Edging: Guide To More Intense Orgasms

Do you want to try a sexual practice that has grown a lot in recent times and that promises to give more intense orgasms? New Fine Arts  has the guide for you to successfully engage in edging.

Many men, and women too, are looking for ways to learn how to control and prolong their orgasms  and this is when we discover that consciously or unconsciously, we may have already used this sexual technique: Edging.

Edging is basically when you or your partner are about to reach orgasm, hold back, pull back a little, recover some energy and then start again delaying enough time for the desire to be felt even more.

It is something like a roller coaster where you must concentrate on the sensations in your body, and it will be necessary to stop some other stimulus such as kissing; pause the erotic movie or lower the volume of the music that is bringing you to climax.

  1.     Communication, the most important thing. If you are determined to try this technique with your lover, the first thing we must do, although it may seem obvious, is to discuss it with our partners. If there is something you are nervous about such as areas you don’t want to be touched, you can set those boundaries beforehand. Otherwise, take turns playing with different techniques to get ourselves or our partners to orgasm .
  2.     Learn to recognize your sexual response: what you feel when you become aroused, that tickling rush and how your body tenses up as it is about to explode. This will require several sessions with your body and identify these aspects that accompany your pre-orgasm.
  3.     Edging is more common in men. It is recommended in cases of men with premature ejaculation . The objective in the case of men is to obtain longer erections and to achieve a level of arousal that allows for some control of ejaculation.
  4.     And in women: Women have “erections” from their clitoral organ, and edging creates a stronger erection for both men and women.   In the case of edging this is achieved during masturbation. Here ladies can use their fingers or a sex toy of their choice. When the sensation of imminent orgasm has disappeared, start again from the beginning and take a short break. This point is perhaps the most complicated, as it requires practice and patience.  Combine slow and fast, circular movements.
  5.     Remember:  The end or goal is not the orgasm. In encounters with your lover or with yourself, you also enjoy the journey. If this practice is frustrating for you, it is not required. There are many more situations that you can enjoy. This type of exercise helps people who have difficulty controlling their ejaculation or those who want to recognize what is happening in your body.

As always you can try new things, experiment, and discover if you like it and want to keep putting it into practice or not. At New Fine Arts  we have a great variety of sex toys, lingerie, CBD products, and much more that will surely help you to discover much more to you and your partner.