5 Tips For Better And Intense Orgasms

We know that the cherry on the cake when having intimate encounters is to reach an orgasm full of sensations and that makes you explode with pleasure, but how to reach it in an even more powerful way? New Fine Arts  has these tips that you should not miss.

Although we know that each person is different when it comes to enjoying sexuality , there are tips or techniques that can help you make your orgasms better and more intense. And it is very important that you know that it doesn’t matter if you have a partner or not. These tips are personal and will surely be of great help for you to enjoy sex even more.

Be present

Although it may sound obvious to be present when enjoying sex, intimacy or whatever you are going to do, either alone or accompanied, being in the moment is very important. Enjoying it and not having your head in some other place or things like work, children, etc. will help you to enjoy even more the pleasure of stimulation and of course to reach orgasm. When you put your conscious mind in the moment the stimulation will be much greater. Give yourself time, space and enjoy it.


Erotic fantasies  can take your stimulation to another level. Talk with your partner, what you would like, what the limits are and when you can accomplish the fantasies you both have. Fantasies are like daydreaming about what brings you pleasure. It’s an exciting and different way to spice up your relationship. Talking about and realizing your erotic fantasies will lead to more pleasure and even sexual well-being and of course better orgasms.


Foreplay is essential to reach a good orgasm and is that especially for women who may take a little longer to stimulate. Foreplay helps to prepare both physically and mentally your body to have sex and enjoy it to the fullest. So, do not underestimate the time you dedicate to foreplay: hugs, kisses, massages, touching will make you stimulated much more and more explosively, so imagine when it comes to reach the big O.


The best way to know what you like, how you like it, what stimulates you, where you feel the most pleasure, is masturbation. When you already know your body, sensations and what gives you the most pleasure you can bring your partner to help you stimulate the right erogenous zone. This helps your partner understand what you like sexually and can improve your sex as a couple in the future. Varying sensations, erogenous zones and positions increases pleasure, improves the chances of having an orgasm and enhances erotic desire. 

Sex Toys

By incorporating sex toys into your relationship, you will have the opportunity to experience greater and better orgasms as you can add new sensations into sex. There is a wide variety of adult toys  that you can find at New Fine Arts so it will depend on what you and your partner like or what you like if you are the one who is going to buy this new toy. There are variations in materials, speeds, body parts that stimulate, so the best recommendation is to try them out and decide which one is your favorite.

So, if you are determined to experience better orgasms, visit New Fine Arts  and see all the options we have to make your relationship more fun and pleasurable. You’ll find everything from the most popular sex toys, lubricants, sexy lingerie, to BDSM items and much more.

3 Most Common Sexual Fetishes

Talking about sexuality would be to talk for hours, since in this world there are endless options, tastes, and fantasies. Until a few years ago very few people dared to talk about fetishism related to the sexual bubble, as it was considered a taboo subject. However, this situation has changed. This time New Fine Arts will tell you what are 3 of the most common fetishes.

First of all, we could define a fetish as the pleasure, excitement or sexual desire that causes some object or body part, they can range from latex, lingerie, to feet, people with certain specific characteristics and much more. Although for many the word “fetish” may be a bit intimidating, it is a common and harmless practice that can actually improve the sexual experience.

Here are 3 of the most common fetishes.


One of the most common fetishes  and not only in men, but also in women is to consider feet, foot jobs and shoes as something sexual. Foot fetish does not have to be explicitly sexual, something as simple as a foot massage can be part of the fetish. There are many variations to this fetish, for example there are people who only like or take pleasure in contemplating feet, with or without shoes, others prefer to touch their lover’s feet, even kissing; and there are also those who prefer to use their toes as the main stimulus for their libido. There is even a pedicure fetish. And it is that feminine feet with well-trimmed nails and a nice and delicate polish.


