Let’s Talk About Male Stimulation

For male stimulation many times we believe that with only stimulating his penis we are doing a good job, however the man has many erogenous zones, that if you do it right you will drive him crazy with pleasure and New Fine Arts  has some tips for you to achieve it.

Men’s erogenous zones  are much more sensitive than we think, so we must stimulate them carefully and gently to achieve the desired effect and, in some cases, the erogenous zones of the man may coincide with those of the woman; but in others they do not, since there are parts that are different.

From Head To Toe

To stimulate your man, you can take advantage of every part of his body since literally from head to toe there are super sensitive areas that you can stimulate. you can start by caressing his head, the back of his neck, his neck and of course his lips. You can caress, kiss and even gently massage some of these areas. Continuing with the body path, you can massage the back, also kiss her chest and little by little go down to the thighs, her most private parts and many enjoy caressing his feet.


In general, always remember these four actions to stimulate the areas  we talked about before: touching, kissing, biting, licking. Each erogenous part will be stimulated with one of these actions. It is your job to discover what stimulates your partner the most, go from the lightest to the most intense with a lot of care and paying attention to their reactions.


To give your partner maximum stimulation , you can also try different positions as the level of penetration and stimulation will also vary depending on the position you try. Even if you know which practices suit you, sometimes it’s a little difficult to get out of the usual repertoire of postures and varying our practices can help us to get out of the routine, to enhance desire and to broaden our horizons.


By experimenting with other erogenous areas and discovering what your man likes best, you can begin to stimulate him in other ways with other fun tools: adult toys. There is a great variety of toys, so you can discover new sensations. You can start with a light vibration, and if they are more daring, a prostate stimulator. Don’t forget the lubricant, you can choose from flavors, smells and even with hot and cold effects. Another option are the popular cock rings. this will allow you to train yourself for more powerful and long-lasting erections and thus discover new sensations. 

Remember the more areas we stimulate, the more pleasure receptors we activate, and the more of the brain we involve. If you are looking for more options do not hesitate to visit any of our New Fine Arts  stores where we have a great variety of sex toys, lingerie, games for couples, porn, lubricants and an endless number of items that can help you find those erogenous zones that you had not even imagined that would give so much pleasure to you or your partner.