Benefits of Slow Sex

In sexuality there are no parameters or rules. There are those who prefer a somewhat calmer sex and those who enjoy wild encounters. Sexual rhythms and intensity vary according to the person and the moment.

Today we will talk about slow sex, a conscious and very intense way of enjoying sexual pleasure, which arouses curiosity among lovers of quiet but no fewer daring passions.

Lets see some of the benefits of Slow Sex:

  1. Increases Arousal and Pleasure

This technique focuses on enjoying the process but controlling the excitement so as not to climax sooner than expected. Besides enjoying the moment much more, it helps to get to know the other person’s body better. If we move slow sex to self-stimulation , either to regain or enhance our desire, there are some erotic toys that make it very easy. For example, the r clitoris sucker , some offer softer intensities that allow women to take the reins and the rhythm of their pleasure, being more aware of their anatomy and enjoy without any rush of sexuality.

  1. Improves Health

In addition, from the health benefits of sex as a vasodilator and heart-healthy, slow sex improves the relational aspect between the couple. The complicity and companionship soar and there is an increase in serotonin and oxytocin levels, which makes us happier. In addition to this, it increases the probability of having multiple ejaculatory orgasms for men without being deterred by the refractory period.

  1. Enriches the Relationship

When practicing slow sex, it is about listening to the other person, that means, listening fully, eliminating all internal noises, to understand what he/she is telling us and to grasp the emotional state of the other person. when you practice slow sex, your fantasies  are at their peak, you are enjoying the moment and not just thinking about the orgasm and watching your partner enjoy it can also make you become much closer and the experience much more satisfying.

How To Start?

If you want something new in your relationship and to connect better with your partner, as well as to enjoy more the sexual encounters, strat practicing Slow Sex. It is very simple: disconnect the cell phone, relax and, if you want, add a sex toy  that offers us soft intensities with which to carry the rhythm of the places to enjoy unhurried sexuality. You  have many options. many if not most sex toys have variations in their vibration so if it is slow sex you can start at the lowest level and if you choose to increase the speed and intensity.

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