Lingerie is also considered one of the most common fetishes, as they are designed to make the woman who wears them feel sexy and powerful, this causes great excitement. And for men, the sight of their partner wearing sexy lace garments, especially in colors like black and red, also causes great stimulation. They can wear pantyhose, garter belts, and even complement it with high heels. At New Fine Arts we have a large inventory of sexy lingerie   from lace, sheer to latex, leather and much more.

Sex Toys

And in this list could not miss the favorites and best friends of many: sex toys. And here the catalog is huge, since there are for her, for him and to enjoy together. They come in different materials, sizes, functions and with the latest technology. The important thing is that you know what you like and what your lover likes. This is where you should let your imagination run wild and experience new sensations. New Fine Arts has thousands of options, so be sure to visit our locations.

For sexuality the only rule is that you both agree, so  fetishes  are also an important part of the relationship. The main thing is to have communication to know what the other likes and what he/she does not agree with.  New Fine Arts is the ideal place to fulfill your fantasies and take them to the next level. Visit one of our three  locations  in Dallas- Fort Worth area.

Sex Toy Trends for Men in 2023

73% of people wish that they had hotter sex.

If you are one of them, the good news is that you do not have to change a lot to get that result. All you have to do is incorporate more sex toys into your life.

You can do this by visiting an adult store like New Fine Arts to see what they have to offer.

Are you curious about the sex toy trends that you may be missing out on? You can continue to read to learn about all the hottest sex toy options that you have.


Handcuffs will always be a sex toy option that doesn’t get old. Playing with these in the bedroom can give you a sense of control that you may not feel in your everyday life.

There are so many different types of sex toy handcuffs as well. You can get the kind that only open with a key, or you can get a pair that is easier to get off. You can also get ones that look and feel real or stick to softer, fuzzier ones.

If you want to learn how to introduce this into your relationship, you can click here.

Autoblow AI

Nowadays, you can get pretty much anything with an artificial intelligence. With that said, sex toys are included. Who doesn’t want an intelligent sex toy?

If you love a good blowjob, then looking into the Autoblow AI will definitely satisfy you this year. This slip-on sex toy will make you feel that you are truly getting a blow job. Yet, it is all based on AI.

This is the perfect item to use by yourself. If you want to use it for foreplay, it is a perfect item for that as well.

Vibrating Cock Ring

What is better than getting two in one? With a vibrating cock ring, you get the pressure and the vibration that you’ll love. Not only that, but it is not just for you. It is also for your partner.

You want to find one that gives you just the right amount of pressure without making you feel uncomfortable. Using this is perfect to train your body to prevent premature ejaculation.

New Fine Arts: The Best Adult Store in Dallas

Now that you know the latest sex toy trends, you may be wondering where you can get started. You are probably really excited to start trying out these new sex toy trends.

When you search “adult store near me” or “sex stores near me” you are most likely going to have a New Fine Arts pop up. You can browse our online store or you can pop in today to get more in-person help with our selections.

If you have any questions about what you see or what you do not see, you can always reach out to us today. We are here to help.

New Fine Arts: Sex Toy Trends for Women in 2023

Did you know that the sex toy market is projected to increase by $17.58 billion from 2020 to 2025? Americans love their adult toys, and they’re always looking for new ways to get off.

Whether you’re new to sex toys or have a whole collection already, you can never have too many in your possession. And with each year, trends come and go, while other toys remain classics.

Are you now curious? Here at New Fine Arts, we’ll show you what the sex toy trends for women in 2023 are.

Suction Vibrators

Suction vibrators may sound scary, but they provide great stimulation for the clitoris, although not directly. It’s optimal for women who are very sensitive, as there’s no contact with the clit.

Many women say this toy also feels like oral sex, so if you’re a fan of that, this is definitely a toy to try. Like other vibrators, there are several intensities, as well as vibration patterns. You can give them all a try to find what you like best.

Rabbit Vibrator

The rabbit vibrator is a classic, and it’ll probably always be a favorite when it comes to sex toy trends for women.

Admittedly, it’s a massive toy that can be intimidating. It consists of a sizable dildo, as well as a protrusion for clitoral stimulation. Some even come with movable parts in the dildo area, which adds even more pleasure.

