5 Reasons To Try Couple Mutual Masturbation

Besides pleasure, there are other benefits to being masturbated by your lover. At New Fine Arts, we love to offer sex toys that help to deliver pleasure, for men, women, and of course you may enjoy it as a couple.

Masturbation is a crucial first step in understanding our sexuality since it teaches us a lot about our pleasure and, if we do it with a lover, it strengthens our relationship as well as giving us pleasure. Whether you do it with toys or not, there are more masturbation’s benefits  than you can imagine. That’s why New Fine Arts gives you the perfect excuse to enjoy mutual pleasure with your partner.

  1.     Self-knowledge: masturbating gives us information about what and how we like. In this way you will know what you like and what gives you pleasure; and at the same time by sharing this moment with your partner you will get to know what he/she likes and thus give pleasure in a way that you both enjoy. Discovering yourself alone and as a couple is essential to enjoy sexual experiences to the fullest.
  2.     Improves sexual desire: By showing our partner how we prefer to be stimulated, we can make our experiences more pleasurable and, consequently, we’ll want to repeat them more frequently and watching your partner enjoy will create desire and pleasure in you as well.
  3.     Expand the erotic fantasy: fantasies are the gasoline of our sexuality and resorting to them during masturbation is a good way to give spark to our mind and to our sexual relations. Starting with masturbation as a couple can take you on a journey of fulfilling fantasies. This is where you begin to enjoy the pleasure of watching your partner enjoying it so you also take your imagination to another level.
  4.     Enhance the pleasure of masturbation with sex toys. By using sex toys , you will help to discover new sensations, live diverse experiences, and break the monotony. There are different shapes, sizes, materials, different stimulate points so if you take advantage of the use of sex toys, which you can find in New Fine Arts, it will give a plus to your traditional masturbation. You will experience pleasure in another way and it will be much more enjoyable. So, do not hesitate to try them.
  5.     Feel happier and more relaxed. By being masturbated by your partner constantly your stress levels will drop notably and by being more relaxed you will consequently feel happier. Always enjoying good sex or masturbating helps you in your sexual self-esteem levels since knowing ourselves helps us to value more our erotic potential and our sexuality, both alone and as a couple.

Whatever your way of experiencing masturbation, whether you do it alone or with your partner, be sure to visit  New Fine Arts stores where we offer hundreds of options to increase your pleasure, enjoy your sexuality and spice up your relationship. From sex toys, lubricants, sexy lingerie to masturbators and porn movies to name a few of the novelties you will find here.