Anal Beads vs Butt Plug: Which Is Right for You?

Plenty of couples all over the world are interested in spicing things up in the bedroom, but it can be a little daunting.

There are all kinds of toys you can get from an adult store to make things more interesting, so don’t be afraid to try something new. If you want to get a bit adventurous, you might be thinking about bringing anal beads or a butt plug into things. They both have similarities but can offer completely different experiences.

In this anal beads vs butt plug guide, we’ll look at both options and carry out an anal toy comparison so you can decide which would be best for you. Keep reading for more.

Anal Beads Usage

Anal beads are a popular toy used by those who want to enhance their orgasm. They can vary but typically come as a variety of bulbs attached to a cord.

They can be inserted into the anus, and the grip on the end makes them easy to remove. Doing so can stimulate the sensitive nerves at the entrance of the anus which helps increase sexual pleasure.

The size of anal beads can vary. If you’re looking for “sex stores near me”, you should be able to find a range of sizes that cater to different levels of experience and comfort.

Anal Beads Benefits

Anal beads can be a new and exciting sex toy for many couples. They stimulate the erogenous zone in your anus. This offers a new level of pleasure that most people are unfamiliar with.

They’re known to be especially impressive when it comes to stimulating the anal sphincter muscles. They can provide an incredibly intimate experience when used with a partner. As both of you can use them, they allow you to focus on each other and increase your overall pleasure.

How Butt Plugs Differ

While anal beads focus on stimulating the nerve endings of the anus, butt plug usage has a different focus. It’s more about an internal fullness of pleasure and they can be used for penetrative anal sex.

Unlike anal beads which are typically moved for pleasure, butt plugs stay in place. They’re generally shorter than dildos and have a slightly different shape. In particular, they have a flared end which helps keep them in place.

One of the main butt plug benefits is their stimulation of the prostate gland. This can lead to a prostate orgasm, which can be an incredible feeling. Some are specifically designed to help with this.

Anal Beads vs Butt Plug: Which Should You Get?

Now that you’ve read through this anal beads vs butt plug comparison, you should have a clearer idea of which suits you better. Of course, there’s nothing stopping you from investing in both.

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