Spice up Your Sex Life With These Hot New Sex Toys

Over 80% of American women admit to owning a sex toy these days. This shows that people are both buying them in large quantities and admitting to it, showing you how normal you are for opening this article.

Still, do you want to look into some new sex toys and pick up something a little more special than a silicone dildo?

This article will help you understand some of the newer sex toy trends. As you read through, think about what you might want to add to your collection, whether it is male or female sex toys or something for everyone.

Remote Control Toys

Try something a little more hands-free by picking up a toy that allows either you or your partner to activate it from an app or remote device. While these have been around for a little while, these days, you can expect more of them to see control via a smartphone.

While this gives you a lot more freedom in its use, it also sometimes offers you far more data than you might have expected to see.

Options such as the We-Vibe Choris also give you plenty of options. It is not only different intensities you might feel but also pulses and different modes. This one even has a “squeeze activation mode” which allows you to turn it off and on depending on your privacy, but you might need to practice your Kegels.

Prostate Massagers

These days, you do not want to be awkwardly fumbling with buttons on a device that’s already halfway up your rear end. This is why remote controls are becoming more ubiquitous. Despite this, many companies still consider this interaction too much and have still found ways to make them even more advanced.

Instead of clicking buttons, the Lelo Huge, for example, uses tilt motion to change up its settings. If you want it to go faster at the front, you tilt it forward. If you want it more powerful at the back, tilt it backward.

Go completely Top Gun on your rear end as you feel like a fighter pilot at the stick, vibrating different parts of your ass. Just don’t throw the device haphazardly on the bed in a fit of ecstasy, or you might end up setting off the afterburners.

Clit Massager

Often described as the “Rolls Royce of sex”, Lelo hits it out of the park with its clit massagers, much as it does with most other products. The Lelo Sona 2 Cruise is a luxury option that feels comfortable in your hands, no matter how hard or soft you are pressing it in.

This device also uses what Lelo has decided to call “Cruise Control” technology, furthering their car metaphor. Often when people get excited, they tend to push a device further into the body, causing it to slow down as the vibrations are dispersed in the skin. This technology changes that up, putting more power through the Sona 2 Cruise if it feels this happening, making sure you can get over the finish line.

If you want a new style of clit stimulator, though, you can instead try Lelo’s other offering, the Sila. If you find direct clit stimulation to be too much, this may be more your style.

Place the “mouth” of the device around your clit, and instead of vibrating the area with physical force, it will use sound waves. This ensures that if you are too sensitive, you will not start feeling pain instead of pleasure. By having a larger opening, it also means you can position it such that the clit itself never touches the device.

In general, Lelo is a great choice for this area of pleasure.

Sex with Artificial Intelligence

It might surprise you to learn that there are two new artificial intelligence directions sex toys are going in. The first is that of an automated, AI-controlled blowjob machine. Placing this on a penis will create an automated stroke sensation, doing all the work for you.

As the device connects to the Internet, it can download new blowjob techniques and also work out what you prefer. Over time, it may become the best option for the bedroom as it learns how to get you off.

If that was not unique enough, how about some ChatGPT sexy talk? Some companies are now looking into using OpenAI to create sexy chatbots that will give in to their deepest and wildest desires. It can then narrate this to you and control a device in time with the story.

This ChatGPT-powered narrative will even have you climaxing just as the story does the same.

Penis Bumpers

We’ve all been there. Sometimes you’re with someone you’re excited about, but they drop their pants, and, well, it’s just… a bit too much?

Sure, the idea of pleasuring all of him might be exciting, but not if it slams into your back wall like a human cannonball. So use one of these male sex toys to make sure he still has fun while protecting your innards.

In short, it acts as a cock ring that “blocks” some of the back of his member. This means he will only be able to enter you so much, reducing him by an inch or two. If you find someone especially large, you can even look into stacking them, as toys like the OhNut can do, allowing you to hook up to four together.

Some, like the Hot Octopuss Atom Plus, can even give the shaft a deep rumble as he enters you. Turn your plus-sized friend into a regular-sized vibrator.

Try Some New Sex Toys Today

The above options should have given you a new lease of life when it comes to picking and choosing the best new sex toys for your own use. Still, if you want them, you are going to want to order them from a discrete and reputable seller. We can help you with that.

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