Beyond Bondage: 7 Kinky Things to Try With Your Partner

Do you enjoy BDSM? Be glad you’re in the year 2023, then. Up until 2013, the DSM treated those who enjoy leather and whips as mentally ill.

The thing is, the typical BDSM kinks are so mainstream as to become predictable these days. People get trussed up like birds, blindfolded, or handcuffed while the dominant partner gives them a new collection of bruises.

If BDSM feels old hat and has started to bore you, what other types of sexual fantasy can you experiment with?

Fear not, lovers of submission and domination. Let’s take a look at 7 kinky things to try when the ball gags and chains grow stale.

1. Get It On in a New Location

Sex is all about arousal and, most importantly, excitement. You don’t need to just spark excitement by ripping each other’s clothes off or using a sex toy. Just changing the venue can turn things up to eleven.

In particular, have sex in places where you shouldn’t. Not in public places where it’s illegal, mind. Rather, in places where you might “get caught.”

Stretch her out on the kitchen counter, or burn some calories in your tent while camping. Proximity to unsuspecting people or being in a common area can spark an adrenaline response.

Adrenaline is a key component of fear. It’s also, unsurprisingly, a player in the thrill of passionate lovemaking. Especially when you have to bang one out before someone (theoretically) walks in on you.

A word of warning: make sure those places are clean. Putting genitals on suspect surfaces could lead to nasty down-there infections!

2. Take a Golden Shower

Golden showers might sound like rich people scrubbing themselves clean in a fountain of gold coins. But it’s actually a urine fetish, one brought to light when a former president purportedly was enjoying it. That’s right, this is when your partner pees on you.

Look, urine is a bodily waste product, and something most aren’t thrilled to interact with. But the act of urinating on others is a fetish for a reason. People who try it out discover something they hadn’t expected to be, well, arousing.

Drink a bunch of water and then try it on each other in the shower. Make sure to clean well afterwards, launder your lingerie, and scrub the shower floor, too.

3. Give Anal Play a Shot

Many people are reticent to venture into anal play, and for good reason. That’s the poop hole, and it hurts after all that weekend Mexican food!

Two things: one, anal play can be clean and safe, provided you douche. Second, it can be very pleasurable when done right. The G-spot is easier to access (for men and women) through the rectum.

Your backdoor has a treasure trove of nerve endings. Ever heard of the “poopgasm?” There’s a reason that defecation can sometimes feel, counterintuitively, good.

4. Deny Orgasms

Orgasm denial is, as you might imagine, leaving your partner unsatisfied on purpose. It may sound like a terrible idea. That would ruin the moment and lead to blue balls, right?

Wrong! Orgasm denial has a number of benefits.

First, it makes sex last much, much longer. You can both extend your pleasure instead of orgasming and ending it there. This is known as “edging.”

Second, orgasm denial fits into a dominance kink. It’s perfect for you and a partner if you already have established roles. The dominant partner “gives permission” to come only at the right moment.

5. Try Your Sexual Fantasy

Even the most vanilla, missionary-position-loving Quakers have fantasies. We all do. Yet we hide them out of embarrassment and fear that fulfillment would be an unobtainable fantasy, too.

If your fantasy is within reason, find a way to fulfill it. Wish your partner would speak to you in French while force-feeding you baguettes? Head to the local bakery, crack open your dusty French dictionary and call her a salope.

Use this as a chance to experiment with new bondage tools. If your fetish is a bit unrealistic, find ways to make it realistic. Instead of a risky suffocation fetish, get her to “strangle” you in a playful, safe fashion.

6. Watch Porn Together

There are two people in this world: those who watch porn and those who lie about watching it. Porn (provided you don’t get addicted) can spark your imagination and inspire you. It provides great fuel to keep yourself aroused during the act.

So, try watching it together instead of apart. Seeing what your partner likes can help you understand how to better please them. It works in reverse, too.

Plus, it removes the shameful feeling that a person gets watching porn alone. It breaks down barriers, relieves tension, and adds a new tool to your repertoire. When you make porn into a couple’s activity, you make it into a more positive influence on the relationship.

Use it as a starting point for a steamy session or as a way to get ideas. Make love while watching it in the background. The possibilities are endless.

7. Use a Sex Toy

There’s a huge stigma around sex toys, and that’s a shame. For centuries, self-pleasure has been treated as self-pollution and a corruption of sex’s purpose. We live in the modern era, luckily, so you can dispense with that hogwash like you should.

