not only will you not receive judgment, but you’ll actually receive help. If you have any questions, you can ask a staff member who will do their best to answer you.

Perhaps you have an idea of what you’re looking for but not what product is best suited for that need. Perhaps you’re shopping for lingerie but don’t know if the options in stock run true to size. Maybe you have questions about how to clean a product the right way.

When you visit a sex store in person, you don’t have to rely on reviews, alone, to make your purchase. Staff members are there to assist you and help you to find products you’ll be happy with.

Seeing Your Options In-Person Can Help

You can learn a lot about sex toys and sexual pleasure by looking online. Sometimes, however, it’s easier to conceptualize something when you see it in person.

For example, a lot of sex toys aren’t just about function. They’re also about size. You might think you know how big ten inches is only to realize, when your new products arrive in the mail, that it’s bigger (or smaller) than you expected.

It can also help to hold a product and get a sense of its girth, weight, or textural feel of it. Are the handcuffs you thought you’d like a little heavier than you were expecting? Do you prefer the feel of latex or are you more interested in leather?

If you’re new to sex toys and other pleasure products, being able to actually see, hold, and feel a product can reveal a lot to you about your true preferences.

Sex Stores Offer High-Quality Products

The internet is limitless, and that isn’t always a good thing. When you’re looking for something like a sex toy, quality matters. In fact, the quality of a product can impact everything from the actual enjoyment you get in using it, the durability of the materials, and its overall safety.

If you know and love a reliable website, then you’re in good shape. If you’re new to sex toy shopping, however, going online may not be the best place to start. While there are tons of great retailers selling sex toys online, there are also a lot of companies looking to make a quick buck selling bad products.

When you head to your local sex store, you can typically trust that their sex toy inventory is high in quality. After all, they have to answer for their products!

Shopping Local Is Always a Good Thing

No matter what you’re looking for, from a grocery store to an adult store, shopping local is always a good thing. Your community benefits in a number of ways that shouldn’t be overlooked.

When you shop local, your money goes back into your local community. Plus, it’s usually the more sustainable way to go. So, where can you get started?

Looking for Sex Stores Near Me?

If you’re in the Dallas Fort Worth area looking for “sex stores near me,” we’ve got great news: your search is complete. New Fine Arts is your number one spot for high-quality sex toys, lingerie, and other exciting products.

Not sure where to find us? Contact us to get directions to the New Fine Arts location closest to you. We’re open seven days a week to make sure that we can always help you find the products you need to tune into your desires.

5 Challenges To Try With Your Lover

In sexuality  there are always new and innovative ideas and gadgets. Fortunately, there are sex toys for and other fun games for all tastes. New Fine Arts has 5 challenges that you should try out with your partner and spark things up.

You will agree with us that sex is fun, but it is also a powerful communication channel capable of strengthening the bond with your lover. So, why not try new things that will not only make you feel pleasure, but also improve your relationship?

  1.     Whether you’ve already enjoyed sex toys in bed, or it’s your first time, the adult toy industry is always innovating so there are new toys on the market that you may not have tried yet. And of course, there are those for couples. Summer is coming so you can try some waterproof toys or if you are more daring and don’t just want to use the classic vibrator, try a cock ring, an anal plug or a clitoris stimulator. These are just a few options, but you can find hundreds of adult toys in any of the 3 New Fine Arts stores in DFW.
  2.     To eroticize your mind and look for new adventures to live as a couple, you can take an erotic movie as a little help. The idea is to be able to watch as a couple an erotic movie that will make you jump off the couch to become real Hollywood stars. You might just like to watch the movie to start getting into the mood but if you dare, you can become the actress or actor of your own movie, imitate some of what happens or create a new one using your imagination. At New Fine Arts we have a great selection of movies for adults , so you already have a new plan for this weekend.
  3.     Propose to your partner the game of fantasies. Each person chooses an erotic fantasy they want to share with their lover and sends a suggestive audio in which they explain it in detail to their partner. Don’t leave anything out! The ones you like the most can come true. There are no limits here but remember that it is important that you both agree on many things, for example if it is about BDSM, try to talk about it before with your partner. Surprise him/her with that sexy outfit, that surprise trip or only you will set the limit of that fantasy you want to try in your relationship.
  4.     A sexy video call using a remote sex toy that your partner can control from their phone will surely turn on the mood. There are already smart toys on the market that can be controlled from a distance and from the comfort of your phone. Don’t be afraid of technology and use it in your favor.
  5.     Sometimes it is worthwhile to leave penetration aside and pamper other parts of the body with different practices. After all, as we have said on other occasions, caresses, cuddles, and kisses are part of sex. So… enjoy! Get to know your body and your partner’s body, how it reacts to your caresses. You will use this to your advantage in future intimate relationships because you will already know your partner’s weak points.