This toy can be used for both the vagina and anus, allowing some flexibility for sexual play. It’s also waterproof, so you can use it in the shower with your partner.

Magic Wand

This is another classic, which is also known as the Hitachi Magic Wand. It was originally made for soothing sore muscles, but women soon found it to have another more orgasmic use.

It’s a large and cumbersome device, so it’s not great if you need to be discreet. It’s also very loud.

However, the Magic Wand is extremely powerful, which makes it a fantastic sex toy for women who need a little oomph to get going.

While the original wand plugs into the wall, there are many on the market now that are cordless and rechargeable. Some companies also make smaller ones that are more discreet and less powerful if you’re sensitive.

Bullet Vibrators

Looking for something reliable that you can take anywhere? Then bullet vibes are what you need.

These small vibrators fit into even the smallest of purses. The next time you go on vacation, you can slip it into your luggage and no one will notice.

Visit New Fine Arts

Now you know what all the hottest sex toy options are for women in 2023.

Luckily for you, New Fine Arts has them all. So if you’re looking for affordable sex toys in a discreet place with helpful and friendly staff, then New Fine Arts is where to go.

Ready to purchase all types of sex toys? Then come visit us today. We’ve got several locations in Dallas, as well as online shops for you to browse.


The word “bondage” first appeared in the 1300s and referred to the practice of selling yourself into servitude. It wasn’t until the late 1900s that it became associated with sexual practices, and for sexually explorative people, this association is not surprising.

Bondage is an erotic practice that the members of New Fine Arts know very well. It’s a cornerstone of BDSM, and understanding it can help you decide whether this kind of play will work well for you. Keep reading to explore this interesting kink and how it can enhance your sex life.

What Is BDSM?

BDSM stands for Bondage and Discipline, Dominance and Submission, Sadism and Masochism. If you take pleasure in being tied up during sex, or if you like to be commanded by your partner, then this may be right up your alley!

BDSM isn’t just about whips, chains, and leather outfits, though. Any adult store will tell you that BDSM can look any way the participants want it to look. If you don’t want to take our word for it, you can search “adult store near me” on Google and ask a representative for their opinion.

Features of BDSM

Besides sex toys and lingerie, BDSM can include a variety of features. Some people enjoy bondage; others enjoy pain play. Still, there are essential elements that every BDSM experience should have.


If you’re engaging in BDSM with someone, you need to ensure they want it and know what they’re getting into. This is especially important because many of the things involved in BDSM can be dangerous if not done correctly.


Be honest with your partner about your needs, desires, fears, and limits before you do anything sexual together. Both parties should be open to negotiating about some of their desires and willing to compromise.

Safe Words

Some people use a safe word or signal to let their partner know when things are getting too intense for them. You can use any word that comes to mind.

Make sure it’s something that’s not likely to come up in normal conversation. “Stop” might be your first choice, but it could get lost in the moment and be misinterpreted.

Instead, try “red” or “huckleberry.” Phrases like these are less likely to be confused.

BDSM Sex Toy Trends

So many sex toys are available that it’s difficult to know which ones are worth buying. If you’re new to BDSM, here are common sex toys that are great for beginners:

  • Ticklers
  • Floggers
  • Rope
  • Nipple clamps
  • Anal plugs
  • Cock rings
  • Vibrators
  • Dildos

If you’re looking for something more specific, try searching the web for “adult store Dallas” or “sex stores near me.” You’ll find plenty of options that will suit the sexual experience you have in mind.

Explore BDSM Toys at New Fine Arts

For those who are curious about BDSM or just want to spice up their sex life, a trip to an adult store is a must. At New Fine Arts, we have everything you need to get started in the world of BDSM play.

Contact us today, and we’ll help you find the perfect BDSM toys at a location near you.

