4 Creative Ways to Use a Sex Blindfold in the Bedroom

The excitement of sex with your partner can be a great thing that can be stimulating and fun. But when things become stale, you might need to look towards different options to fuel the spark, including trying out a sex blindfold. Can you believe that something as simple as a blindfold can be an incredible sex tool for you and your partner?

A sex blindfold is one of the easiest ways to mix up your sex game when you feel that the spice in your life is lacking. Tying a blindfold around your eyes or your partner’s eyes can elicit a thrill that may surprise you both in ways you couldn’t imagine.

If you feel that the bedroom is starting to lose its appeal and excitement, then you may want to look at how sexy blindfolds can help improve your sex life.

Are you ready to start getting frisky in the bedroom? You’ll want to read our guide on how to make sex so much better. Here are four creative ways to use a sex blindfold with your partner.

1. Blindfold Sex in Different Rooms

A bedroom is always a great place for sex. It’s comfortable and familiar for all of us. But bringing your partner into a different room while wearing a blindfold can keep things mysterious and playful.

Taking your lovemaking out of the bedroom and into another place can up the ante and increase the sexual tension between the two of you. This involves trust and communication between both people but can create a new sense of excitement.

2. A Sex Blindfold and Ice

When things are hot around the both of you, sometimes having ice around can be a useful sex tool for increasing sexual desire. When you combine using ice with a blindfold during sex, the feeling of pleasure can be intensified for both of you.

If your partner doesn’t know where you’ll touch them next with a piece of ice, you can catch them by surprise and help them discover a sensation they never knew about.

3. Feeding and Touching Your Blindfolded Partner

Sweet food and sex can work together very well, especially if you’re feeding your partner leading up to the moment. Wearing a sex blindfold can make one’s senses more intense, so the taste of food like chocolate or fruit can be that much more satisfying.

This is the same with your partner’s sense of touch. If you have a blend of both feeding and touching them at various times, you can really heat things up to a great point, allowing for the time together to be even better than before.

4. Using a Sex Blindfold as A Feather

With a blindfold on and your partner’s senses being more sensitive, you can touch them in different ways to increase their stimulation. But who said you had to use a sex blindfold one particular way? Most blindfolds are soft cloth and can be gentle on the skin, allowing you to use it like a feather you can use to caress the body.

If you happen to have more than one blindfold, you can use one to cover your eyes and the other to gently touch them in various places. But even if you have one, the blindfold has multiple uses that you and your partner can be creative with.

Getting Creative With a Sex Blindfold

By using our guide on different ways to use a sex blindfold, you’ll have options to implement the next time things get hot for you and your partner. If the spark of lovemaking appears to get dim, then try out these ways using the simplest of sex tools to reignite the passion you know and love.

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