 The important thing is to enjoy sexuality in a responsible and creative way. Think of all the things you would like to do with your partner and if you need extra help go to New Fine Arts  where you will exploit your creativity.

Raise Your Vibe: How to Use Vibrating Panties the Right Way

In the United States, over 50% of women report using a vibrator during sexual encounters. They are commonly used during partner sex as well as masturbation. If you enjoy using a vibrator or you’re interested in trying one, rest assured you’re not alone.

Vibrators come in many shapes, sizes, and styles, but vibrating panties can be a fun and frisky way to elevate the experience. These are panties with a built-in vibrator that can create a sensual and naughty experience in many different creative ways.

If you’re wondering how you can incorporate vibrating panties into sex life, we’ve got you covered.

Keep reading to learn some of the best ways to put your buzzing panties to use.

Experimenting With Foreplay

Foreplay is an important part of the sexual experience, especially for women. This includes kissing, touching, oral sex, and manual pleasure. Not only is the lead-up to intercourse pleasurable, but for many women, it is necessary to achieve an orgasm.

While enjoying foreplay with a partner can be arousing, using a toy or vibrator can take it to the next level and ensure that you get to the big O. A pantie vibrator is a surefire way to spice things up in the bedroom and create arousal for both you and your partner.

There are so many different ways that you can play and explore with these fun panties. They come in a variety of different styles and can be a great addition to your lingerie wardrobe as well as your collection of sex toys.

Discreet Public Use

One of the most exhilarating ways to use vibrating panties is in a public place (discreetly of course!).

You can slip them on before you head out to date night and use them as a naughty tool between you and your partner to have some secret x-rated fun. The latest styles are Bluetooth vibrating panties so that your partner can take control with a remote. That means that when you’re on a romantic dinner date, your partner can control the setting and secretly turn on the vibrator in your panties.

This gives a whole new meaning to “public displays of affections”. Of course, you want to be discreet, and when things get too hot and heavy, you want to be close to home to take the festivities to the bedroom.

Personal Pleasure

There is no rule that limits your pantie vibrating pleasure to partner sex. Masturbation is a healthy part of your sexuality and exploring pleasure on your own can help you get to know your body.

Solo sex will give you an understanding of what it is that you enjoy. It will also make it easier for you to communicate your sexual needs to a partner once you’re ready to share in that type of pleasure. Masturbation is the best way to know what turns you on and that can, in turn, elevate sex with a partner.

You can also throw these on while doing any mundane task. Whether it’s the dishes or folding laundry – why not give yourself some added pleasure by wearing your vibrating panties?

These also come in handy if you enjoy stimulation on multiple erogenous zones on your body. Most vibrators are handheld and require you to hold them in place but with these panties, you’re free to use your hands to stimulate other areas of your body.

Submissive Situations

Many women enjoy submissive play, of course only when there is consent between both partners.

Remote control vibrating panties allow your partner to have complete control over your sexual experience. That means they control the intensity, the wave of vibration, and the level of stimulation. This can be a huge turn-on for both partners.

Vibration in the panties is an effective way to ensure that the clitoris is stimulated while your partner handles the other areas that give you pleasure. This gives them the same “hands-free” advantage as you get with vibrating panties during masturbation.

You can find vibrating panties at New Fine Arts along with more decadent lingerie to spice up the bedroom.

Passing on the Pleasure

If you know the level of pleasure and fun that vibrating provides, you can make it your duty to pass on the pleasure!

Not only can you enjoy these panties yourself, but they also make a wonderful gift to any of your friends. You don’t have to wait for a bachelorette party to spoil a friend with this sexy gift. It also makes a great gift for any of your single friends who might need a little action in the bedroom.

These are especially fun to reveal at a birthday or bachelorette party. They make a great conversation starter as well as initiate comfortable communication around sexual enjoyment. You could even throw a sex toy party for you and your girlfriends and incorporate these sexy panties.

There is no limit to the way that you can use vibrating panties as long as you’re being safe, discreet, and consensual. Let the fun begin!