Adult Novelty Store: How To Find the Perfect Toy for Couples

41% of American people enjoy using sex toys. Getting the right toy can improve intimacy and make sex and masturbation more enjoyable. So, finding the right adult novelty store for your favorite sex toys is important.

If you’ve been searching for “sex stores near me,” then you’re in luck. There are plenty of ways to find an adult store in Dallas that stock the right sex toys to fulfill all your needs.

For more tips on finding your next favorite sex toy, check out the suggestions below.

Decide What You and Your Partner Like in Bed

If you’re buying a sex toy to use with your partner, make sure you know what you both like in bed. You might like one sensation, while they might like something completely different. You both must come to a mutual agreement about what you want to try and what will be pleasurable for you both.

When it comes to sex toy experience, one of you may have more than the other. If there is a more experienced partner, make sure they introduce sex toys gently.

If You’re New to Sex Toys, Start Small

You don’t have to walk into your local adult store and immediately picked the biggest, loudest, most vibration-y toy you can find. There’s a lot to choose from when it comes to sex toys, so don’t be afraid to start with something simple and work your way up when you’re more comfortable.

Getting used to sex toys is a lot like having sex itself. In the beginning, you may feel nervous and even a little uncomfortable. But, with experience, you’ll come to enjoy your new toys and be able to try out new ones when you feel ready.

Don’t be Afraid to Ask Questions

At New Fine Arts, you can ask any questions you want! Those working for adult novelty stores understand the world of sex toys, and that some people may be nervous when trying them out for the first time. The staff at New Fine Arts love questions and will be happy to answer any query.

Don’t be shy about asking how a sex toy works or asking for recommendations. This is what the staff who work at your chosen adult store are there for. No question is too big, small, or strange, so feel free to ask anything you’re curious about.

Be Open to Trying Something Different

A big part of using sex toys is being open to a new experience. This, of course, does not mean you have to immediately buy the most complex toy in the shop. However, you should keep an open mind about trying toys that may introduce you to new sensations and experiences in the bedroom.

Make Sure You Communicate With Your Partner

If you and your partner are searching “adult store near me” online, then you should have already had an open conversation about sex toy use. This doesn’t need to be a super serious conversation. However, it’s important to know exactly what you and your partner are both comfortable with before trying out sex toys.

Keep in mind that some people may feel shyer and less confident about using a sex toy. However, this doesn’t mean there isn’t a toy out there for them! You can discuss ideas with your partner to get a sense of what you both might like to try.

Of course, if you’re stuck, you can always ask the experts! The staff at New Fine Arts will be happy to recommend a toy for you that will suit your needs.

A Few Ideas to Get You Started

Stuck wondering which sex toy is right for you? New Fine Arts stocks a huge range of fun and flirty toys for you to enjoy. Here are some examples to help get you started.


Most people will have an idea of what a dildo is. If not, it’s a sex toy that emulates an erect penis. It is a very common toy and comes in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit any user.


Vibrators are another common sex toy. They gently buzz and are usually placed on the genitals for sexual stimulation. Vibrators generally have a variety of settings that increase their buzz depending on what you or your partner want.

Cock Rings

Cock rings are circular rings that come in various widths and sizes. They are commonly worn at the base of the penis and are designed to make erections last longer by restricting blood flow. This may sound a little extreme, however, a cock ring shouldn’t cause any discomfort and can make sex last longer, increasing pleasure for both partners.

Vibrating Panties

Vibrating panties are underwear with a vibrator attached inside. The vibrator is usually small and rests against the clitoris to increase arousal and stimulation. You can find vibrating panties in a range of sizes, and they generally don’t look bulky if they’re worn underneath trousers or skirts.


Massagers are somewhat similar to vibrators in that they provide stimulation of the genitals through movement. Massagers are sometimes larger than vibrators, as they aim to massage the entire vagina and not just the clitoris.

Bondage Gear

Bondage gear covers a whole range of specific toys. It is most commonly used to consensually tie up your partner, often at the wrists and ankles. Many people use it for dominant/submissive sex and sex games involving control.

