4 New Things to Try in the Bedroom With Your Partner

Are you and your partner getting bored with the same old sex-night after night, week after week? You’re not alone. Many couples find themselves in the same scenario.

It can be hard to get out of a sexual rut when you just don’t have the energy to think of new ideas. Luckily, we can help.

Let’s go through a few new things to try in the bedroom.

1. New Sexual Positions

Have you tried all the positions on your sex bucket list? There are so many out there that you probably haven’t thought of.

For example, you might want to try the butterfly position. The receiving partner lies on their back while the penetrating partner holds their legs up, forming a butterfly shape.

X Marks the Spot is another option for you. One partner lies on their back, and the other partner kneels and lifts their legs into an “X” position.

The seashell is a good choice for deeper penetration. The receiving partner lies on their back and brings their legs up and over their head. The penetrating partner then kneels or stands.

Maybe you need to feel more connected in the bedroom. In that case, try the lotus blossom. You’ll sit facing each other and wrap your legs around each other.

2. Light Bondage

Exploring light bondage can add an exciting element of kink and playfulness to your intimate experiences. Remember to prioritize communication, consent, and trust throughout your experimentation.

Try blindfolding. Blindfold your partner using a silk scarf or a satin blindfold. Removing the sense of sight can heighten other senses.

Use silk scarves or soft ties to gently restrain your partner’s wrists or ankles to the bedposts or furniture. Make sure the ties are not too tight and have a safe word.

Just make sure you’re aware of your different options for bondage gear before you start experimenting.

3. Talking Dirty

Talking dirty in the bedroom can add excitement and passion to your intimate moments. Share your desires and fantasies with your partner using explicit language. Describe what you want to do to them or what you’d like them to do to you.

Describe in detail what you love about your partner’s body and what you want to do to them. Experiment with power dynamics using phrases that establish dominance or submission.

Play with different tones, from gentle whispers to sultry purrs, to convey desire and excitement. Experiment and find the pitch that works for you.

4. Change Locations

Maybe you and your partner need to change physical spaces to mix up your sex life.

Book a night at a luxurious hotel. Enjoy the change of scenery and take advantage of the privacy and amenities for a romantic and intimate escape.

Head to a secluded spot in nature, like a private beach, a quiet forest clearing, or a picturesque hilltop.

Share a steamy shower or bath together. The warm water and intimate space can lead to passionate moments and playful exploration.

New Things to Try in the Bedroom: Experiment Today

There are tons of new things to try in the bedroom you probably haven’t thought of.

Do you need supplies to go with your new idea? New Fine Arts has everything you need. We can even help you with recommendations to make your sex life better. Start shopping with us today.