Finding Pleasure With Vibrating Panties

Vibrators are handy little devices that help us get to the big O without a lot of sweat. They’re even more convenient when they’re built into a sexy pair of panties. When using vibrating panties for the first time, be sure to try them during foreplay, discreet PDA, masturbation, and submissive situations, and give them as a gift.

Visit our website and check out our full range of sex toys to get your mojo going strong!

Dildo vs Vibrator: Which Stimulation Is Right for Your Needs?

Each year people in America spend more than $15 billion on sex toys. If you are thinking of adding one to your repertoire then you’re in good company.

These toys offer you the perfect opportunity to explore new avenues of pleasure by yourself and with a partner. However, with more sex toys available on the market today, it’s hard to know where to start.

A dildo or vibrator is an essential part of any sex toy collection but a lot of people in America aren’t clear on what the difference between these toys is. Understanding this is essential if you are going to find the right toy to suit you.

So what is the difference between a dildo and a vibrator and how do you pick the right one for you? Read on to find out how to choose between a dildo vs vibrator.

What Is a Dildo?

Dildos are believed to date right back to the Stone Age, so they have really stood the test of time. While the designs and materials used to make these toys over the years have changed, one element has remained the same. These sex toys are primarily used for penetrative pleasure.

You can use dildos in a variety of ways. For example, they can penetrate the vagina, anus, and mouth. Or they can be used in strap-on play and for pegging.

Some dildos replicate a phallic shape, while others are designed for specific penetrative stimulation. They might, for example, feature ridges along the shaft to stimulate the G Spot. Double dildos are also available for double penetration or to be used by two people at the same time.

What Is a Vibrator?

When it comes to a vibrator vs a dildo, there is one main difference: vibrators vibrate and dildos don’t. However, vibrators can come in all shapes and sizes.

Small pebble-style vibrators are perfect for focused clitoral stimulation. Other vibrators can be used on the G Spot. Some, such as the famous rabbit vibrators, combine these elements for maximum pleasure.

Of course, you can use vibrators on a variety of different body parts. This includes in the vagina and anus, or on the clitoris. It can also feel great to use your vibrator on your other erogenous zones, such as the nipples and buttocks.

And women aren’t the only ones who can enjoy a good vibrator! They can also feel amazing when moved precisely along the shaft of the penis towards the tip or on the testicles. So you won’t be short of ways to use your vibrator.

Usually, vibrators come with a range of settings. These make it possible to adjust the speed and type of pressure while you are using them. This can really help you find what works best for you!

Choosing the Best Sex Toy For You

Choosing the right sex toy for you is all about finding your preferences. This is not a one-size-fits-all situation.

It is worth thinking about the types of sexual stimulation that you enjoy the most. For example, if you regularly orgasm from penetrative sex then a dildo will do the job. Alternatively, if you find clitoral stimulation is the key to orgasms for you, a vibrator is a good choice.

Of course, you also need to think about how you would like to use your sex toy. If you have specific plans then one might be better suited to it than the other.

For example, dildos are ideal for strap-on play and BDSM. In comparison, vibrators can be a more gentle way to ease yourself into a play session. Although you can still have a lot of fun with them!

It is also worth noting that all vibrators will require some sort of battery or charging. So you’ll need to plan ahead a little before you use yours.

When shopping for a new sex toy it can help to check out reviews from other customers. These can give you an insight into the pros and cons of different vibrators and dildos. For example, they can tell you about:

  • Their battery life
  • The type of sex games they’re ideal for
  • How long vibrators take to charge
  • How noisy different vibrators are

They’ll also give you an idea of how satisfying they are to use, which, after all, is what they’re there for!

Dildo vs Vibrator: Don’t Limit Yourself to a Single Sex Toy

Of course, when it comes to sex toys you don’t have to limit yourself. In fact, having a few different options to hand can help keep things exciting, whether you’re playing by yourself or with a partner.

In fact, the world of sex toys has a lot more to offer than just dildos and vibrators. As you start to explore, you might also want to try out:

  • Massagers
  • Anal plugs and beads
  • Bondage gear
  • Vibrating panties
  • Cock rings
  • Pocket pussies

So there are plenty of great ways to explore your pleasure, find your kinks, and have a great time!

Start Enjoying Dildo and Vibrator Masturbation Today

As you can see, when it comes to a dildo vs vibrator both have plenty to offer you. This depends a lot on what really gets you going and how you want to use your toy. So don’t be afraid to play around and try out different options to find out which works best for you!

