Embracing Your Kink: Essential Bondage Toys for BDSM Lovers

For many people, BDSM is an essential part of their sexuality. You’ve got your power exchange as well as numerous bondage toys that help to mix things up.

BDSM has been proven to benefit your health and relationships. If you haven’t tried it yet, you may be missing out.

Here are some different types of bondage toys you should consider introducing to your partner.


Nothing screams power exchange like the woman in the relationship taking the man from behind.

Pegging has become all the rage in the past decade. This refers to a cis woman performing anal sex on a cis man with a strap-on dildo.

As it turns out, some men love having things shoved where the sun don’t shine.

It naturally puts the woman in a dominant position and the man in a submissive position. Peggings also allows women to feel what it’s like to take positions that a man would normally take.

If you’re fleshing out your toybox for future sexcapades, make sure you have at least one strap-on toy prepared.

Restraining Bondage Toys

It wouldn’t be bondage without someone getting tied up and dominated. Whether you’re a newbie or a veteran looking into introducing bondage for beginners, restraints are a good place to start.

Wearables and restraints refer to anything that can be used for bondage. That includes cuffs, ball gags, rope, blindfolds, chastity devices, and more.

Most people start with cuffs and straps. You can tie someone up easily, and they come in many different styles.

For the more dominating, chastity devices can let you control when and if your Sub orgasms.

Spanking Tools

For those seeking a little bit (or a lot) of pain, impact play might be what you’re looking for. Floggers, riding crops, and paddles are some of your typical toys when approaching impact play.

However, be careful where you strike the other person. Always avoid joints and bony areas, including the head, neck, and tailbone.

Nipple Clamps

For particularly kinky bondage toys, nipple clamps can be used for pleasure, breast torture, or even as a restraint.

The most common type you’ve most likely used are common clothespins. However, there are also screw clamps, tweezer clamps, and Japanese butterfly clamps.

In some cases, nipple clamps will increase sensitivity. In others, you can use them to really ramp up the pain.

Violet Wand

To add a little spark back into the bedroom, consider electro stimulation. Violet wands are the safest way to introduce electricity into your BDSM rotation.

These types of bondage toys typically come with a variety of attachments, and the shocks don’t penetrate any deeper than the skin.

They even making electric floggers and ropes for anyone looking to combine features.

Get Your Kink On

Don’t let your sex life get too comfortable. These bondage toys can help spice things up and show your partner who’s in charge.

If you’re looking for something else or a specific product, reach out to us for help. We’ll get you hooked up with the best gear and toys around.

How to Choose a Vibrator: 8 Essential Tips for Finding the Perfect One

There used to only be a few options for women’s sex toys, but over the years a wide variety of vibrators have been created to suit every woman’s unique taste.

If you’re in the market for a new vibrator, then this is the article for you. We’ll be uncovering the eight tips for how to choose a vibrator!

1. Know Yourself

The best tip for helping you find the perfect vibrator for you is to know yourself! Take some time to explore and answer a few questions.

Do you enjoy clitoral stimulation? Penetrative? Both? What kind of pressure is preferable? Answering these questions will help you find the perfect sex toy.

2. Read Reviews

Before you click “checkout” on a new vibrator, make sure to read the reviews!

Women before you have most likely tried the product, and they will have great advice about how the product worked for them.

If a person took the time to review a product (whether it was a positive or negative review) this will help steer you in the right direction.

3. Material

Vibrators and sex toys are made out of a few different materials: silicone, rubber, plastic, metal, and more.

If you are particularly sensitive to any material, you will be able to narrow your search to only find materials that will work for you.

4. Practicality

One important thing to keep in mind when trying to find a vibrator is whether or not it is practical for your lifestyle.

When purchasing a vibrator, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Whether you will be able to travel with the vibrator
  • The amount of sound it makes
  • If it uses batteries or requires a charger
  • The size of the vibrator

All of these things are important to keep in mind. You will want a vibrator that suits your lifestyle.

5. Cost

When it comes to a high-quality vibrator, the cost can vary widely. The cost range for a vibrator can be anywhere between $20-200!

If you are purchasing your first vibrator, you may want to try out something on the lower end of the price scale to see if you enjoy it. After that, you can invest in a higher-quality toy.