Sex toys are tools that can open the doors to things you never thought were possible. They allow you to add new methods of stimulation, stimulate new areas, and keep things rolling after your body gives out.

Experiment with new sex toys. Dildos, butt plugs, and cock rings are all proven implements for a safe, pleasurable experience.

Find More Kinky Things to Try at New Fine Arts

The old BDSM tricks might leave you feeling that you’ve used up all the novelty in the bedroom. Instead of giving up, use this list of kinky things to try in the bedroom and defib your sex life. Whether going all out with toys or just trying sex in a new place, there’s something to suit your fancy.

New Fine Arts is your one-stop shop for sex toys, sexy clothing, CBD products, and more. Find a store near you and stock up your bedroom with a new arsenal.

7 Benefits of CBD Body Lotion

Body lotion is the type of thing it’s easy to become attached to. If you’ve found a lotion that does the job, smells great, and doesn’t leave a horrible residue, you’re probably not in the market for a change. Conventional lotions are missing a secret ingredient, however, and it might not be long until its inclusion becomes standard.

CBD body lotion is raising a stir among people who are serious about skincare, and for good reason. It’s the perfect ingredient to complement the moisturizing effects of body lotion and is sure to be a welcome addition to any self-care regime.

Read on to find out more!

1. What’s So Special About CBD?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, you’re likely to have heard about CBD in one form or another. To put it simply, CBD (or cannabidiol) is a chemical found in both marijuana and its non-psychoactive relative, hemp. Rather than giving the user a high like THC, its effects are generally much more subtle.

There’s no risk of paranoia, red eyes, or a dry mouth with CBD as there is with THC. While these chemicals have closely related origins, it’s important to make the distinction. To reiterate, there’s no need to be wary of experiencing any untoward effects with CBD, which is a great reason to give it a shot all on its own.

CBD has caught the eye of a great many people who wish to capitalize on a chemical that is safe, legal, and effective. It’s also naturally derived, which ticks a few boxes where popular opinion is concerned. Suffice it to say, CBD is popular for a reason, and it’s time you found out for yourself!

2. CBD Cream and Skin Care

Lotions of all kinds are expected to fill a certain role in our bathroom cabinet. It’s not unusual to own a few different lotions depending on the state of our skin, as it’s a constant work-in-progress. Some lotion options are heavily perfumed, for example, and not ideal for dry or itchy skin.

It’s up to us to use our discretion when applying lotions, and it’s something of a learning process to find out what works best. We’re all different and have varying needs, after all. The beauty of CBD in body lotion is that it’s hydrating for the skin and potentially anti-inflammatory, and that’s a win-win.

This means it’s especially effective for use in massage and on people who are experiencing muscle pain. A thorough massage with a CBD cream will leave your battered body feeling realigned and ready for a good night’s sleep.

3. There’s a CBD Body Lotion for Everyone

When it comes to types of lotion, the endless options available might feel daunting. Fortunately, when it comes to CBD lotions, their uses are often underlined in no uncertain terms. If you’re looking for a lotion with a specific use in mind, it’s unlikely that you’ll be unable to find it.

The range of cannabinoids that are commonly extracted for therapeutic use from marijuana and hemp is considerable. It’s not as simple as ringing out the plant and collecting the oils in a bucket. A complicated distillation process is necessary to extract exactly what’s desired.

Once the crude oil has been extracted, it’s further processed to isolate its constituent parts. Depending on your particular use case, you might want a product containing either a pure CBD isolate, a broad-spectrum combination containing everything but THC, or even a full-spectrum option that contains all the cannabinoids together.

Depending on what you’re after, there’s a good chance you’ll find a suitable lotion. Depending on the state you’re in, some full-spectrum lotions containing THC may not be available due to legislation.

4. Helps Combat Common Skin Conditions

Eczema, psoriasis, and general blemishes like pimples and skin irritated from shaving are all common problems. Most of us will have learned to live with skin issues in one form or another, without seriously believing there’s an effective topical solution.

CBD has undergone scrutiny during its recent surge in popularity. Several studies have been undertaken to ensure its safety and that the claims made are genuine. Fortunately, these studies show without doubt that many of the wonderful claims are, in fact, true.

5. Arthritis and Joint Pain

As we age, arthritis and aches and pains in our joints are par for the course. That doesn’t mean they’re inescapable. Some people report greatly relieved pain and inflammation from the use of topical CBD creams and lotions.

