Is It Safe To Use A CBD Topical Cream Down There? Everything You Need To Know

More intense orgasms, a mood enhancer, and a clear-headed sensual focus.

These are just a few of the benefits that CBD can add to your sex life.

If you’ve heard of these benefits and more, you might be eager to try out a CBD topical cream or lubricant. However, you might also be nervous about upsetting the delicate balance…down there with a new product.

Keep reading for everything you need to know about CBD topical cream and safety in the bedroom.

CBD: A Brief Explainer

Cannabidiol or CBD is the latest miracle ingredient to hit the mainstream health market. It reportedly improves everything from anxiety to inflammation and we’re only just beginning to understand its wide range of benefits.

CBD is a type of chemical or cannabinoid that is extracted from the cannabis plant. However, CBD won’t make you feel intoxicated. That “high” feeling is brought on by another cannabinoid, called THC. So what can CBD do for your sex life?

CBD and Sex: What Are the Benefits?

CBD is known to increase blood flow, in turn, increasing sensitivity. This heightened sensitivity intensifies sexual pleasure and increases the body’s own natural lubricants.

According to research, CBD is also known to relax your muscles and increase the intensity of orgasms. In a recent survey, 68% of respondents said that CBD improved their sex lives.

Not only does it increase sensitivity and amplify sexual pleasure, but CBD is also a great mood-enhancer. So to get you in the mood, consider incorporating CBD products into your foreplay.

CBD Topical Cream and Safety

Vaginas have a delicate PH balance and are self-cleaning. Because of this, most scientists recommend that you don’t put anything inside or around your vagina that may cause irritation. You should never insert a capsule or product directly into your vagina that isn’t specifically formulated for sex.

However, some creams, lotions, and lubes have been specially formulated and tested and should be a safe bet when bought from a trustworthy outlet. These include CBD lubricants and topical creams that are perfectly safe to use as you would a normal lubricant or cream.

Make sure that you read all of the ingredients and do a sensitivity test on a patch of skin before getting hot and heavy. Testing the product on the inside of your arm at least 48 hours before you’re planning on using it is recommended.

Is CBD Topical Cream Right for Me?

CBD topical creams can work wonders for your sex life. But everyone’s body is different and if you’re a little sensitive down there it might be best to try out other sexy CBD alternatives.

Give your partner a sensual rub with some CBD massage oil to get things going or light a CBD candle to set the mood. There are tons of options to try out for a more intense sexual experience.

If CBD really isn’t your thing, check out our range of toys and novelties that are guaranteed to spice things up.