The Complete Guide on How to Last Longer in Bed

Did you know that the happiest couples in America have sex 54 times a year, on average? That equates to about once a week.

Intimacy through a solid sexual relationship is crucial to building that close connection with your partner, no matter how long you’ve been together. If you don’t have time to have sex more often in a week, then perhaps you are interested in tips for lasting longer in bed.

There are many techniques for spicing up a relationship, so keep reading for some ways on how to last longer in bed and keep your partner more than satisfied.

Sexual Fantasy

Do you have some fantasies that you’ve hidden for a long time from your partner because you are afraid of judgment and rejection? If you would like to spice up your sexual relationship, then you need to become more vocal about your fantasies and put them forth to your partner, so they can try their best to fulfill them.

Don’t worry if you think your sexual fantasy is too ‘out there’. Most people think that about their fantasies, but they are usually surprised to know that there are many others out there who have the same fantasy as them.

Try Roleplay

Sharing your sexual fantasy with your partner usually translates into or results in some roleplay activity. And that’s how it should be. It can get boring after a while to use the same old sexual position and get into the same old orgasm routine.

If some roleplay idea enthralls you, but also scares you at the same time, try it. It could be the thing you need to get out of your inhibitory self and into a more exploratory one.

Sex Toys

Of course, modern sexual life would be nothing without some good adult sex toys thrown into the mix. If you haven’t tried sex toys with your partner yet, what are you waiting for?

One way you can use these sex toys is to masturbate on your own, so you know what you like and don’t like. This way, you can be more communicative about your needs in bed next time around.

But you can also use sex toys to masturbate together!

At first, masturbating together might sound like an impossible proposition, but seeing your partner writhing in pleasure and orgasming when they touch themselves in a way that they like will turn you on even more, and allow you to last longer in bed (especially if you aren’t allowed to touch them while they masturbate).

It will also give you tips on how to better please your partner next time you are in bed together because you will have an insider view of what they prefer.


If you tend to come too fast and leave your partner wanting more, try breathing techniques to allow your body to relax and not orgasm so quickly. Whenever you feel like you are on the verge of coming, start some box breathing or square breathing to calm your body down.

It might not work the first few times you try it. But soon your body will adjust and change its typical way of orgasming and allow you longer, more decadent orgasms.

Ancient tantric and yoga practitioners have been using breathing techniques (Pranayama) for eons to control their orgasm and their bodies. Why not try it to see if it works for you?

Change the Location

Do you always have sex in your apartment or your bedroom? Why not switch things up a bit? Go into a part of town where you have never been before, or try having sex in the bathtub, on the kitchen table, or in the garage.

You probably have a sexual habit that you’ve built up over time, where you use the same caresses, words, techniques, and moves, to bring yourself and your partner to orgasm. Break this habit asap by mixing things up.

If your partner is always on top, then you try being on top once in a while. Or if you always have 5 minutes of foreplay, extend it to 20-30 minutes this time and see how it goes.

One of the best ways to last longer in bed is to always change things up and never get into a rut. It’s hard to do, but it’s so beneficial if you can manage it.

Transfigure Your Partner

You’ve been with your partner for months, years, or decades. You probably think you know everything about them, and that can get a bit boring after a while.

But what if you ‘transfigured’ your partner and imagined them as you did when you first met them.

Remember that time? You couldn’t believe you had met someone so amazing and you hoped, wished, and prayed to be with them forever and ever.

It’s time for you to look at your partner anew.

Try this – ask your partner to strip down to their birthday suit and stand in front of you. Observe every freckle, mole, and pore on their body. Every perfect part of them.

Watch how they move. See how the light shines off their skin and makes them sparkle.

The more you can transfigure your partner, the more you will feel like you are not having sex with the same old person. That will allow you to feel excited once again, similar to how you were at the beginning of your relationship.

How To Last Longer in Bed – Hustle for It

Being complacent about your sex life won’t get you anywhere. If you wish to learn how to last longer in bed, you need to experiment with different techniques and see what works for your particular relationship.

Every partnership is unique and has its unique way of doing things. Maybe roleplay doesn’t work for you, but sex toys take your sexual life into outer space. You won’t know this though until you try a variety of things out.

If you are searching for a particular sex toy or product, contact New Fine Arts DFW and we will be happy to answer all of your questions.