Are you looking to introduce sex toys into the bedroom with your partner? Then check out our top tips on bringing toys into the conversation now.

The Who, When, Why, and How of Using a Cock Ring

Did you know that cock rings were invented around 1,200 BC? Cock rings have more or less stayed the same since then, although today, we can now make them out of safer and more comfortable materials. But the questions still remain the same: What does a cock ring do, how do you use a cock ring, and what is the purpose of cock ring?

Many men who have never used a cock ring before may be wary to try one at first, but you will find that they can enhance your sexual pleasure like never before. More than that, they can also be especially helpful for men who suffer from erectile dysfunction. Keep reading and learn more about how and why you should be using cock rings.

Why Should You Use a Cock Ring?

Cock rings such as a vibrating cock ring can be very helpful for men who have ED. ED happens to many men for a variety of reasons but it always involves the penis not getting enough blood flow to achieve an erection. It also may involve being able to get an erection but not being able to maintain that erection.

Normally, an erection occurs when the tissues within the penis, the corpus spongiosum and the corpus cavernosum, engorge with blood. These tissues are also designed to lock the blood in so the man will be able to maintain an erection. For men with ED, a cock ring can accomplish this.

While a cock ring cannot stop blood from flowing out of the penis, it can slow the blood flow. This is important because it means that a man with ED will be able to maintain an erection for a longer period of time. You can put on a cock ring even if you are only partially erect as well as when fully erect.

But what if ED isn’t a problem for you? If that’s the case, a cock ring may still be of interest to you. Many men find that they are able to achieve larger erections when wearing a cock ring.

This is because the blood in the penis is not able to easily flow out so it will add to the size of your erection. This additional swelling can provide increased sensation and pleasure. It can also help to better satisfy your partner.

Keep in mind that this should not be painful. If wearing a cock ring is painful for you, you are likely using a cock ring that is too tight for you. Also, a cock ring will only slightly (and not drastically) increase your erection.

How to Put on a Cock Ring

How to put on a cock ring doesn’t have to be a difficult task. When you first decide that you want to start using cock rings, you should buy a ring that is flexible and stretchy. That way, it will be much easier to put on.

As you become more experienced with cock rings, you should be able to move on to rings made out of different materials such as metal or glass. Cock rings made out of silicone are ideal for those who are new to the game. They are not only flexible but they are also comfortable and easy to clean.

There are also some adjustable cock rings if you prefer those. They can be helpful in determining how tight you want the ring to be. When it’s time to put on the ring, you’ll want to use plenty of lube.

Trying to put on a cock ring without lube can create unnecessary friction, and not the good kind. Keep in mind that if you are using a silicone cock ring, you won’t want to use silicone-based lube. Those two things don’t go well together and the lube can end up eroding your cock ring.

Instead, you will want to opt for a water-based lube. When you put on the cock ring, you won’t want to be fully erect. Instead, try putting it on when you are still flaccid or only semi-erect.

That will make the process of putting on the ring much easier. But where should you position the cock ring once you put it on? Most rings are designed to fit at the base of the penis.

However, some rings are designed to fit around the penis as well as the balls, although this is more advanced than beginners might prefer.

Don’t Leave the Ring on for Too Long

All good things must come to an end, and cock rings are no exception. You shouldn’t leave your cock ring on for too long, ideally no longer than 20 or 30 minutes. Why, you might ask?

What if you’re only getting started by that point? Even so, it isn’t healthy to leave on a cock ring for a prolonged period of time. That’s because the cock ring is designed to restrict blood flow to the penis.

Restricting blood flow is fine but only in short bursts. After a while, it can become dangerous. In some cases, leaving a cock ring on for too long can actually damage the tissues in your penis.

This can lead to more serious problems down the line such as erectile dysfunction. When it’s time to remove the cock ring, be as gentle as you were when putting it on. That will ensure that it won’t be a painful process.

Why You Need a Cock Ring

Adding a cock ring to your sex life can be your next great decision. By restricting the blood flow to the penis, it can enhance your sensation and sexual pleasure as well as your partner’s pleasure.

Getting Anal About Cleanliness: How to Properly Clean Your Anal Plug

No matter what material your anal plug is made of, not cleaning your sex toy can be a bad idea for a variety of reasons. Not only can dirty sex toys cause unpleasant infections, but not cleaning them can cut their lifespans short. When it comes to anal plugs, you will want to be especially careful when cleaning them.