6. Solo Play or Partner Play

When it comes to choosing a vibrator, another important factor to consider is whether you will be using it solo or with a partner. (Or both!)

There will be different gripping options depending on whether you are using the vibrator on yourself, or using it to please someone else.

7. Try Multiple Options

If you are overwhelmed with the different options to choose from, why not try several?

Exploring your sexuality is a lifelong pursuit, and it doesn’t need to end with the purchase of one vibrator. Be patient and take the time to see what really turns you on.

8. Be Adventurous

When it comes to your sexual pleasure, the sky is the limit.

It can be easy to be intimidated by the many different vibrators on the market, but remember that your orgasm is worth it.

There is no harm in exploring, so be as adventurous as you can when finding the perfect vibrator.

How to Choose a Vibrator

Now you know the best tips and tricks for how to choose a vibrator! The most important thing is to find a vibrator that is compatible with your lifestyle, is practical, and will bring you intense sexual pleasure.

It may take a couple of tries to find the perfect one, so be patient and explore to your heart’s delight.

If you are interested in purchasing a sex toy, be sure to check out our site! We offer a range of products for every taste.

Sexy Lingerie Options for This Valentine’s Day

It is normal that for Valentine’s Day you want to surprise your partner. Thinking about a super romantic dinner?, what about a new experience about something he or she likes while wearing something delightful for both of you? Lingerie will always be one of the best tool to leave your lover in awe. At New Fine Arts Dallas you will find a huge inventory for everyone’s taste.

Take note of what you can wear this Valentine’s Day!

Lace & Transparencies

One way to spice up your intimate garments is to add transparencies while wearing lingerie. The details get showcased: delicate, feminine, and sexy. Thus, the best option for this Valentine’s Day. In the same way, look for sensual and daring silhouettes. 

It’s the perfect way to rock a super sexy outfit. While you can see through the transparency, the lace holds a bit of mystery. Choose cuts that you would not use every day and add the sexy statement for the special night

With so many options, you can combine lace and transparencies visiting New Fine Arts Dallas today. 

Baby Dolls

Baby dolls are one of the intimate garments that you cannot leave out of your closet this Valentine’s Day. Show your partner your femenine curves, he will go crazy if he sees you wearing one that special day. Look for one with a semitransparent or lace design, you will be the sexiest.


For women who have a low waist, or some love handles, a corset with or without a bra included is perfect, as it will mark your waist and make you feel more curvy when pronouncing and lifting your butt.

If you have a small breast it is recommended that the corset already includes the bra, look for one with a push-up to make you look more voluptuous. On the contrary, if you have a large bust, wear one that matches your size and that only accentuates the midline of your body.


Garters make you look sensual in an intimate setting and many couples use them as part of their fetish adventures. You can include it in your outfit and at the end of your Valentine’s Day date, delight your partner with that sexy look. Remember that it is an intimate garment that any man would like their lover wearing it.


There is no garment more sensual than a thong. Leave little to the imagination and it will surely drive your partner crazy just by wearing it. Leave aside fears and insecurities, go for it, there are thousands of designs and ways to make you feel comfortable and safe wearing it. If you want to dare or get a dare from your partner, why not wearing panties with a hidden vibrating bullet? It will discreetly provide powerful vibrations and the great thing is that you can find it an adult store like New Fine Arts Dallas.

Remember to choose something that makes you feel comfortable, sexy and yourself! You can pick sexy red, mysterious black, ingenious white or love in blue according to your personality. Visit New Fine Arts Dallas to check out all the options we have.


Libidinous Self-confidence

You’ve heard self-confidence before, obviously, but have you heard of sexual self-esteem? How you feel internally will impact all areas of your life, including one of the most important, your sex life. New Fine Arts Dallas advises you how to feel the strong, sexy person that you are.

You may be wondering what intimate self-confidence is, we can start by saying that it is everything that allows us to have sexual self awareness and fulfillment . It is also that part of us that makes us feel like we have the tools to be free to explore, to try new things , to enjoy our sexuality. Many have enhanced this self-confidence through experience, good feedback from partners or simply by not having “taboos”. Well, here are some steps to start working on it in a practical way.

Embrace Who You Are and Your Sexuality

This step can be fun for some and a real challenge for others. Acceptance of our sexuality   is born the moment we can talk about it to improve it. Talking about these issues in public is not easy, the moment you have trusted friends to respectfully share their concerns, you will be taking a big step towards your intimate self-confidence. Surround yourself with happy and motivated people. 

