Sex Toy Shopping: The Best Time to Hit the Store

Four out of five people feel less stressed after an orgasm, and one of the best ways of aiding this journey is with a sex toy. But the idea of first-time sex toy shopping can quickly dampen the thought of endless orgasms and add to your stress. The good news is just like achieving the perfect orgasm; there is a strategy when it comes to going to the sex store.

An adult store is usually an excellent way to buy sex toys. You can compare your options and determine what size is actually too big or what toy is most discreet. After all, there is so much choice now, as the sex toy market continues to grow, which can mean you can reach orgasm in various ways.

But how can you manage your nerves to get to the sex toy shop in the first place and discover what works for you? Read on to learn the best time and days for sex toy shopping.

Times for the Least Foot Traffic

Many people want to go to the sex store when they are unlikely to see anyone. While there is no guarantee you will not bump into someone, there are certain days and times when crowds are less.

Research has found that the middle of the day, between 12 pm and 2 pm, is one of the busiest times for shoppers. People often go to the store during their lunch break, which is convenient for most but maybe not the best time if you want peace while buying sex toys.

Another busy time is between 4 pm and 4 pm, which is likely because people are finishing work and going to the sex store on their way home. The quietest times tend to be when the adult store first opens in the morning and later in the evening, such as after 8 pm.

Some sex toy shops are open for longer hours or even 24/7, so you can pick an even more discreet hour to visit.

The Quietest Days

When the sex toy shop is quiet depends on several factors, but there are certain days of the week where shopping is generally quieter. You might feel less shy to check out the adult store on days such as Monday or Tuesday when fewer people tend to go shopping. Or, you might want to try it on a Sunday evening, when most people have already equipped themselves with sex toys for the weekend.

You can also contact the sex store directly for advice on its quietest days on average.

For the Best Deals

You might be more nervous about finding the best deal than going to the adult store. However, there are also strategies to help you reach your goals. You can pick a national day that celebrates sex, such as National Orgasm Day.

You might feel more empowered to visit the store this day, and you might also find some discounts, which can make your first sex toy orgasm even more pleasurable. Other days include Valentine’s Day and Memorial Day, which can feature sex toy deals. Also, check whether the sex toy shop has its own celebrations, such as masturbation month, which can be a good time to find deals and feel empowered to visit the adult store.

To Prepare for the Weekend

Like any shopping, you want to try your item before flaunting it at a big event. Buying sex toys is no different. If you plan to share your sex toy or want to allocate some self-care time for orgasming, you might want to plan to visit the sex toy shop at the beginning of the week.

You will have time to get to know your sex toy and feel less nervous around it. Plus, you might go to the sex store and just have a look around without pressurizing yourself to buy anything. You can spend time asking questions, then come back once you have made a decision.

To Blend in With the Crowd

Some people find it less nerve-wracking to visit the adult store when more people are around, so they do not stand out and can peer at dildos to their heart’s content. If you want to blend in with the crowd, consider going to the sex store at peak times.

The peak days for sex toy shopping are usually the build-up to the weekend, from Thursday to Saturday evening. People are less focused on work and are considering their weekend plans. Busier times are generally during lunch breaks and once people finish work, so aim to get to the adult store before 8 pm to meet more crowds.

You can also try visiting on a day such as Wednesday, which is usually busier than the beginning of the week but does not have all the weekend crowds. You will also blend in more on popular days, such as National Orgasm Day and just before Valentine’s Day.

When Your Friend Is Free

Another strategy to reduce your nerves and turn your sex toy shopping into a fun experience is to go with a friend. Pick a friend you can trust and you feel comfortable around, then go on a day they are free. While sex toy shopping is not something to laugh at, having a friend by your side can ease some of your discomforts.

You can laugh off any unease and maybe even get recommendations for what to buy, or they can ask staff your questions if you are nervous. You can turn it into a trip by going for coffee or lunch after the visit.

The Best Sex Toy Shopping Experience

One of the main reasons sex toy shopping can cause anxiety is the unknown. But once you have taken your first trip, you will become more confident and can discover your favorite days or times work best for buying sex toys at the store.

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