This information is anecdotal, however, and reports of the efficacy of CBD creams and lotions vary greatly from person to person. With no concrete evidence in this regard, it’s up to you to find out for yourself!

6. A Natural Option

If you prefer to keep things as real as possible, smearing unknown chemicals onto your skin probably doesn’t strike you as a good time.

Many companies producing CBD products are well aware of this fact and have made topical CBD creams and lotions with you in mind. When your search comes up with ingredients that are impossible to pronounce, it might be best to leave your skincare in the hands of Mother Nature.

7. Connecting With Your Partner

There’s something to be said about the sensuous application of any lotion. Having your significant other rub some cream into your skin is a heady prospect.

CBD-infused creams and lotions are an excellent choice for this. The relaxing properties of CBD will help you both get into the zone and strengthen your bond while you reacquaint yourselves with each other’s bodies!

A Compelling Alternative

If you’re looking for something different and are ready to branch out, a CBD lotion is a safe bet. Whether you’re looking for pain relief, something to help you wind down at night, or an effective moisturizer, you can’t go wrong with a CBD body lotion.

CBD has numerous benefits in the bedroom, too! If you’d like to learn more, why not check out our blog post on the topic? You’ll be glad you did.

4 Sexy Date Ideas for Couples Looking for a New Spark

Many of us struggle to keep our relationships feeling fresh and exciting. There’s just so much else going on in the world-work, kids, and other external pressures.

That’s why it’s so important to make time to spend with one another. But how do you ensure your next date helps get you back on track, physically?

We can help. Read on for our top sexy date ideas.

1. Explore Food

Food is an integral part of our everyday lives, which makes it a great way to explore intimacy with your partner.

Take a cooking class together or plan a themed dinner night at home, where you can try out new recipes. Experimenting with different cuisines can be a fun and sensual experience.

Set up your own chocolate fondue station with fruits, marshmallows, and other dippable treats. Feed each other the melted chocolate for a playful and intimate experience.

2. Dance The Night Away

Sign up for a dance class-whether it’s salsa, tango, or ballroom dancing. Learning new types of dance can be a great way to connect, inspire romance, and have fun together.

If the weather is nice, you can set up a dance floor outdoors, preferably under the stars. Play your favorite tunes and enjoy a private, romantic dance session with your partner.

If you’re interested in making your sexy date night more literal, consider pole dancing lessons. It’s a great way to explore sensual movement and build trust and confidence with your partner. You can book a private lesson or sign up for a group class if you’re into showing off.

3. Sex Challenges

If you want to get really down and dirty, you can try out different sex games and challenges with your partner. These are a great way to spice up your foreplay.

Blindfold each other and take turns exploring different textures and sensations using various objects, fabrics, and your hands. This can heighten anticipation and arousal.

You can also try out temperature play. Use ice cubes, warm oil, or heated massage stones to explore the arousing effects of temperature on the body.

Prepare a list of different roles or scenarios (e.g., teacher and student, doctor and patient). Make a wheel to spin or draw pieces of paper from a hat to figure out which role you’ll play for the night.

4. Take Pictures

You might be looking for more creative dates for you and your partner. A sexy photoshoot date can be a fun and intimate way to reconnect with your partner, express your creativity, and capture beautiful memories.

Choose sensual lingerie or intimate clothing and create a boudoir-style photoshoot. Experiment with different poses and lighting to capture elegant and seductive images.

Utilize soft lighting or natural backlighting to create artistic silhouette photos. Try embracing or kissing each other in front of a light source to capture captivating and intimate silhouettes.

Try These Sexy Date Ideas Today

There are so many sexy date ideas you and your partner can explore. Hopefully, at least one of these ideas is the perfect fit for you.

Are you looking for more ways to experiment in the bedroom? You’ll want to start shopping for high-quality sex toys. New Fine Arts has the products you need.

4 New Things to Try in the Bedroom With Your Partner

Are you and your partner getting bored with the same old sex-night after night, week after week? You’re not alone. Many couples find themselves in the same scenario.

It can be hard to get out of a sexual rut when you just don’t have the energy to think of new ideas. Luckily, we can help.

Let’s go through a few new things to try in the bedroom.

1. New Sexual Positions

Have you tried all the positions on your sex bucket list? There are so many out there that you probably haven’t thought of.

