How to Use CBD Intimacy Oil for Sexy Time

Chafing and stress aren’t commonly thought of as good bed-fellows when it comes to sex. If only there was a product out there that could help with both!

You can probably see where this is going. The use of lubrication products is probably a lot more common than you think. Where there’s a market, you can bet there are researchers poised to take advantage.

Combining our love of sex with our love of not being constantly stressed out seems like a no-brainer. This is where CBD intimacy oil comes in. Read on to find out more!

CBD Intimacy Oil

The bedroom is one of our favorite places. Going to bed is one of life’s greatest pleasures, whether you’re accompanied or not. Words fail to accurately describe the joys of taking a midday nap, for example.

While sleeping peacefully is unarguably high on the list of activities we enjoy in our bedroom, it might not come first. That spot is often reserved for naked wrestling matches with our significant other. And when it comes to wrestling matches, we all know the best kind involves excessive baby oil.

What could be better than baby oil, you ask? How about a specifically designed lube to relax muscles and reduce anxiety? That’s right, all the medicinal properties of CBD are now available in sexual lubricants.

CBD Oils for Sex

If you haven’t heard anything about CBD or are wondering what it is exactly, we’ve got you covered. CBD is an active chemical found within the cannabis plant, revered for its many medicinal properties. It has been found to have quite potent effects on the human mind.

The most commonly experienced effects of CBD include feelings of mellowness, reduced pain, and a calming of psychological distress. It’s also highly sought after for its healing properties as a topical medication for muscle pain and skin irritation. Not only is CBD completely harmless, but it also seems to be greatly beneficial in a wide number of applications.

After taking the uses and effects of CBD into account, its inclusion within a sexual lubricant seems obvious. If you’re going to be rubbing a lube all over yourself and your partner’s body, may as well soothe that rash while you’re at it.

CBD Oil as a Lubricant

When considering any lubrication, you want to be certain that it’s completely safe. While we don’t worry so much about what gets on our skin in general, it’s a little different when considering where exactly this stuff is likely to end up. You’ll be pleased to hear that, yes, you can put it up your butt.

CBD has no known adverse effects on our most sensitive and fragile areas. To put it bluntly, not only is it safe to rub into your junk, it might even do you good! It’s also completely safe to be used in conjunction with condoms, so long as you stick with non-latex options.

Oil-based lubricants degrade the integrity of latex and poly-isoprene, so they’re not a good match. Nobody wants to find out their condom has broken, after all. Not even a heavy dose of CBD lube is going to calm that moment down.

Probably couldn’t hurt, though.

The Joys of Lube

It’s understandable to be somewhat tentative at the idea of lube. It can seem a little medical and off-putting. Also, the prospect of bringing another variable to an already complicated situation is daunting.

Fortunately, a little CBD intimacy oil can help calm these nerves. For this reason alone, it’s the best lube to start your slippery journey to sexual fulfillment!

Don’t be afraid of giving it a go. If you’ll excuse the pun, it can make things go a lot more smoothly. It can even, ahem, open doors in your sex life you might never have thought possible!

The bedroom is great for trying out new things, and a healthy dollop of lube ought to be among the first of them. Keep in mind that it’s best to discuss the addition of lube before pulling it out of your bedside drawer to avoid spooking your lover. Before long you’ll love your lube so much that you’ll never leave the house without it.

CBD Arousal Oil

Lubricant sex oils aren’t just to assist penetration. Of course, they’re fantastic for that, too. Some might even say essential.

We’re sensitive creatures and appreciate a light touch. The sensation of skin-on-skin contact and the intimacy it provides is something we all thirst for. The application process is the perfect opportunity to arouse your lover and show some affection.

With CBD oil, the effect is both arousing and calming. Nurturing a safe and amenable atmosphere to stage the act is foundational for good lovemaking. CBD oil is an aid that compliments the journey from start to finish without any concerning after-effects to worry about!

Slip and Slide

An intimacy sex oil is simply a tool for use in the bedroom to increase the enjoyment of tactile sensations. It’s not the answer to a bad or unfulfilling sex life. It’s worth remembering that the most important aspect of sexual relations is good communication.

Open and frank honesty is the best lubricant available when it comes to sexy time. However, it does lack a certain something in the literal lubrication department. For best results, use honesty and CBD intimacy oil together.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us! We’d love to hear from you.