Take Care of Your Body

Your sex life starts from how you see and appreciate your body and how you share it. Look for relationships of  mutual respect that translate into well-being. Also, if you feel your body is telling you something is not right, listen to it. Always protect yourself and others and do not allow anyone to put your health at risk through sexual contact. You can visit New Fine Arts Dallas. Our team will help you make the right purchase of your needs. 

Highlight Your Attributes

Sometimes you focus on bringing out your flaws without considering that you also have attributes. Why not get more out of them? If there are parts of your body that make you feel more confident, it’s time to highlight them during sex. Men don’t usually worry about those traits that make you feel bad. In fact, they are more likely to notice how beautiful your body is if you project confidence and emphasize your best attributes.  

Enjoy Being Au Naturel

Are you one of those who ask to turn off the light when having sex? Are you ashamed to be seen naked? Time to get over it! If you start enjoying your nudity without complexes, you will have a fuller sexuality.

Try to have more moments of nudity with your partner so that trust increases. Taking a shower together, enjoying a massage, or having dinner in the nude can go a long way. You can start by using sexy lingerie available at New Fine Arts Dallas.

Focus on The Moment

How is it possible that there are women who think about their flaws instead of concentrating on sexual pleasure? If you identify yourself, begin to focus on everything that the sensations of sex produce in you. Kiss, caress, and knock down those obstacles to climax. Dare to tell your partner the things you like. Try different positions, leave the room and explore other fields of sexuality that previously scared you. 

Now that you know how to start building your confidence in bed, put your frustrations aside and start enjoying the pleasures like you have never done before it.

Build Confidence Through All Your Senses

Regardless of your lifestyle, your sex life can be active and wonderful if you include it in your real wellness menu. Intimate self-confidence is generated by being clear that you are having sex with all five senses. Always to your liking, without pressure and without any need to look good with anyone. Your sex life is up to you and you can enjoy it if you live it fully and maturely. Visit one adult store Dallas and you will find thousands of toys and novelties that can help to feel more secure. 

The best way to enjoy sex is by knowing yourself. You don’t have to have a perfect body to have a satisfying sex life. Remember that the most attractive thing about a person is their authenticity.


Guide for a Feminine Masturbation

At New Fine Arts Dallas we want you to know your body, stay healthy, explore your erogenous zones and feel safe while finding satisfaction.

If you have never masturbated or have done it a few times and you are not very convinced that you are doing it right, do not worry or feel bad, many women struggle to discover the best form of self pleasure and, for that reason, sometimes they come to think that masturbation “is not for them.” That’s why today New Fine Arts Dallas shared with you our practical guide for autoeroticism -a delicious and inspiring practice.

  1. Prepare the Environment

Preparing the environment involves many things. Remember that the act of masturbation is not just touching you to come, it is an act of self-love and self-care. Therefore, it is important that in preparing the atmosphere you include things that you like and make you feel good: a bath in a tub, relaxed music that puts you in the mood, a soft light that transmits calm, some incense or diffuser that fill the room with a scent that you love. Remember that you can find all these extra items at one of our three locations of New Fine Arts Dallas.

  1. Lie Back and Relax

Again, we remind you that this is not just about coming, but about enjoying the whole experience. So, don’t just take off your pants, get completely naked and lay back on your bed. Before you even start touching yourself, give yourself a few minutes to focus on your breathing: close your eyes and take several deep breaths, oxygenation will make you more receptive to physical pleasure.

  1. Touch Your Whole Body

Much of the success of a masturbation session resides in the self-foreplay. Just as when you are with your partner, foreplay is essential for you to have better orgasms, also in autoeroticism you must gradually build excitement. So, the first thing you are going to do is caress yourself completely without touching genitals: your thighs, your hips, your belly, your arms, your neck, etc. Really feel and enjoy your whole body..

  1. Get Close to the Genital Area

Once you feel that you are enjoying the touch of your body more and more, when you feel comfortable begin to approach your vulva. Keep going slowly, start cuddling your barrier going down to your buttocks and gradually walk towards the lips, the perineum, the vaginal area. Close your eyes so that you can better concentrate on each of the sensations that you are causing in yourself.

