Adult Store in Dallas: What Are the Best CBD Candies and Treats?

Roughly 14% of American adults use CBD in some capacity. Since its legalization in 2018, people have taken an interest in CBD and its potential medical benefits.

Though the science behind it is still quite limited, there is a growing body of evidence suggesting that CBD could benefit a lot of people with a lot of different conditions, such as pain, anxiety, and seizure disorders.

This raises the question of where to get the best CBD. Interestingly enough, the answer seems to be in an adult store, Dallas to be precise. This city is home to New Fine Arts, an adult recreational store that offers excellent CBD candy. We’ll discuss some of the best CBD treats in this article.


When somebody talks about CBD candies, the first thing that comes to mind is probably gummies. There’s no shortage of CBD treats on the market, but gummies have captured the imagination.

Gummies offer a lot of advantages over other types of treats, such as their accessibility. CBD gummies are easy to take and accessible to virtually anyone. They also come in virtually any flavor you can imagine.

Gummies celebrate their hundredth birthday this year. They were first created by a German company called Haribo in 1922. Perhaps it’s fitting that they’ve found renewed popularity in such a niche market.


1. Brownies and Their Uses

Almost as famous as CBD gummies are brownies. Though brownies are more of a common trope for marijuana, people have baked CBD into the treats, as well. The possession of marijuana is illegal in Texas, so we only offer CBD brownies, but CBD brownies are quite useful in their own right.

CBD brownies are often used as a sleep aid, partly due to CBD’s anti-anxiety properties.

2. A Brief History

Cannabis brownies have carved a special place in American history. The first recorded recipe for cannabis fudge appeared in The Alice B. Toklas Cookbook in 1954. Toklas, in addition to being an author, was also the partner of fellow author and feminist Gertrude Stein.

The recipe for cannabis fudge was somehow referenced as a brownie recipe instead, and the world picked up on it. The rest is history.

Lotions and Lubricants

1. CBD, Sex, and Anxiety

Switching gears to another type of treats there are CBD-based massage oils and lubricants to discover. Being an adult store, we naturally had to find a way to use it in the bedroom.

What makes CBD such an asset during intimate encounters? As with sleep, reduced anxiety is the biggest factor. Most of the hurdles that make sex potentially unpleasant are owing to anxiety.

2. Other Benefits

Reducing anxiety helps your muscles relax, which makes penetration easier and helps to prevent pain. It also doesn’t hurt that CBD has anti-inflammatory properties that will dull any pain that does arise.

A few studies have also shown that CBD topicals can increase blood flow and sensitivity. This leads to more intense sex, and, according to some, longer orgasms.


1. A Chemical Reaction

Who doesn’t love chocolate? The answer is basically nobody, and for good reason. In addition to being delicious, chocolate also contains a myriad of chemicals that affect our brain chemistry and boost our mood.

Among these chemicals is Theobromine, which is chemically similar to caffeine, and functions as a type of stimulant. There’s also caffeine, which is another stimulant, and Tryptophan, which is a component of serotonin.

Other chemicals include Anandamide, a cannabinoid that increases mood but isn’t remotely as powerful as THC, and Phenylethylamine, a chemical with potential aphrodisiac properties. Chocolate seems chemically designed to make us happy and adding CBD only makes things better.

2. Snack or Aphrodisiac?

Chocolate has a reputation for being an aphrodisiac, which makes it the perfect treat for a Dallas adult store. Is there any truth to these claims, though?

The answer seems to be kind of. Phenylethylamine is an aphrodisiac, but it doesn’t occur in large enough quantities to have much of an effect. However, while chocolate doesn’t have direct aphrodisiac properties, its other chemical properties can make sex better by improving mood and helping anxiety, among other things.


CBD cookies are another great form of CBD edibles, just in case you’re not into gummies or chocolates but still need the benefits of CBD. The great thing about cookies, and other types of edibles, is that they last longer than most other methods of administration.

Since our bodies take longer to process things than our lungs or our skin, the CBD stays in our system for longer, and its effects last several hours. The downside is that edibles take longer to start working, so you might find yourself waiting around for a half hour or more.

CBD edibles are often more effective when taken with food or water, which is great news for those fond of eating, and who isn’t? If you’re looking for something to take CBD cookies with, we recommend putting a twist on the classic combination of cookies and milk.

Other Edibles

We aren’t kidding when we say that edibles exist in countless forms. Not only are there candies, cookies, and brownies, but there are also sodas, water, potato chips, smoothies, and chewing tobacco.

Simply put, if you can think of something to put CBD into, somebody has done it. The good news is that you’ll find mostly normal CBD products at New Fine Arts adult stores. If you’re craving something truly wild, there’s more than one way to get it, and we’re more than happy to help.

An Adult Store, Dallas, and CBD Treats

If you’re in search of the best adult store, Dallas is the place to go. If you’re looking for a few CBD edibles to liven up your sex life, or simply clear up a few symptoms, you can find that there, too.

We’ve discussed some of the best CBD treats we offer in this article, but there’s much more to learn when it comes to New Fine Arts. You can learn more by visiting our site. If you’ve been wondering about CBD topical cream, we’re happy to help.