Adult Stores Near Me: What to Expect When Visiting a Sex Store

Studies show that there are nearly 9,000 brick-and-mortar sex shops in the United States. These shops can feel uncomfortable to visit, but are one of the least judgmental places you can find!

Finding a trustworthy store often isn’t as easy as googling “adult stores near me.” And once you find your chosen store, you’ll still want to know what to expect if it’s your first time.

If you’re looking into local sex shops, we’re here to offer our guidance. Read on to learn more about entering a sex toy store and what you can expect to see inside.

What to Expect In Sex Shops

The most awkward part for some customers is engaging with shelves of sex life products. Knowing what you’ll see will often help. Here are some of the things you can expect to find in a sex shop.


If you’re shopping for sex toys, not all stores will have the sex toy options you want. Some focus more on clothes and “gear,” like bondage equipment, lubricant, or protection.

Some of the most common sex toys you’ll see are:

  • Dildos and vibrators
  • Anal toys (plugs, beads, hooks, etc.)
  • Pumps and other foreplay items
  • Sex machines
  • Self-strokers and masturbators

Most shops have an online store. You can check their stock online to see if they have what you want. That way, you know what to get when you get there instead of spending an hour picking through toys.


Clothes are also highly common in sex shops. Many sex stores sell costumes, fetish outfits, bondage gear, and more. Lingerie is also exceptionally popular in these stores.

No Judgment

Most of all, you should expect to find no judgment in these stores. It can feel like you’re being judged for picking a toy. Straight men in particular tend to feel awkward when buying penetrative toys.

Trust us when we say that the store staff have seen it all. No one is going to judge you for a pair of fuzzy handcuffs and a sex machine.

Picking a Good Store

Some sex stores can feel somewhat “seedy.” Picking a trustworthy store can help you shed some of your anxiety.

Your first step should be to check reviews. Check through the reviews of the store you’re considering so that you can see what other people have said.

You should also check what the store carries. If you’re shopping for sex toys and they only sell lingerie, there’s no need to go.

Finally, look for one with trustworthy staff. While most staff are judgment-free, it’s easy to feel like the person at the counter is having inappropriate thoughts about you. Find shops that have had their staff positively reviewed.

Finding Adult Stores Near Me

Instead of searching “adult stores near me” and choosing at random, perform focused research to find a trustworthy store. Once inside, expect to find a wide variety of sex toy options, fetish equipment, and outfits.

At New Fine Arts, we’re committed to giving you a comfortable and safe trip to the store. We offer a wide variety of toys, lingerie, and even CBD products. See our map to find the nearest location to you in the Dallas area.