For example, you might want to try the butterfly position. The receiving partner lies on their back while the penetrating partner holds their legs up, forming a butterfly shape.

X Marks the Spot is another option for you. One partner lies on their back, and the other partner kneels and lifts their legs into an “X” position.

The seashell is a good choice for deeper penetration. The receiving partner lies on their back and brings their legs up and over their head. The penetrating partner then kneels or stands.

Maybe you need to feel more connected in the bedroom. In that case, try the lotus blossom. You’ll sit facing each other and wrap your legs around each other.

2. Light Bondage

Exploring light bondage can add an exciting element of kink and playfulness to your intimate experiences. Remember to prioritize communication, consent, and trust throughout your experimentation.

Try blindfolding. Blindfold your partner using a silk scarf or a satin blindfold. Removing the sense of sight can heighten other senses.

Use silk scarves or soft ties to gently restrain your partner’s wrists or ankles to the bedposts or furniture. Make sure the ties are not too tight and have a safe word.

Just make sure you’re aware of your different options for bondage gear before you start experimenting.

3. Talking Dirty

Talking dirty in the bedroom can add excitement and passion to your intimate moments. Share your desires and fantasies with your partner using explicit language. Describe what you want to do to them or what you’d like them to do to you.

Describe in detail what you love about your partner’s body and what you want to do to them. Experiment with power dynamics using phrases that establish dominance or submission.

Play with different tones, from gentle whispers to sultry purrs, to convey desire and excitement. Experiment and find the pitch that works for you.

4. Change Locations

Maybe you and your partner need to change physical spaces to mix up your sex life.

Book a night at a luxurious hotel. Enjoy the change of scenery and take advantage of the privacy and amenities for a romantic and intimate escape.

Head to a secluded spot in nature, like a private beach, a quiet forest clearing, or a picturesque hilltop.

Share a steamy shower or bath together. The warm water and intimate space can lead to passionate moments and playful exploration.

New Things to Try in the Bedroom: Experiment Today

There are tons of new things to try in the bedroom you probably haven’t thought of.

Do you need supplies to go with your new idea? New Fine Arts has everything you need. We can even help you with recommendations to make your sex life better. Start shopping with us today.

3 Sexy Cosplay Ideas You Need to Try

The global cosplay market was worth over $4 billion in 2020. The hobby became popular in the 1990s and has been growing since. That’s one aspect of the hobby.

You can bring sexy cosplay ideas into the bedroom. Fantasy is an important part of sexuality and sexual development, so roleplay can be a healthy form of expression.

Most people who engage in roleplay have at least one or two ideas they want to experiment with. If roleplay is a regular part of your sex life, you may find yourself running out of ideas at some point. We’ll offer some ideas to try here.

1. Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn is one of the greatest characters in the Batman Canon, despite being one of its most recent additions. She’s one of the biggest sexual fantasies for millennials and Gen Z’s. Harley made her first appearance in 1992 on an episode of Batman: The Animated Series.

The writers planned on having her appear in one episode. But Arleen Sorkin played the character so well that the writers decided to put her in more episodes. The rest is history.

As fans of the animated series matured, Harley grew with them. She evolved from a ditzy sidekick of the Joker into an abuse survivor, a respected villain in her own right, and an LGBTQ+ icon. She’s gone through several costume changes, wearing a T-shirt and short shorts in the Suicide Squad movies and a black-and-red corset and skirt in the Arkham video games.

2. Catwoman

Catwoman is another character from the Batman universe that inspired a lot of fantasies. Between her sexy garments and her iconic whip, it’s no wonder she turned so many of us on.

Playing Batman’s antihero love interest can be a bit difficult. Her personality is charming and seductive, but not always trustworthy. You might want to add some kink to make the roleplay more believable.

Bondage play, for instance, would be in character. But do your research before engaging in something like this, and don’t try it if you’re at all uncomfortable.

3. Princess Leia

Despite being over 40 years old, the original Star Wars trilogy remains a classic loved by generations. Princess Leia is a timeless character. She’s a leader of the rebellion. Thanks to one scene in The Return of the Jedi, she became the inspiration for many erotic costumes.

Getting intimate apparel for your Princess Leia cosplay shouldn’t be a problem. Leia’s slave outfit is such a popular costume that you should have no trouble finding it.

Sexy Cosplay Ideas to Spice Up Your Relationship

Those hoping to spice up their sex lives with roleplay will find no shortage of sexy cosplay ideas out there. We’ve discussed a few of our favorite ideas here, but there are plenty more to explore.