  1. Work Vulva and Clitoris

You will feel how you get excited and lubricated  more and more. So, the moment you feel ready, go straight to the clitoris but never forget its surroundings, as it is very satisfying to stimulate the  clitoris along with vaginal lips. Experiment with different movements of clitoral stimulation: in circles, in an arc over the cap, doing figure eights around it, gently pinching, etc. Only then will you discover which movements satisfy you the most.

  1. Explore Your Interior

Remember that the clitoris can also be stimulated from the inside and, as each woman is different, there are women who reach orgasm easier with pure external stimulation and others who also need internal stimulation. You have to try to find out what you like best! So put your index and middle fingers in, bend them up and start stimulating what was previously known as the G-spot.

As you will see, the key to everything lies in: go little by little and experience everything that comes to mind; You may not love some things, but you will surely discover others that will blow your mind. And, finally, that is what sex is about (alone or as a couple), about trying and exploring to find what you like and that takes you to orgasm . You can add some fun using  sex toys that can find at an adult store in Dallas. 

Live, Love, Play, Safe!

Sexy Valentine’s Day Ideas

If you are looking for sexy options to have a Valentine’s Day loaded with sensuality, at New Fine Arts Dallas you will find something special to accomplish your mission successfully.

Valentine’s Day is coming: The International Day of Love. And there are many scenes and activities that can be done with your lover. But if you want to be daring, here are some ideas to have an unforgettable Valentines’ Day.

1. “Fifty Shades of Grey” style

If you became a fan of Christian Grey and would like to surprise your partner this special day, there are a series of items you can find at an adult store in Dallas for this and recreate the scene you want Let’s start with a hot playlist,  then you can follow with masks or blindfolds, handcuffs, whips, sexy lingerie, clamps and even vibrating panties. Don’t forget to aromatize the place, a good wine and dim lighting.

2. Hot lingerie

A sensual revealing garments like lingerie are always great to ignite the spirits and give an erotic touch to a special moment, so choose a set that makes you feel comfortable and sensual. It could be a good way to crown this special date.

3. Extra lubrication

Intimate lubricants are products that serve to have a better sexual encounter.

Thinking about your partner, take your time and choose the type of lubricants that better suit you both since there are people who have extra sensitive skin. For them, there are special products, some protecting the intimate skin, being compatible with the condom and in addition to being able to be used under water, ideal for use to make a passionate encounter in the shower, tub, jacuzzi or pool.

4. Role play

Another way to make this celebration unforgettable is to integrate new spices into your sexual life, such as role play, which basically consists of using your imagination a lot, giving free lead to fantasies and pretending to be someone else in your life, maybe a sexual encounter with a “stranger”.

And a good idea to spice it up more would be using a sexy costume that can turn on our partner: beautiful genius, nurse, sexy formula 1 girl, etc., you can choose who you want to be. You can even add a wig. Find the perfect accessories at New Fine Arts Dallas.

 5. Try a new sex toy

In sex you always have to innovate so as not to fall into the routine and one way to successfully achieve this is by adding erotic toys.  

Perhaps one of the most sought-after erotic toys in Dallas are the vibrating toys. Especially since it has been established that the clitoris is very sensitive to vibrations, so it will be highly pleasurable for her. There are many types of vibrators, including some that are very practical, discreet and easy to use among many other alternatives. Visit one of our three locations of New Fine Arts Dallas and you will find tons of options to make this night unforgettable. Always helpful and discreet, our staff is ready and happy to help you.!


Tips for Traveling With a Sex Toy

Traveling with a sex toy is usually a desire for many but few do. Do you consider going out soon? Sure you have to pack clean clothes and hygiene items but what about a sex toy, for many it is useful to know how you can take it on your trips without any problem.

Traveling with a sex toy can be complicated … because if you are going to take a plane, you have to know and investigate very well if they are legal in the destination you are going to, even if you do not believe it, in many places they are not allowed , so carrying your consenting sex toy will not always be as simple as you think and precisely for this reason we will give you some tips that will be very useful, so follow them and have a good trip.

No to handcuffs!

If you like rough games and BDSM, enjoy it your way but before heading to a paradisiac place make sure you can bring handcuffs. Maybe you have no problem explaining what you are using them for. Some people may be confused and you could get into trouble by further saying that it is only for sexual use. You may get stopped at the airport for questioning. Remember that toys such as whips, handcuffs, etc. are not allowed in carry-on bags.


