What Are the Surprising Benefits of Anal Sex?

When thinking of anal sex, people often balk at the idea of permanently stretching out their butthole. No one likes the idea of their anus turning into a lifelong leaky faucet! Lucky for us, this idea is an old, tired myth.

Humans have been trying anal sex for thousands of years, and for good reason. It opens up a new realm of possibilities for your sex life, no matter what gender you identify as. More than that, the benefits of anal sex are too much to ignore.

Let’s look at a few great reasons to have anal sex, with some anal sex tips for good measure.

Anal Sex Stimulates the G-Spot

The G-spot is a sensitive, powerful erogenous zone in both people assigned male at birth and female. Stimulating it can lead to a gushing orgasm.

For AMAB specifically, this spot can be harder to reach. One very effective way to stimulate it is via the anus, i.e., fooling around with anal sex toys. It’s one of the many things you and your partner should try in the bedroom.

Orgasms May Be Stronger

Nothing’s better than an orgasm that makes your legs shake and leaves you moaning on the ground. For both AMAB and AFAB, these types of orgasms may seem elusive. Anal sex is one potential way to provoke them.

Trust us when we say that many an AMAB can discover a 9.0 on the Richter scale just by doing it up the butt. Consider getting your partner to penetrate you or masturbating with a butt plug.

There’s No Pregnancy Risk

Pesky sperm looking to make you into a surprise parent has no power when sent up the poop chute. If you want to try condom-free sex, this is a safe way to do it. Just make sure to clean up the leakage, as it could make its way into the vagina.

It’s a Period Sex Alternative

Listen, there’s nothing wrong with period sex. Many enjoy it just the same. If you’d rather not get your sword bloody, though, try anal.

Just use lots of lube, keep things clean, and go gentle. Otherwise, you’ll make things bloody regardless of the time of the month.

It Feels Taboo

One of the most exhilarating experiences during sex is doing something that’s socially frowned upon. Sex on the beach, sex with the window open, and, you guessed it, anal.

If you’ve never tried anal before, there’s a good chance you’ve got some cultural reservations about it. Trying anal out may feel naughty. That naughtiness will add some fun to the mix and may turn you on, too.

Maximize the Benefits of Anal Sex

The benefits of anal sex are too many to mention just here. It feels good, adds a new dimension to your twenty-toe-tangling, and gives you more reason to check out the toys at your adult store in Dallas. Just make sure you do it safely, keep it clean, and use lube.

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