If you want to know more about sex and how to keep things fresh in the bedroom, you’ll find plenty of ideas on our blog. Is there anything you’ve always wanted to know about sex? Feel free to ask us on our website.

10 Must-Have Sex Toys You Need to Pick Up From an Adult Store in Dallas

Your nightstand drawer could use a new addition. If you are like most Americans, this is where you keep your collection of sex toys. Whether you already have one, five, or ten, you can always use a new toy to spice up your bedroom activities.

There are the traditional toys that remain reliable throughout the years. Then, there are the new and popular sex toys that embrace innovation. Visit your local adult store in Dallas to check out these ten must-have sex toys.

1. Clitoral Stimulator

The hot new kid on the sex toy block is the clitoral stimulator. These small yet powerful toys focus their entire effort on the clitoris. They tend to be small in size and have delicate or feminine designs.

This makes them perfect for those buying their first sex toy. They also do not obviously look like sex toys. This makes them the ideal sex toys for traveling by air.

Clitoral stimulation can get overwhelming for those who are not accustomed to it. Look for one with adjustable intensity to get acclimated to this new sensation.

2. Vibrating Massager

You can’t go wrong with a classic vibrator. Today, you will find a broad range of vibrator types. The best vibrator is the one that suits your sexual preferences. Vibrators are also one of the best sex toys for couples.

There are four common types of vibrators. Each focuses on delivering a different type of vibrating experience. Wand vibrators are the traditional style.

  1. Bullet and finger
  2. G-Spot wands
  3. Rabbit
  4. Wand

A bullet or finger vibrator is the smallest and most discreet option. However, they also tend to have the weakest vibrating ability.

The rabbit is the most well-known in mainstream culture. It will give stimulation to multiple areas at once. In contrast, the G-spot vibrator is less well-known but gives targeted stimulation.

For the greatest enjoyment, look for a vibrator with multiple speed, intensity, and pulse pattern settings. This lets you change things when your nerves become accustomed to one setting.

3. Dildo

A dildo is another traditional sex toy that is straightforward in design. The best dildos deliver maximum pleasure when used for internal stimulation. While dildos are popular with women, they are also perfect for men interested in pegging.

When shopping for a dildo, consider the right size, level of anatomical accuracy, and color. There is also the level of curvature. Some may also have additional features, such as a suction cup base.

4. Cock Ring

Wearing a cock ring during sexual activity with your partner can enhance sensations. Because it restricts blood flow, men will experience bigger erections and help with erectile dysfunction issues.

Cock rings are designed to fit snugly around the base of the penis, so putting them on can get tricky. Some cock rings require you to stretch them to fit around. Others allow you to slip them on and then tighten them into place.

For maximum pleasure, consider a cock ring that vibrates. This brings pleasure to the wearer and their partner.

5. Male Stroking Toys

Stroking toys are one of the most popular solo toys for men. Gone are the days of the archaic Fleshlight or Pocket Pussy. Modern stroking toys come with an endless list of features and technology.

Look for one that has adjustable functionality to customize your experience. It is also smart to consider the cleaning ability, as you will want to sanitize your toy to keep it safe for future use.

6. App Controlled Toys

Embrace technology by purchasing a sex toy that comes programmed to work with an app on your phone. This is a great way to improve sexual communication with your partner when you are long-distance.

Some toys require proximity to connect via Bluetooth. In comparison, others allow for long-distance play. Some have simple functionality, and others have multiple setting controls.

When shopping for smart toys, consider the user experience of the sex toy and the app.

7. Glass Toys

Silicone sex toys are popular, but glass toys deserve recognition. These elegant toys will bring class and sophistication to your love life. You can safely warm or chill them to add a temperature element to your sexual play.

Smooth glass toys feel lovely against your skin. They are also easier to sanitize. Look for a glass toy that is the right size for your body.

8. Prostate Massager

Anywhere from 30 to 44 percent of men and women have tried anal with their partner. A prostate massager is a perfect toy for men who want to try anal. These unique toys will massage the prostate, enhancing sexual pleasure.

Some massagers come with vibrating functionality. Others have additional components, such as a cock ring.

9. Bondage Kits

You do not have to dive into the world of BDSM to enjoy a little bondage. A bondage kit is the perfect half-step to spice up your love life without getting too intense.

