7 Reasons to Hit That CBD E-cig Before Getting Frisky in the Bedroom

Are you looking to have better sex? There are all kinds of products out there promising just that with little to no results. That’s why the sexual enhancement supplement market is over $800 million in the US.

Well, there are plenty of ways to increase your sexual pleasure that don’t require a prescription or sketchy pill. As it stands, CBD e-cig might be the best, most natural option for better sex. Here are a few reasons why!

1. CBD Can Improve Libido

CBD is a known libido (sex drive) booster, which should all-around translate to better sex. An increased libido directly translates to increased sexual pleasure, which you’ve probably experienced.

Think about it. Have you ever had sex while not entirely in the mood? Did you or your partner enjoy it nearly as much as when you were fully in the mood?

It’s unlikely that either of you did. Increasing your libido will help you engage more in sexual activities, from foreplay to a satisfying ending.

Keep in mind that some research suggests that men and women who use marijuana (including both CBD and THC) may develop a lower sex drive. However, those same studies suggest an increase in sex drive for infrequent users of both sexes.

2. CBD Can Help You Relax

Sometimes, it’s difficult to relax in the bedroom, especially with a new partner. If you have anxiety or any other issues that may hinder your ability to perform, CBD can help you achieve a more relaxed state of mind.

Another way this can help improve your bedroom time is by potentially maximizing your time spent having fun. For example, when we’re tense, it’s easy to want to rush things.

Conversely, when we’re in a relaxed state, it’s a lot easier to take our time and enjoy ourselves. If this is an area you struggle with, consider trying CBD and a little less caffeine next time you’re in the mood!

3. CBD Can Help Reduce Pain

Most of the research around CBD has been for its pain relief benefits. CBD has shown promising results for pain reduction across the spectrum, which can offer plenty of benefits in the bedroom. No, not just for kinky stuff!

Some people experience pain during penetrative sex, which can make sex a lot less enjoyable. If you experience pain in the bedroom, make sure you are using the proper lubricant, warming up properly, and communicating with your partner.

Still, if the problem persists, CBD is a great way to help calm your nerves and reduce pain or discomfort.

Also, penetration isn’t the only part of sex that may cause you pain. 84% of adults experience back pain in their lives, and other chronic pain conditions are all-too-common. This can cause pain or discomfort during many (or all) sex positions.

Either way, for maximum benefits, we recommend using your CBD e-cig within an hour before engaging in sexual activity. The same applies to most benefits on this list.

4. Increased Orgasms

Good sex leads to good orgasms. It’s a simple 1:1 ratio that we can all understand.

Well, there are dozens of ways that CBD can help lead to better orgasms, from improving your libido to reducing pain and increasing sensitivity. Again, more research is needed, but the anecdotal and existing evidence is positive. If you have trouble achieving orgasm or if they just aren’t what they used to be, give CBD a try and see if it works for you!

5. Better Erections

Tension, stress, and improper blood circulation are all literal boner-killers. The way that erections work is that a muscle holds back the blood flow to the penis. For blood flow to enter the penis, this muscle needs to relax.

When we’re tense, stressed, or have poor circulation, it’s difficult to achieve or maintain a full erection. If you have these chronic issues, then you may not even know your full potential!

While more research is needed, CBD is widely used as both a stress reliever and a promoter of healthy blood flow.

How to Choose the Right CBD Products

If you’re interested in trying CBD before your next bedroom adventure, you need to choose the right products. Make sure you shop from reputable sellers, as some CBD products are unregulated and have unsafe additives.

You can always verify these products with a quick online search to read online reviews. However, you can typically check for third-party certifications on product labels or ask the supplier for more details.

Most importantly, you should know the extraction method. CBD products that use CO2 extractions are quite safe to consume, especially compared to those using butane or other chemicals. If you’re worried about vaping, there are plenty of other CBD products to try that don’t require inhaling anything.

To be safe, find an adult store near me that sells reputable CBD e-cigs and similar products. By choosing a sex store, you can kill two birds with one stone and pick up some special goodies for the best sex of your life!

Try Your CBD E-Cig Next Time

Now that you know some reasons to try a CBD e-cig before having fun with your partner, consider giving it a try for yourself. CBD is extremely popular for many different reasons, and enjoying those intimate moments is just another reason to give it a try.

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