3 Super Tips To Enjoy Anal Sex

Anal sex may still be taboo, however, it is more common than you think, although there is a whole techniques and actions to do it safely. If you are going to practice anal sex it is important that you consider, the following recommendations that New Fine Arts  has for you.

Keep in mind that in anal sex is a very sensitive area and can present fissures or tears if it is not practiced in the right way and should be clean and careful, to avoid infections and sexually transmitted diseases.

Anal sex  is one of the most common practices, and therefore, we tell you how to do it safely and enjoy it to the fullest.

Keep It Clean

It is important to perform anal cleansing before this practice, and for this purpose, showers or enemas are recommended to prevent the sphincters from betraying you. Try to avoid eating before having sex, as well as drinking coffee, caffeinated beverages, or alcohol in excess. Some warm water and soap, or a wipe will clean the anal area. Try to create a comfortable environment by talking with your partner and familiarizing yourself with what to expect. Laying down a towel, or cleaning as you go are great ways to feel comfortable. You can visit New Fine Arts to look for all the options we have and fit better for you.


This is a point that should never be forgotten. Unlike the vagina which produces its own lubricant, the anus does not, so it is necessary to use some  lubricant.  The use of water-based lubricants is recommended so that it does not affect the quality of the condom, and it is also recommended to prevent ruptures in the internal tissues of the rectum. The lubricant is used when trying any anal play, including those involving sex toys, plugs and dildos.


If you are new to anal sex, we recommend you start slowly so that you feel comfortable when it’s time to do it. An anal plug , for example, can help you practice before trying it with a penis and will decrease the possibility of tearing because, yes, it can happen. Using fingers (with latex gloves) and anal beads are two good ways to get into anal sex. If it hurts you or your partner during anal sex, stop, no questions asked. Foreplay can help you both get ready for what’s to come and make penetration in that special place easier. Touching, kissing, and licking the buttocks and the area around the anus is a good way to start.

Don’t Forget

The anal and rectal areas are particularly prone to fissures and sores, through which sexually transmitted diseases are more easily spread. So anal sex poses a higher risk than any other sexual activity. Therefore, it is important to use condoms at all times, from the beginning to the end of anal penetration.

Anal sex can be a fun sexual practice, but it must be very clean and conscious, to avoid diseases. There are thousands of options to avoid infections besides sex toys, lubricants, plugs, and more that you can try, and you can find them all in our 3 adult stores New Fine Arts  in Dallas-Fort Worth.