Sex Toys for Couples: How to Use Sex Toys in the Bedroom

Around 75% of Americans own at least one dildo, and what’s surprising is, almost as many men own them as women do!

In addition, you might think these sex toys (and others) are only for solo use. The truth? Using sex toys with your partner can really spice things up, so it’s time to rethink how you use these aids.

Want to introduce them to the bedroom? Then read on to find out how you can use sex toys for couples to get hours of fun!

Communicate With Them First

Unsurprisingly, couples who actively and openly talk about sex have more fulfilling sex lives. So make sure you communicate about sex toys beforehand. Even if your significant other loves surprises, it can still be jarring and off-putting if you whip out a vibrator during sex without warning.

Make sure you get the timing right too. When you’re both calm and in a good mood, bring the idea up. To ease into it, you can mention that you read about it, a friend mentioned it, etc.

Don’t force it if they’re not comfortable. Don’t criticize them either, nor should you apologize for your interests. It should be a safe and transparent conversation.

Shop Together

If your partner is open to the idea of sex toys, then it’s great to shop for sex toys together. You can figure out what each person likes and dislikes, then determine the common ground to focus on.

For example, if you love pain and your SO likes to inflict it, then the ideal sex toy would be a riding crop.

Start Out Slow

Be careful not to go nuts when shopping. You want to incorporate sex toys slowly; trying out 10 different toys at once can be overwhelming. Not to mention, your partner may feel insecure, as if you’re trying to replace them.

Together, you can figure out the best ways to use these toys. For instance, if you need to loosen up more before penetration, your boyfriend can use a vibrator to bring you to climax first. Or if he struggles with premature ejaculation, then you can use the vibrator on yourself to have an orgasm while he rests up and recharges for round two.

Reassure Each Other

No matter how long you’ve been with each other, it’s easy to feel insecure when you get new sex toys in the bedroom. So it’s important to reassure your partner that you get sexual satisfaction from them, even without the toys.

If anyone feels uncomfortable at any point, it’s wise to put away the sex toys and focus on one another. This can reinforce the love and security in your relationship.

Have Fun With Sex Toys for Couples

Sex toys for couples can introduce a new and sexy element in the bedroom, especially if things have become a bit mundane and routine. And it won’t have to ruin either person’s confidence either.

So long as you communicate, take things slow, and reassure one another, it’ll be a pleasant and positive experience. And before you know it, you’ll be growing your sex toy collection.

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