Look for a kit that comes with several pieces. This lets you experiment with different restraint methods on different body parts. Beginner-friendly bondage pieces will have soft linings and quick-release clasps.

10. Wedge Pillow

If traditional sex toys do not interest you, consider a wedge pillow. It may be the least sexy toy on this list. However, it can inspire intense feelings that you would not otherwise achieve.

A wedge pillow is perfect for couples seeking deeper feelings during intercourse. It is also ideal for couples struggling with getting just the right angle. A wedge pillow can be a lifesaver if you have mobility or flexibility issues.

Look for a firm, supportive foam core with a removable, washable cover.

Shop For Toys at an Adult Store in Dallas

Hopefully, this list of ten sex toys has you inspired. If so, you are overdue for a trip to an adult store in Dallas.

New Fine Arts has three convenient locations around the Dallas area. Each location is fully stocked with every sex toy, novelty, accessory, and clothing needed to spice up your love life.

Check out our locations map and find the store closest to you for convenient sex toy shopping.

How to Add a Vibrator to Your Love Life

Stop letting cultural taboos stop you from enjoying a vibrator in the bedroom. People may not openly admit to using a vibrator, but over half of American women use one, and at least 76 million Americans own one.

Vibrators are one of the most popular sex toys because they are one of the most versatile. They are the perfect sex toys for couples and individuals. So, open up to your partner, head to your local adult store, and find the best vibrator to add to your love life.


There is no denying that open communication is a must for a positive and healthy love life. While these types of conversations can get awkward, you can be ready for it. Stay calm, open, and honest about your feelings and desires.

Express why you want to bring a vibrator into your love life. Try to be specific about your intentions. Explain what it is about vibrators that entices you.

Perhaps you want to spice up your love life. Maybe you want your partner to watch you. You could also want your partner to use it on you.

Have Patience

You don’t have to have one large conversation where you address everything at once. You could wait until the opportunity naturally presents itself.

You could be watching a show where a vibrator makes an appearance. You could be in a store that has one. Maybe there is a magazine ad that alludes to them.

Try addressing different aspects of the topic throughout multiple conversations. One conversation could be about the various vibrator myths. Another could be about your past vibrator experiences.

Offer Reassurance

People have different opinions and ideas about sex. This can result in different reactions when new topics or concepts are introduced. If your partner has concerns about your satisfaction, they may need reassurance.

Offer comfort that introducing a vibrator is not about your lack of satisfaction. Instead, it is about your quest to heighten your experiences and pleasure. Using toys should enhance your sex life.

Buy One Together

Go shopping together to pick out a vibrator. People tend to feel more comfortable with an idea if they have a sense of control over the situation. Being involved in the shopping lets them have a say in the choice.

It also becomes “our” vibrator instead of “my” or “your” vibrator. As a couple’s toy, it is more approachable and less threatening. You can now connect over it instead of feeling like it is a single person’s territory.

However, be aware that the numerous types of vibrators can quickly become overwhelming. Because you and your partner are new to using vibrators together, keep things simple and user-friendly. The fewer variables to contend with, the easier it will be to focus on intimacy and pleasure.

Look for a vibrator that is visually appealing and functionally reliable. It should be 100% waterproof and made from body-safe silicone.

For sex toy newbies, you may also want to consider choosing a toy on the smaller side and not too realistic-looking.

Start Slow With Foreplay

Kinky foreplay is a great way to introduce new toys while unlocking maximum satisfaction. It allows your partner to dip a toe in without committing to an entire experience that involves a vibrator.

Introduce the vibrator during foreplay by turning it on low. Hold it against different areas of your body and theirs. Then, gradually move to more erogenous zones.

When you both are turned on and ready for more, you can put the vibrator aside. Let your partner control how involved the vibrator is.


One approach that can help your partner feel more comfortable and confident is demonstrating how to use the vibrator. Turn this into a fun and sexy experience where you put on a show for your partner.

Go slow, and show them how you like using the vibrator on yourself. Don’t be afraid to communicate why something feels good.


When your partner is ready, hand over the vibrator and let them experiment. While you may know your body, your partner may discover something you haven’t.

Let your partner move at a pace they are comfortable with. Your first time experimenting, they may only go so far.

Then, the next time they go a little further. In time, they will get more comfortable and experiment more.

Upgrade Eventually

Once you get comfortable with a simple vibrator, you can upgrade to one with more features. Instead of one speed setting, it could have multiple. Or it could have multiple pulse settings that create different vibration patterns.

