What Is a Healthy Sex Life?

Approximately 25% of US couples have sex at least weekly. Our brains are hardwired to pursue and enjoy sex, but we don’t always have the default tools to understand what constitutes a healthy sex life.

This is an important concept to explore so you can avoid issues you may have otherwise encountered. So, what is a healthy sex life?

We’ve created a brief guide with tips you can use to take your sex life to the next level. Let’s explore the key information you should keep in mind.

What Is a Healthy Sex Life?

A healthy sex life doesn’t have anything to do with how often you orgasm (or whether you do at all). Instead, it’s one that focuses on intimacy and communication. Placing an emphasis on touching or talking can help unlock a new realm of passion.

How to Improve Your Sex Life

There are plenty of ways you can improve your sex life, and many of them can provide instant change. Understanding these can help you develop a deeper connection with your partner. Let’s explore them in detail below.


Exercising improves your circulation and makes it easy for blood to flow to your genitals during arousal. This is especially important for men, as it allows them to achieve and maintain strong erections. There’s something to be said about the impact exercise can have on your confidence, as well.


Don’t be afraid to talk to your partner about your concerns. This establishes trust that will serve as the foundation for your sex life. If you plan on bringing up a controversial or uncomfortable topic, be sure to do so respectfully and give your partner a heads-up.

Try Something New

Trying new positions or introducing toys into the bedroom can be an amazing way to take your sex life to the next level. Not only can this create new avenues of pleasure, it can also bring you and your partner closer.

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Don’t Neglect Your Sex Life

Prioritizing your sex life can make it easier to connect with your partner and make your sex far more fulfilling. The info in this guide about “What is a healthy sex life” can help ensure you make the right decisions when searching “sex stores near me.”

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