Keep reading more below and learn some important tips for cleaning your anal butt plug.

How to Clean Your Anal Plug

Anal plugs come in all shapes, sizes, and materials. For that reason, some anal plugs are easier (or harder) to clean than others. A glass anal plug and a stainless steel anal plug are some of the easiest plugs to clean.

That’s because both glass and steel are non-porous. For that reason, bacteria won’t be able to penetrate the anal plug which would make it harder to completely clean. An easy way to clean glass and steel plugs is to boil them in water.

You should boil them for around 10 minutes. That way, any bacteria sitting on the surface of the toy should be completely destroyed. After you’re done boiling the plug, dry it thoroughly and then store it in a clean and dry location.

Silicone plugs are also relatively easy to clean because they are also non-porous. They are very common since many find them to be more comfortable than glass or steel plugs. You can try boiling silicone plugs, but they might not hold up well against the hot water.

Instead, it is best to wash your silicone plug with warm water and soap. You can wash the plug with your hands or a gentle rag, but you should never use a brush or anything harsh on the toy. This might create scratches in the toy which might make it uncomfortable to use the plug in the future.

You will want to be careful when washing a vibrating anal plug since the water might interfere with the mechanics inside.

More Tips on Keeping Your Anal Plug Clean

Porous anal plugs are especially hard to clean because bacteria will more easily be able to penetrate the toy. For example, jelly anal plugs are porous. To clean them, you will need to be very thorough when washing them with soap and water.

They also tend to be less durable than other toys so you won’t be able to boil them. To keep your anal plug from getting dirty in the first place, you can try using a condom over the toy. This is a common practice for those who use the same sex toy on different people.

This way, most of the bacteria will be on the condom instead of the toy itself. But keep in mind that even if you do use a condom on the anal plug, you shouldn’t avoid cleaning the plug regularly.

How to Clean Your Anal Plug

Cleaning an anal plug doesn’t have to be as difficult as it sounds. If you have a glass or steel anal plug, try boiling it for 10 minutes to remove any bacteria. For other types of anal plugs, rinse them under hot water and wash them with soap.

To learn more, check out the products on our website.

Go Big or Go Home: Is a Cock Extender Right for You?

Did you know that more than 30 million men in America suffer from erectile dysfunction? ED can be caused by a variety of factors but the result is always the same: a man isn’t able to achieve or keep an erection that will last long enough for sex. The solution to this may be a cock extender or sleeve.

A cock sleeve extender may also be beneficial for men who don’t have ED. Even though cock extenders were originally medical devices, they have unsurprisingly slid into the world of sex toys. Today, you can find all sorts of cock extender sleeve options on the internet and some even come with unique features such as ribs to increase your and your partner’s pleasure.

Keep reading and learn more about what a cock extender can do for you.

What Is a Cock Extender?

Traditionally, a cock extender was meant to help treat men with erectile dysfunction. It is a device that is designed to wrap around the penis and restrict blood flow. By restricting blood flow to the penis, the man would be able to achieve and maintain an erection without much effort.

Today, cock extenders and sleeves come in all shapes and sizes and they can do much more than treating ED. Those that are sex toys are especially versatile. You will find some cock sleeves only encompass the shaft of the penis while leaving the head exposed.

This can increase the sensation the man feels during sex. There is also the famous vibrating cock sleeve which can be very pleasurable both for the man and his partner. There are also some cock sleeves that are able to add length or girth to your penis.

This can be especially helpful for men who want to add some length to their penises. While the average penis length is only about 5 inches, a penis extender can be especially helpful for men who have penis lengths that are below average.

There are also some that increase the girth of your penis. Some penis sleeves have unique designs such as ribs or dots that can be stimulating for both you and your partner.

How to Use a Cock Sleeve or Extender

When using a cock sleeve or extender, you won’t want to wear the device for too long. That’s because it can restrict blood flow to the penis. While blood restriction is fine for short periods of time, it is not good for longer than 30 minutes.

After that point, restricting blood to the penis can end up damaging the tissues in the penis. To put on a cock sleeve, wait until you are semi-erect. Putting it on while fully erect might prove to be too difficult.

You should also make sure that you buy the right size sleeve, otherwise, it might be too tight or too loose. Once you are fully erect, the sleeve should stay in place on its own.

Is a Cock Extender Right for You?

A cock extender or sleeve might not be right for everyone, but it can certainly be helpful for many men. Whether you have ED or want to increase the length or girth of your penis, a cock extender might be the solution for you.