High-end vibrators can come with multiple vibration centers for stimulating multiple areas of the body at once. Others come with an associated app for your partner to control.

You may also want to upgrade the size of your vibrator. Large or realistic-looking vibrators can create new sensations. As your partner gets more comfortable, they may be more open to trying these vibrator types.

Be Open to Your Partner’s Wishes

If your partner is open to trying out a vibrator, you need to return the favor. Listen to your partner about what they enjoy. If they have something they want to experiment with, be open to it.

You can work together to enhance your love life by openly communicating your desires and interests.

Have Fun

Your love life and bedroom activities should be fun. Introducing a vibrator should be an enjoyable experience. Don’t get so wrapped up in it all that you forget to enjoy yourself and have fun.

Don’t let mishaps or false starts sabotage your efforts. Laughter can be sexy.

Visit an Adult Store in Dallas

If you are ready to add a vibrator to your love life, then it’s time to have a conversation with your partner. Once you two are ready, your next step is to visit a New Fine Arts adult store in the Dallas area. Our extensive inventory of vibrators will give you plenty of options to find the perfect addition to your love life.

Locate which of our 3 locations is closest to you and let our helpful staff find the perfect vibrator for you and your significant other.

The Top 5 Essential Bondage Toys for Light BDSM Play

About 46% of Americans want to spice up their sex life but are worried their partner will judge them. If you’re one of these people, don’t worry – you’re not alone.

You may be hesitant to suggest trying new things in the bedroom to your partner, but there’s nothing wrong with wanting to make things more exciting. The concept of BDSM appeals to a lot of people, and if you want to give it a go, then you should!

You may be worried about how your partner will react, so it’s best to start by suggesting some light BDSM ideas. There are plenty of bondage toys for couples that are perfect for those just getting started with BDSM.

Before heading online and searching for “sex stores near me”, take a look at some of the best toys to start with.

1. Bondage Tape

Bondage sex toys are essentially the foundation for BDSM, and tape is a great place to start. You can get durable PVC tape that only sticks to itself, so it won’t harm your or your partner’s skin or leave residue behind on your bedframe (or anything else).

It’s also quite cheap, so for any couples that are experimenting, it’s a great first buy. If you find that BDSM isn’t for you and your partner, it’s not a huge loss.

2. Blindfold

Sensory deprivation is a great way to make things more exciting in the bedroom. You can blindfold yourself and give your partner control so they can explore their desires. You’ll find that if you can’t see, your other senses (mainly touch) will be heightened significantly.

Some people try to use a scarf or tie, but they can be quite tricky. They won’t always fully block your vision, and can easily slip off, so investing in a purpose-built blindfold is the best way to get the experience you’re after.

3. Massage Candle

Things can get a bit intense when you first start trying BDSM. Aftercare is more important than most people realize, so you may want more than just bondage toys. Massage candles are perfect for this.

When burned, they melt into a massage oil that you and your partner can use on one another. Not only will this make you feel better in the long run, but it’s the perfect way to wind down after a heated session.

4. Restraints

If you enjoy using bondage tape, then you’ll find restraints to be some of the best bondage toys around. Wrist and ankle restraints are common, but there are plenty of different kits you can buy with all kinds of restraints. Any reputable adult shop will have a selection to choose from.

Make sure you get restraints that are suitable for you and your partner. It’s best if they’re adjustable and easy to use.

5. Flogger

When you’re ready to turn things up a bit, a flogger is perfect. It’s great if you feel like you’re ready to experiment with punishment.

When it comes to floggers, high-quality leather is ideal. It tends to be far more gentle than synthetic options.

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What Is Bondage Gear? Making Sense of the Different Types of Gear

Studies show that bondage is more experienced than you might think. In fact, they suggest that up to 75 percent of sex participants might have tried some things out.

Are you looking to experiment with your sex life? We’ve got you covered.

Read on to find out the answer to the question, “What is bondage gear?” and to learn what your options are.

What is Bondage Gear?

Bondage gear refers to a range of accessories, clothing, and equipment designed for use in bondage and BDSM activities.

These items are intended to enhance and facilitate various aspects of BDSM play, including restraint, sensory stimulation, dominance, submission, and role-playing.


Restraints and bondage gear are items used in BDSM practices to restrain a person and enhance the overall experience of power dynamics and sensory play. They’re some of the most popular bondage toys for couples.

