3 Types of Sex Toys For Female Stimulation

If you still haven’t decided to buy a sex toy or you don’t know which one to choose from the great variety we have at New Fine Arts, here are some tips to make your decision a little easier and above all-knowing what part you want to stimulate and that the woman’s body especially is full of erogenous zones and different ways to reach orgasm.

If we talk about sex toys there are thousands of options, of which there is obviously a great variety. There are some that are super popular and others that although they are not so well known are a treasure and you should have in your drawer. And if we start with the part you want to stimulate? Read on and you’ll see what it’s all about.


One of the parts of the female body that gives you the most pleasure is obviously the clitoris, and that is because it is its only function! So, you should not miss the opportunity to stimulate it and give you such intense and pleasurable orgasms. Clitoral stimulators give you intense and exciting sensations like receiving a good dose of oral sex or even better because you have the control of intensity and speed. Evidently, there are options of sex toys for this, and you can find them at New Fine Arts.


First of all, the majority of traditional vibrators are vaginal. We pick out the most traditional ones among them, to stimulate the G-spot. These vibrators may reach the legendary G-spot and provide a singular and powerful pleasure because of their ergonomic form and distinctive tip curve. Remember that technology does not lag, and we have toys for adults that you can vary the intensity, speed, and all this from your mobile phone and without mentioning the array of materials, sizes and forms. You can also find the latest technology in sex toys at New Fine Arts and don’t forget that these toys can be used alone or with your couple.


If you have not yet had the occasion to try anal sex, this may be your sign that with anal sex you also get high levels of pleasure. And of course, you also have several options for you to practice with the use of adult toys  that give you various levels of pleasure, intensity, ergonomic designs, 360 degree rotation and there are remote ones too. Here it is important to remember to use lubricants for greater pleasure. There are also water-based lubricants, or you can even find them in different flavors and scents. It is important to read the instructions of your toy before using any lubricant.

So, as you can see there are sex toys for every taste and need and it is necessary to mention that there are also for you to stimulate 2 areas at the same time. so don’t stop experimenting either alone or with your partner. Don’t forget to use lubricants and the best thing is that you can find all this and more at New Fine Arts.