With any sex toy, including bondage gear, it is important to use safe words and be very open with your partner about how comfortable you feel. This makes the experience safe, consensual, and more pleasurable for everyone involved.

New Fine Arts Is the Top Adult Novelty Store Around

An adult novelty store is a place of sexual freedom and open communication about sex. You should never feel nervous or embarrassed for asking questions about sex toys. In a sex store, the employees will make you feel at ease and happily answer any questions.

To make finding your new favorite sex toy super simple, check out our page. At New Fine Arts, we want sex to be fun and enjoyable for everyone, which is why we stock everything you need for a more pleasurable bedroom experience.

Cock Rings: Everything You Need To Know

Did you know that the happiest couples have sex at least once a week? When it comes to having sex, there are endless possibilities, and incorporating sex toys can make it all the more interesting. Take cock rings, for example.

This is a very simple device, but there are many benefits of a cock ring that you might not even be aware of. But how can you use a cock ring, how does it work, and how can it spice up your sex life? Keep reading and learn more bout how it works below.

What Are the Benefits of Cock Rings?

A cock ring is exactly what it sounds like: it is nothing more than a ring that sits at the base of the penis. Sometimes these rings are designed to fit behind the balls as well, while others do not extend that far. Learning how to use a cock ring is easy since all you really need to do is slip it over your penis so that it is secure.

But what about the cock ring benefits? The main benefit that it has to offer is that it may allow you to get stronger erections. This is because cock rings help to prevent blood from flowing out of the penis, which can cause a man to lose his erection.

Normally, a healthy penis is able to do this on its own, but in the case of erectile dysfunction, the penis is not able to do this as well, which is why a cock ring can help. But even if you don’t have any issues getting an erection, this ring can still help you achieve stronger and larger erections due to how it can trap the blood in that region.

Some men even claim that cock rings can help them achieve more intense orgasms. While there isn’t much research to justify this claim, it does make sense. Due to the way the ring constricts the penis, it can delay a man’s orgasm, and simply due to this delay, when a man finally does have an orgasm, it will be significantly stronger.

The Details

This is not to mention that there are all sorts of different cock rings to choose from. Some are particularly fancy and even come with vibrating options. This is not only great for your own pleasure but also for the pleasure of your partner.

This is especially important if your partner has a difficult time climaxing and needs a bit of a boost from a vibrating object like a cock ring. Yet another benefit is that cock rings can improve your confidence. This is because, due to the way the ring traps blood in the penis, this ring can make a man’s penis look and feel larger.

Of course, most men enjoy the idea of having a large penis, and a cock ring can make this a reality, even if it only makes it slightly larger. Some men argue that these rings can even make the penis more sensitive since it is more engorged with blood. Whatever the case, there are very few downsides if you ever decide to experiment with a cock ring.

Choosing and Using a Cock Ring

Choosing a cock ring isn’t hard, but there are a few important factors you need to consider. For one, there are many cock ring sizes out there, and it is of great importance that you choose the right one. There have been some cases where men accidentally choose a ring that is too small, and once they become erect, it causes a lot of pain, and they may not even be able to remove the ring.

In some cases, it is necessary to go to the emergency room to remove it. Of course, this would be an embarrassing visit to the doctor, so to avoid this chance entirely, be sure that you choose the right ring size. Some rings are designed to be stretchy or adjustable so that you can adjust the ring until it feels right.

The ring should apply a bit of snug pressure to your penis, but it should not be so tight that it hurts or makes you feel numb. Silicone rings are some of the most popular options since they are very durable and very easy to clean. You also need to be careful to not use the ring for too long.

What You Need to Know

It is recommended not to use a cock ring for any longer than 20 minutes. After that point, your penis won’t be able to get enough blood. This can cause damage to the blood vessels in the area and in severe cases, it might even cause permanent damage to your penis.

Also, when choosing a cock ring, you’ll want to consider the different types. As mentioned before, there are stretchy rings and adjustable rings as well as ones that vibrate. There are also one-size rings that are made of metal or glass.