Usually when traveling, we do our best to avoid extra weight and reduce our belongings to a minimum. Lubricants are an important part of using a sex toy. If you decide to take them with you, it is essential that the lubricant is water-based, so as not to damage the toy. The simplest and lightest option is to use single-dose lubricants that you can buy in your trusted erotic store.

The only downside is that you might be short on those individual envelopes. Be careful with liquids remember that only 100 milliliter liquids are allowed in your hand luggage, so take that into account so that you do not throw your things in the trash.


If what you are looking for is discretion, intimacy and want to avoid being noticed, remove the batteries from your toys, in an airport it will attract attention without a doubt if all of a sudden there is a vibrating suitcase. It can happen, and it will be a scene no one will forget.

Size does matter

It is great that you like not having taboos about your sexuality, and you want to take some “friends” with you on your trips, but to travel with a sex toy you should consider that it should not be too big. Size is not a bad thing; however it may be too visible in your suitcase if security asks you to open it, discretion is always better. 

Be honest

There is no specific prohibition or rule that talks about not traveling with sex toys, but if you have any doubts it is best to ask and approach an agent and express your doubts, believe it, you see much stranger things, your toys will not be an issue.

Remember that at New Fine Arts we have a vast inventory of the newest sex toys, small, big, with batteries or rechargeable.

Visit your nearest adult store in Dallas Fort Worth. 

Live, Love. Play Safe!

Sexy Foreplay Ideas

When exploring our sexuality with our partner, it is common to first have that excitement of foreplaying as a way to reach climax, but what about the details? We will share the tips to improve foreplay and have better connection and orgasms. The subject of foreplay could be endless. For now, let’s say it simply consists of preparing the environment to align everything you need and enjoy.

Sexy Messages

Nothing will cause more emotion than talking about what we want to do or receive later, so your lover should send you text messages that show how much he wants you, do not hesitate to respond, let his imagination fly, or you start the sexy conversation.


If you are the one who has put on a show for him before, why not reverse the roles? That your partner strives to have fun in every way will be a great experience. Yes, take things calmly and maybe let your partner take off your clothes slowly, with tenderness and love. For every piece of clothing, take the opportunity to caress, kiss, whisper things in the ear … Add sexy lingerie to spice up the intercourse.

 A good massage

Ladies, let your partner slide his hands between your legs, far and wide, feeling his hands gently running over your skin will raise the temperature. It is important that you let him go through every corner of your body. Let’s admit it, seeing his effort, it will encourage you to return the favor. Don’t forget to include candles, relaxing music and of course a great essential oil to elevate all the sensations to the maximum.


Nobody likes to go straight to intercourse, the best thing is to enjoy the moment, letting us be ourselves. Relaxing will allow us the pleasure to come at the best moment and with great intensity. Although it is good to express to the couple how we feel or how much we are enjoying the moment, talking a lot could ruin the moment. It is better to pay attention to how we are feeling, and that will be the best indication to know that we are doing well. Gentlemen, it is best to start by stimulating the lips, the nearby area and gradually reaching the clitoris. You have to provoke your partner; both can spend time enjoying each other’s body.

Don’t forget about the kisses

A sexual relationship will always be much more intimate if there are kisses involved, so do not skimp on kisses and caresses. In particular, women fall exhausted with a good kiss, so if you think something is distracting your partner, a sensual deep kiss is the best strategy to recover your footing in the scene.

Extra tip: a small reward

Feel empowered, take the initiative, and have your partner make an additional effort to please you. Ladies, leave behind the myth that men should initiate foreplaying and intercourse, express yourselves welcoming your desires and express them to your partner with action, they are worth exploring.

Live, Love, Play Safe!.

BDSM Tips: 8 Golden Rules for a Safe and Sexy Time

Are you and your partner getting ready to try BDSM? It’s normal and can even lead to better mental health and a stronger relationship.

If you’re taking the brave step forward, don’t jump into the lion’s den without a bit of preparation. Learn how to have fun and still stay safe by following a few reasonable BDSM tips.