Consent and communication are essential when using BDSM toys. Discuss any fears, concerns, or preferences, and establish a clear way for everyone involved to communicate their comfort and boundaries.


Gags are extreme bondage gear used to restrain a person’s ability to speak, make loud noises, or communicate effectively. This type of bondage sex toy is used to enhance the power dynamics, create a sense of submission, or engage in role-playing scenarios.

You can use gags to add excitement, arousal, or a sense of helplessness during BDSM scenes. They can even be used as self-bondage gear.

Whips, Floggers, and Paddles

You might also be interested in impact play. These bondage gear BDSM provide controlled physical sensations.

Whips are typically long, flexible instruments with a handle on one end and a braided or knotted end (the “fall”) used to strike the submissive partner. Whips can deliver a sharp, snapping impact, and the sensation can vary based on the type of whip, the material it’s made from, and the skill of the wielder.

Floggers have multiple tails or strands attached to a handle, made of materials such as leather, suede, rubber, or chain. The tails can vary in width, length, and texture, producing different sensations on impact.

Floggers are versatile and can range from providing a thuddy impact to a stingy sensation.

Paddles are flat, broad implements made of materials like leather, wood, rubber, or silicone. You can use these to deliver a firm, impactful strike to specific body parts, such as the buttocks or thighs. The sensation can range from a sharp sting to a deeper thud, depending on the design and material of the paddle


Hoods, also known as masks or headgear, are coverings worn over the head or face to partially or completely obscure the wearer’s identity and senses. Hoods are used for things like sensory deprivation, role-playing, humiliation, submission, or to create a specific ambiance or fetish scenario.

They often have openings for the eyes, mouth, and sometimes the nose, allowing for controlled sensory experiences. Some hoods come with additional features like built-in gags, blindfolds, or earplugs, further restricting sensory input. You can use these hoods in concert with other bondage sex toys.

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5 Kinky BDSM Ideas To Try in the Bedroom

A 2020 study concluded that taking, giving, and exchanging power is a major point of arousal during sex. This explains the psychology behind why people enjoy BDSM. This term stands for bondage/discipline, domination/submission, and sadism/masochism.

When performed safely and consensually, BDSM roleplay ideas can bring an extra spark to the bedroom. We’ve put together a short list of BDSM ideas that couples can try during their next session. Let’s dive in.

1. Bondage

Bondage is one of the most common BDSM activities. As the name implies, it involves restraining oneself or one’s partner during a sexual encounter.

You have plenty of opportunity when it comes to the bondage materials. Some people choose rope, while others choose handcuffs. Silk scarves can add a bit of elegance to the experience.

Communicate beforehand and establish safe words. Some people feel more claustrophobic than anticipated once they are tightly bound.

2. Collaring

Collaring is great for people who love to control or be controlled. It’s a simple, tasteful way to introduce BDSM to the bedroom.

Collars generally have a ring that allows the addition of a restraint or leash. The person in control can pull or guide the one wearing the collar. This can lead to tons of fun that and make for an unforgettable experience.

3. Edge Play

This term refers to testing the limits of what your partner is comfortable with. Tolerance levels will vary between couples, and proper communication is essential. Edge play often includes activities that are deemed fairly risky.

Air restriction is one of the most common. One partner might bind the other and control how well they can breathe by covering their mouth with a cloth.

It could also involve spanking, whipping, and other forms of physical punishment. As long as everyone involved is on the same page, this can be one of the most erotic BDSM bedroom ideas.

4. Age Play

Age play involves pretending to be much older or younger than you are. This often leads to establishing specific identities for each partner.

The “younger” partner could be a misbehaved student and the “older” partner could be a teacher who’s had enough. The possibilities are limited only by your creativity. The right BDSM scene ideas can lead to breathtaking orgasms.

5. General Roleplay

Roleplay is a bit more general than age play, but it can be just as arousing. BDSM roleplay ideas include acting out specific scenes. Someone might play the role of a criminal while their partner is a crooked cop who savors punishing others.

The more detail you add to roleplay scenes, the more interesting they become. Let your imagination run wild and come up with the craziest ideas you can imagine. You can then tailor them to suit your and your partner’s specific tastes.

Give These BDSM Ideas a Shot

The sexual chemistry between two partners constantly evolves. There often comes a time when trying something new can bring two people closer than ever.

Give these BDSM ideas a chance in the near future. You might unlock a brand new world you can’t wait to explore.

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