Some rings also encompass the balls. These rings can be especially stimulating since the balls are, of course, very sensitive, especially when tugged or lightly pulled by a cock ring.

All About Cock Rings

Cock rings are a very popular type of sex toy, and they come in a variety of forms and sizes. They are great for experiencing more intense orgasms as well as improving your erections and even making your penis look and feel larger.

To learn more about sex toys or to get some for yourself, click here.

What To Look For in a Smoke Shop

Did you know there are over 11,000 smoke shops in the United States? With so many options, you must find a shop that suits your needs. Today we’ll review what you need to look for when visiting a new smoke shop.

The earliest smoke shops started popping up in America around 1857. Their most popular product was cigars, then cigarettes, and soon these stores evolved into head shops during the sixties. Today, they continue evolving to meet customer needs.

Smoke shops can carry a wide variety of products to satisfy your cravings and desires. But not every smoke shop works the same way, and some are downright grungy. So keep reading for a full breakdown of smoke shops and how to find your new favorite.


A proper smoke shop will offer you competitive prices for all the latest products. Although, prices can vary because some items are hard to find.

Typically, glass pipes range from $10 to hundreds depending on their build quality. Ensure you ask about the materials used to create the pipe, so you know what you’re buying.

Water pipes usually have a starting cost of about $30 to $40. And the best ones can cost thousands, so make sure the shop can inform you about the piece.

For tobacco and marijuana strains, check pricing online and compare with other shops. The average price of tobacco is about $6.43 a pack, and the average marijuana costs $7 to $15 a gram. If the shop is charging more, their products better be amazing!


A wide selection is your best friend when it comes to smoke shops. Smaller shops will offer a more limited selection, affecting your options. If you’re looking for medical weed or CBD, you will need options to find a strain that works for your body.

If you’re new to the world of marijuana, you may enjoy having many options to fine-tune your experience. Skilled users will know what they like and may not have trouble in a small shop. But having a healthy selection of products is a sign of a great smoke shop.

You’ll also want your shop to offer some variety for pipes, vapes, and bowls. Ensure they have enough products to help you find something that suits your smoking style.


The quality of smoke shop products is a huge factor in whether you’ll return. And the disappointment that comes from smoking a dud product is not enjoyable. So ensure your smoke shop is sourcing its products from reputable, trustworthy brands.

Products without brand names and background information should be avoided at all costs. These products could be laced with dangerous drugs that can cause harm or even death. While this is rare, it’s always best to be cautious and use your head.

If you’re a smoking connoisseur, you will want top-shelf products from popular brands. Make sure your shop sells quality products that are well-known around the smoking community. A shop that only sells cheap products and no-name strains should be avoided for your safety.

Customer Service

The customer service provided by a shop needs to be thorough and attentive. If you walk into a shop and everyone is high, that’s probably not a good sign. Note how helpful the shop employees are, and ask basic questions to see if they know their products.

This is especially important for newbies who need guidance with smoking products. Knowledgeable staff should walk you through their products and provide recommendations for your needs.

Find another store if employees don’t make you feel confident in what you’re buying. Your ideal smoke shop will be honest with you and provide an insightful shopping experience. Avoid shady shops that make you feel unsafe or neglected.


It’s a good idea to know the reputation of a smoke shop before making a purchase. Check online and see if the shop has a website to look through. If they don’t have a website, this isn’t the best sign, and you’ll be walking in blind for the most part.

If you find a website, look it over and note how organized and friendly it feels. What’s your first impression of the brand? Do they look reputable and trustworthy?

Even if the website checks out, the most important factor is looking for reviews. If the shop is doused in bad reviews, you’d be well advised to skip a trip there. If they don’t have reviews, you can also go to the shop and ask customers what they think.

Rules and Regulations

Every smoke shop (not on a reservation) has to follow specific rules and regulations. Shops need to have up-to-date permits and licenses to legally run their business. The government heavily regulates this industry, so make sure they follow the rules.