Fortunately, you don’t need to look far for BDSM tips for beginners. We’ve got eight listed below, so strap in and learn more right here:

1. Discuss Limits

Don’t waste time in establishing a few BDSM rules. Learn your limits and your partner’s limits.

Keep in mind these get segregated into two: soft limits and hard limits. The former refers to boundaries that you can gently push and experiment with. The latter are boundaries that you should not, for whatever reason, try to cross.

Never jump into a BDSM session without making your limits clear. Doing so is a quick route to getting hurt or overwhelmed. If needed, create a contract that lists each other’s boundaries.

2. Understand the Risks

There will always be risks when it comes to BDSM. That’s part of the thrill and fun of it. The little bit of pain and shock from light whipping, slapping, candle-play, or choking can get exciting.

However, you need to differentiate hurt from harm. Hurt is only temporary, and you can treat it quickly so that the submissive can enjoy the aftercare. It’s thrilling, and it heightens the senses, which is why some people love whipping or caning.

Harm, on the other hand, is long-term. You need to avoid this because the effects become permanent and could harm a person’s mental or emotional state.

3. Always Have a Safe Word

Now you know the limits, and you both understand the risks, it’s almost time to play. Before you do, however, practice safe BDSM by establishing a safe word.

It can’t be “no.” Saying no during a session might turn on the other person, and they’ll keep going. Instead, use words not often associated with sex, like “banana” or “chocolate.”

These words have to be simple, too, because you or your partner might wear a gag ball. When gagged, make sure there’s a substitute option like a bell tied to their wrists. This can work as a means of notifying the dominant that the submissive wants to rest or stop.

4. Aftercare Matters

Done with a session? Don’t overdo it or else you risk harming yourself or your partner. After each session, make sure you invest in aftercare.

What is BDSM aftercare? It’s a period of pampering the submissive partner. Also, keep in mind that this applies to emotional and mental care as much as it is about physical care.

Let them recover and feel loved. Pamper them not only after a session but before, too. If you want to discover more, you can learn proper aftercare methods here.

5. Stay Sober

Remember that getting intoxicated on drugs or alcohol can impede a person’s thinking. This can cause complications during the session.

These things can dull the senses and prevent someone from realizing they’re going over the limits. The submissive might not realize they’re already in too much pain, and the dominant might not know they’re harming their partner. Neither party might hear or recognize the safe words.

When it’s time to play, stay sober. You can enjoy drinking and other joys afterward.

6. Communicate Before, During, and After

Know what turns you on and what fetishes your partner favors too. Learn to communicate these desires before, during, and after your sessions. Discuss what you want to try and how you both felt after experimenting with each fetish.

Communication goes beyond words too. Moaning, nodding, playful biting, and shaking your head can signify whether you and your partner like or hate the current activity. It’s all about paying attention to these signs and words to understand what your partner enjoys and what they don’t find fun.

7. Start Slowly

Are you excited to try breath-play? Don’t jump into the more extreme methods right away. Before you start wrapping your partner in leather or tape, start with something simple such as light choking.

The point is to start slowly. Experiment, practice, improve, and discuss each session. Let your partner inform you about how they felt and what you both can do to push things forward.

A slow start enables both parties to get comfortable. It also guarantees no one gets harmed in the long-term. As mentioned, keep communication open so you can discuss what did and didn’t work.

8. Check Your Toys

BDSM isn’t the same without some toys. Fortunately, there is a wide variety of toys and ideas to try out.

That said, start with something simple like an egg vibrator or a basic dildo.

However, starting small isn’t the only safety tip. You have to check the quality of your toys. For example, you may want to use proper cuffs or rope instead of straps or light fabrics to bind your partner. Leather or other materials could harm their wrists, or they could tighten to the point that it disrupts blood circulation.

Real cuffs feature a double-lock that ensures they don’t squeeze too tightly. Some dildos are easier to clean, and there’s less of a risk of infection. It’s things like these that you need to look for.

Don’t Ignore These Valuable BDSM Tips

Do not ignore essential BDSM tips like these! Following these safety rules ensures both parties can have fun without the risk of permanent harm.

BDSM is exciting and wild, but it doesn’t have to be too risky as long as you keep these tips in mind.

But why stop here when we’ve got even more sex tips and toys for you to check out? If you want to learn more, or discover new toys, feel free to ask us today!