To learn more, check out what our website has to offer.

9 Sure Fire Ways to Spice up Your Sex Life

Did you know that between fifteen and twenty percent of couples claim to be in a sexless marriage? While there’s no requirement to keep having sex when you’re part of a couple, sex is certainly an act that can strengthen the bond between you and your partner.

One reason why people stop being intimate is because they feel that they keep having boring sex. Thankfully, there are many different ways to spice up sex.

So keep on reading, and we’ll show you how to spice up sex life!

1. Try a New Position

Doing the same thing over and over is the definition of boring. So go online and look up different sex positions. You can find some that are really creative and out there and plenty of others that are slight variations from what most people consider standard.

2. Try Different Penetration Techniques

If you and your partner are comfortable with switching things up, then you should consider pegging. This is a very safe way to explore boundaries.

Pegging is when a woman anally penetrates a man by using a strap-on dildo. It’s a great way to play with power dynamics in a couple. And no, if you’re a straight man that doesn’t mean that liking pegging means your gay.

3. Give a Little Spanking a Chance

Spanking is a great way to make the bedroom a little kinkier without breaking out all of the whips and chains. When you spank, you want to make sure that you hit the fleshy part of your partner’s body.

Watch out, and don’t hit any bony parts or organs. You also want to make sure that you always get consent before you do something like spanking.

4. Book a Hotel Room

Sometimes, all you need is a change in scenery. When you’re in your home, it’s easy to suddenly be distracted by various things. For example, you might be worried about your kids, about work, or something else.

You should go on a little vacation with your partner. When you’re in a hotel room, you don’t need to worry about any interruptions and you don’t even need to worry about making sure that you tidy up afterward.

5. Do Anal Play

If you’ve never explored anal play, then you might be intimidated at first. But fear not. Before you jump into anal sex, you can initiate things by inserting your finger, using butt plugs, or anal beads.

Of course, you always want to make sure that the person being penetrated is ready and knows exactly what’s going on and what you’re going to do.

You can even just try oral sex on the anus, also known as rimming, if you don’t want to do any penetration. It’s probably a good idea to make sure that you are all showered and clean before and after doing this.

6. Get Real About Your Feelings

Sometimes the sexiest thing you can do is just be open and vulnerable with your partner. If you’re worried that boring sex is ruining your relationship, then you should let your partner know this. If you don’t, you might be holding yourself back from having a fun time.

This can be especially true if you have trauma related to sex. If this is the case then you should reach out to the appropriate healthcare provider, like a clinical counselor, licensed therapist, nurse practitioner, or gynecologist.

You shouldn’t expect your partner to treat you at a clinical level, and you might need professional assistance. Talk to your partner about the feelings that you have and see how you can have a sexual relationship that is comfortable and fun.

7. Roleplay Is Always an Option

As you and your significant other get more comfortable with each other in the bedroom, one of the things to spice up sex that you can try is roleplaying. Your brain is your most powerful sex organ, and that means that having a big imagination can really get things hot and steamy.

An easy way to first get into roleplaying is to go out for a nice dinner and pretend that it’s your first date. You’ll suddenly understand why roleplaying makes people so excited.

As you get more comfortable with roleplaying, you can start to take on more interesting roles like doctors, teachers, politicians, and even aliens. Using sexy costumes can help enhance the experience even more.

8. Add Food Into the Mix

Want to literally spice up your sex life? Why not try licking hot sauce off of your partner’s body?

People also like to go the sweeter route too. You can cover a part of your significant other with whipped cream or chocolate sauce, for example.

9. Dirty Talk

A really effective and simple way to spice up the mood is to try some dirty talk. Start with a few expletives and see how filthy your words can get. While it might be awkward at first, you can try out different phrases and words until you find what works for you.

End Boring Sex Today

Boring sex can ruin an otherwise great relationship. Thankfully, there are many different strategies that you and your partner can try to spice things up and say goodbye to boring sex once and for all.

And if you’re intimidated about overcoming boring sex, you don’t have to do it alone. At New Fine Arts, we’ve got a wide variety of lingerie, toys, and novelties to help you and your partner have the sex life you deserve.

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Flavored Lubricants For Your Senses

Surely you have used some lubricant, but have you dared to try a flavored lubricant? at New Fine Arts  you can find them and make the experience of sex even more pleasurable.