One of the most common red flags is when a smoke shop fails to ask for your ID. Be prepared to hand the employee your ID at the counter if you appear young or under 18. If they don’t ask you for an ID, the store is probably sketchy and should be avoided.

Find a Smoke Shop Today

To find a great smoke shop, make sure that a store offers plenty of variety to meet your needs. They should carry premium products from well-known brands. In addition, shops should have a good reputation, quality customer service, and good prices to make your cut.

If you need a store with all these values, get in touch with us. Our stores carry CBD products for a variety of spicy needs. Contact us today if you have any questions!

Tips To Make Your Sex Toys Last Much Longer

You probably already have at least one sex toy in your collection and New Fine Arts  wants you to get the most out of them and enjoy them so we will tell you what you should do to take better care of them and make them last longer.

There are thousands of options if we talk about sex toys, materials, textures, sizes, etc. but that’s why you must know how to take care of your best friends because they need special care to give you pleasure for much longer.


Sex toys  are something very private, personal and if you don’t take care of them in the right way, they could affect your health. That is why it is very important that you purchase sex toys in safe, clean places where you trust 100%. New Fine Arts offers you a clean, safe environment and with the confidence of each of our employees. We also have the best brands in which you trust something as important as your pleasure; so, feel safe and with the confidence that New Fine Arts offers you the best products. Quality is something that cannot be negotiated. Always look for the best quality in your sex toys as that will make you feel confident and safe when using them.


When choosing your new sex toy, consider the material it is made of as this is important to know the use, whether it is waterproof or not, lubricant  you are going to use, this is very important to know, and how to wash and store it. These points are basic for good care, good performance and that it will last as long as possible. Just as you should always use lubricants, there are also special cleaners for your sex toys. Always have them on hand and use them after you have enjoyed your adult toy. All of these can be found at New Fine Arts.


Just as you have a special drawer for your underwear or your socks or makeup, your sex toys  should have one too. And you cannot be exposing them to contact with other things or dust because remember that it can affect your health. You should keep them in places that are neither too cold nor too hot, where they do not suffer much moisture and where they do not get light. It is also very important that you don’t share your toys. Sex toys are personal, they should not be shared as they harbor fluids and can cause infections. In any case, if you are going to share it, you can do it using a condom and changing it when you give it to the other person.

Whether you are looking for new sex toys, lubricants, cleaning products or maybe some CBD products or sexy lingerie, look no further because at New Fine Arts  you will find this and much more. Our prices are the best in town. Come shop and see for yourself!

New Fine Arts: Find The Perfect Gift

The holidays are coming and it’s time to shop for gifts. This year give something special, let them use it all year long and especially, let them enjoy it. So, at New Fine Arts  you will find the perfect gift to make that special person happy and you will be the most popular for giving the best and most daring gifts this Christmas.

If you are looking for an original gift and above all that person will really use the gift you have searched for and chosen, you must visit one of the 3 New Fine Arts locations in the Dallas area because we surely have the perfect gift. Don’t give the same old gift, give pleasure, and make that special person happy.

Sex Toys

At New Fine Arts we have a large inventory of sex toys  for him, for her and for you to share together. We have the best brands, a variety in sizes, materials, shapes, and tastes, from the most practical, simple, and well-known to the most popular, viral, and even daring. We also have sex toys  with the highest technology, so besides that you will enjoy it will be an experience to have a toy for adults technological and easy to use. They will surely appreciate it and can use it all year long.


One of the gifts that women probably don’t expect, but deep down makes them very happy is a sexy lingerie set. Wearing lingerie can make women feel super sexy, confident, beautiful, and desired. So, lingerie is an excellent gift that men will also enjoy seeing their partner with these sexy accessories. At New Fine Arts you will find a great variety of styles, sizes, colors, and everything to fantasize and enjoy a great night. Also, just like sex toys, lingerie is a gift to use always.


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