How to Prepare for Pegging: Everything You Need to Know

Do you feel that your sex life is no longer that interesting? Why not spice up your and your partner’s sexual activities with something new? Try out something known as pegging!

How do you bring this up and how should you approach this? Well, read on to learn how to prepare for pegging.

How to Bring Up Pegging

Pegging is something you can’t do alone. You need to tell your partner ahead of time and discuss your pegging adventure. The communication and consent of both the pegger and peggee is key to having a good time.

Start by introducing the idea and explaining why you’re interested in pegging. Then, ask your partner if they’re willing to explore the act further. If he or she agrees, you should discuss fears, doubts, and any boundaries.

Ensure you discuss when you’d like to do it and when to buy or bring the equipment. Start a healthy conversation with open lines of communication to raise concerns and ideas easily. If your partner is uncomfortable with the idea, try doing something closer.

There are many ways to stimulate anal sex with penetration. You can try watching pegging porn or grinding against one another. Remember that you have to respect each other’s sexual boundaries.

Where Do You Start?

If your partner is down to try pegging with you, you should know how to prepare for pegging. Communicate with your partner on how’d they like to start. Remember that the anus is more fragile than your genital tissue.

So, where should you start? Read on to learn how to peg as a beginner.

Take Some Precautions

Anal sex is safe, but you can do something to limit the risk of pain, infection, and waste. For the most part, you don’t have to worry about waste coming out since it’s stored in your colon. Pegging goes through your anal canal, not your colon.

Before you start pegging, you should head to the toilet and take a shower first. One of the biggest fears of pegging is the possibility of encountering waste during sex. Wash your anus gently with warm water and soap.

Make sure you stay away from astringent cleansers since they can take the moisture away from your anus. It would help if you also washed the pegging equipment before and after use with warm water and mild soap. Cleaning the toys will prevent damage, extend lifespan, and keep your genitals safe.

Find the Right Strap-On

There are two types of strap ons: harnessed and strapless. The harnessed strap-on comes in a variety of materials and styles. One of the most common is the three-strap or jock.

It’s a type of harness that loops around your waist and each leg. The three-strap is great for control and customization of fit. Another common type of harness is the two-strap or g-string.

It’s a harness that fits with one loop around your waist and between your legs. The corset harness is great for adding additional support when thrusting. A popular choice of a harness is the underwear or lingerie type.

Some harnesses also have a built-in dildo and buttplug to give extra stimulation to the wearer. The strapless strap-ons give the wearer the ability to grasp the dildo internally. The downside of this kind of strap-on is the weight and challenge to hold on to it.

Buy the Sex Toy With Your Partner

When buying a dildo, you have to consider size and shape. Explore different stores and make your partner pick something that they can handle. Make sure the weight is not too light and not too heavy to carry on the harness.

You should also consider the material for the best feeling for your partner. The material that you should avoid the most is the dildos with phthalates. Sex toys with phthalates can cause burning, itching, rashes, and tissue damage.

Silicone sex toys are the best choice for a more realistic and bendy feel. You can try other materials are the dildos made up of glass, stainless steel, lucite, and porcelain. You can also choose to get the vibrating dildos to add more stimulation.

Start With Foreplay

Pegging and all kinds of sex need preparation before heading straight to insertion. First, you and your partner should get turned on. Start with kissing, touching each other, and oral.

Anal sex can get painful with foreplay, especially if it’s your first time. Massage the muscles around the anus before fingering. Start inserting one finger or a small butt plug into the anus to let it relax and widen.

Make sure you put a lot of lube to lessen the pain when you start inserting. Add more fingers to the anus if you feel it relax a bit to get more space. Slowly transition from your finger to the dildo, and be sure to put it in slowly.

Go Slow

Before inserting the dildo, be sure that you have a ready safeword. Say the safeword if it’s too much or you need more preparation. The tissues in your anus can get damaged if you are not ready yet.

Make sure that after lubing up, you slowly go inside to avoid injuring the anus and giving more time to say the safeword. Avoid thrusting too fast, and be sure to aim towards the belly button to ensure that you are massaging the prostate. Pull out as slow as you entered to avoid making the muscles tense up and spasm.

Learn How to Prepare for Pegging

Remember that the anus is a very sensitive area and it needs plenty of preparation. Now that you know how to prepare for pegging, get ready for a new kind of experience.

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