5 Tricks for Having Sex When Family is Visiting for The Holidays

The Holiday Season is around the corner and having visitors at home is part of the time of year and having intimacy with your lover becomes a little bit complicated, but at  New Fine Arts we have tips for you to continue enjoying with your partner and no one will notice.

Having sex in a silent way becomes a real challenge when there are guests in the house even more. But not because you have visitors or company on these dates you should stop doing it, on the contrary, take the challenge and live an experience that you will surely always remember, of course taking your precautions and even strategies.

Right time

Even if you are used to having sex whenever you feel like it or even wherever you want when you are in the comfort of your home, during the holidays this would be the least convenient. On the contrary, you should look for the best time which will probably be when everyone is sleeping but it also depends on if they are out shopping, visiting, etc. you know that no one will be home for a while and if they are asleep then you will have to keep the volume low.


Some noise in those moments of intimacy wouldn’t hurt, and we are not talking about your noises or your partner’s noises like moaning, but music or even the sound of the shower. If you are looking to be intimate with your lover without being discovered, music or the sound of water can help. No one will think you are having a moment of passion if they hear the shower.


This is the perfect time for you to experiment and innovate  with new positions. You can try it on the edge of the bed, obviously if your bed is not too noisy, on the floor where there is no risk of making so much noise, spooning is perfect for this moment. So it’s time to let your imagination fly.


Mutual masturbation in these moments of intimacy can be a great option. Watching your partner enjoy and touching her can make you notice points of arousal that you may not have noticed. Mutual masturbation is an important element in the intimacy of the couple as this activity leads you to know even more of her pleasure points and have better sex . So take this opportunity and enjoy it.

Oral Sex

And finally, but not more important and maybe it will solve your problem of not wanting to make too much noise is oral sex. If what you do not want is to make noise, having oral sex is very probable that you do not do it because their mouths will be very busy. They can do the famous 69 and even include lubricant   flavors and smells that you can find in New Fine Arts.

so as you can see there are more options you have to continue enjoying sex with your partner and not stop having those moments of intimacy. if you are looking for lingerie, lubricants, porn, and sex toys visit any of the 3 locations of New Fine Arts in Dallas . for your convenience we are open 24/7.