As you know in the love and sex industry there are thousands of options, shapes, materials and of course flavors. If you want to experience something different but don’t dare, these flavored lubricants is a must in your sex life.

Stimulate your senses

When we think of sex and senses, most of the time we think of stimulation obviously by touch since physical contact during intimate relations is 100% present.

But why leave out the rest of the senses from the stimulation? By using flavored lubricants you will not only stimulate the sense of taste but also the sense of smell will be part of this fascinating feeling in addition to improving the experience during penetration.

Aroma and flavor

Most flavored lubricants include very sweet fruity aromatic notes. Fruits are aphrodisiacs  due to their sweetness, and so, most flavored lubricants and lubricants are based on fruit flavors. Lemon, strawberry, cherry, or banana are some of the aromas that are usually present in this type of lubricant, even though there are other formulas with such exotic mixtures as chocolate, caramel or peanut butter.

It is important that the flavor does not interfere with the sensations that we usually perceive during sex, that is why the intensity of these lubricants is intermediate and, remember that beyond their flavors, these lubricants are designed to facilitate penetration, therefore, their liquid base reduces friction and allows penetration to be much more pleasurable.

Flavor lubes for yourself

We usually relate the use of flavored lubricants with sexual practices as a couple, especially when we enjoy oral sex, however, these lubricants can also be used while masturbating with sex toys. Many people like to enjoy an experience that includes all the senses during masturbation, the sense of taste is very important, so using flavored lubes increases the pleasure. Before you start using a vibrator, you can pass it all over your body feeling your vibration, when you reach your mouth, you will feel the flavor of the lubricants and their aroma. It is true that flavored lubricants are intended for oral sex with a partner, but they can also be the best aphrodisiac during masturbation.

Flavor and sex toys

Something you should never forget is to enjoy most sex toys, for example vibrators, it is essential to use water-based lubricants, so the friction is less, and the toy will hardly suffer wear. Flavored lubricants are also mostly water-based, therefore, they are also designed to be used with erotic toys, in any case, if you are going to opt for flavored lubricants for use during masturbation with toys, we remind you that you should always check that the lubricant has a water base, which will allow you to care for and protect the surface of your sex toys .

At New Fine Arts we always recommend you read the instructions before using any sex toy or item you purchase at any of our 3 locations in DFW.

Tips For Sex Toys Care

No matter how often you use your sex toys, they require some special care and even more if you want them to perform at their best and last longer, so New Fine Arts   brings you these helpful tips.

You must know that the care of adult toys is extremely important, it is for better and longer lasting and above all for your health . It also depends on the type of toy, material, and use, so pay attention when cleaning and taking care of your best friend.

Why cleaning is so important

The golden rule is: “If you are going to play, you have to wash it first”. Use a specific product or neutral soap and water. And remember If a toy is specifically used, for example, an anal plug, it is better not to use it in other parts of the body. The bacteria in each area are unique, if you move them from one place to another, they get along quite badly. It’s about taking care of your health. We can’t ruin the fun just because we don’t take the necessary care and hygiene with our own sex toys . And another super important thing: toys are never lent. We know that you can use them as a couple but never lend or share them with another person.

Basic care

First, check if your toy is waterproof. Before using any toy, we recommend that you read all instructions for use and care. When you finish using your toys, it is recommended that you clean them as soon as possible, this can be done with wet wipes. After this, when you take a break, it is time to really clean it.  If you don’t have a specific product for your toys, which you can buy in adult stores as well, neutral soap is your best option. And to dry it, the best way is outdoors, obviously taking care that there is no dust nearby.

If your toy is not waterproof, you must be very careful and take the necessary precautions not to ruin it. If it uses batteries, remove them before cleaning. Look for a specific cleaner in New Fine Arts, easy to carry and use to make the process easier.

We know that lubricants  are also part of the fun, but if you are going to use toys and lubricants at the same time you should know that not all toys are suitable for all lubricants, the material is the important thing to check; that’s why we remind you once again to read the instructions before using your toy.

Extra tip

-no pun intended.

The place where you store your sex toys is also super important. look for a clean place free of dust or bacteria and humidity. this could ruin your fun. if you can get some velvet bags or boxes or well woven fabric it would be even better as this will protect your precious treasures even more.

If you have any other questions about the care of your adult toys, do not hesitate to visit any of the New Fine Arts stores , our staff will be happy to help you and principally with the discretion you deserve. You can also see the large inventory of toys, lubricants and products for the care of all your toys.