Partner Sex Toys: How to Choose and Use the Right Ones

Over the course of the pandemic, 39% of people who had never used a sex toy gave at least one toy a try. This is largely due to social distancing protocols that made partnered sex more difficult.

Sex toys can increase your sexual satisfaction and help you to explore new ways to achieve an orgasm. Though many people use sex toys for solo purposes, they can also make a big difference when having partnered sex.

The question is, how do you choose the right partner sex toys for shared pleasure? How can you approach the conversation with a sexual partner and pick the types of toys that will make the biggest impact?

We do more than create top-of-the-line sex toys. We also share tips for selecting and using sex toys to maximize your pleasure. Read on for our guide to picking the best partner sex toys for your sex life.

Talking to a Partner About Sex Toys

Though the taboo surrounding sex toys is finally dissolving in popular culture, there’s still a pressing issue: heterosexual men, in particular, may believe that introducing sex toys to partnered sex is a negative reflection of their performance. The truth is that sex toys can enhance even the best sex lives. Let’s take a look at how you can talk to a partner about bringing toys into the bedroom.

Time the Conversation Right

If you’re worried about your partner’s reaction to the sex toy suggestion, time the conversation neutrally. Don’t bring up sex toys right before or after having sex. Instead, open up a dialogue about sexual desires when you’re not actively engaging in sex, encouraging your partner to share any kinks or fantasies they want to explore.

Provide Reassurance

Be prepared to provide reassurance. Be honest about why you’re curious about sex toys, but don’t shy away from telling your partner what they’re already doing that you enjoy. Defensiveness will make it difficult to have a productive conversation.

Prepare to Talk Intimately

There’s no single sex toy that’s best for all partnered sex. Just like choosing sex toys for masturbation, the toys you choose for partnered sex should reflect your unique desires and curiosities. You’ll need to talk intimately with your partner about your sexuality.

Picking the Best Partner Sex Toys

Now, let’s talk about what to consider when shopping for partner sex toys. While the goal isn’t necessarily to find a toy that will bring you both to orgasm without additional stimulation, the goal is to find something that will enhance the experience for both of you.

Consider Material and Budget

Cheap or jelly-based toys are probably not the way to go, and we recommend looking for toys made of silicone, glass, plastic, metal, or finished wood. While you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars to get a great sex toy for you and your partner, the $20 toy from a novelty shop isn’t going to have the quality and functionality of a well-crafted toy. That said, setting a budget is an important part of exploring your options without creating negative tension or frustration with your partner.

Talk About Stimulation

There are tons of different types of toys aimed to stimulate and create pleasure in different parts of the body. For example, while dildos are ideal for vaginal penetration, many people prefer anal plugs over dildos for anal penetration–and this is just the beginning of what sex toys can stimulate.

Sex toys can help you reach orgasm in new and intense ways. Consider the areas of your body (and do some exploring with your partner if you’re not sure) to find out what you want to stimulate. Some toys, like vibrating cock rings, can provide mutual stimulation, but many couples invest in multiple toys to ensure that both partners are achieving the sexual satisfaction they desire.

Factor in Disabilities

Sex toys can make sexual pleasure more achievable for people with physical disabilities that make certain sexual acts difficult. For example, strap-ons and dildos with suction cups can make penetration possible without having to hold the dildo with your hands. Certain BDSM toys and accessories, like harnesses and bondage boxes, can make sex easier and more pleasurable for people with mobility issues or joint pain, as these tools can provide compression and assist with mobility.

Factor in Practical Needs

Sex toys can help achieve sexual pleasure when toy-free orgasms are hard to achieve. For example, clitoral suction toys can stimulate the clitoris and cock rings can help maintain an erection for people who struggle with low blood flow. Vibrating toys can even help people to experience ejaculation when erections are difficult or impossible.

Don’t Forget Intended Use

Whatever your practical needs and sexual desires are, there are sex toys that can meet them. Keep in mind, however, that you should always use sex toys as directed. For example, if you purchase a toy for vaginal penetration but discover that you want to try anal penetration, make sure to use a toy that has a wider bottom that won’t get stuck inside of your anus.

Many toys are versatile and can be used to stimulate a variety of areas. Make sure that you are taking proper care to clean and store your toys, particularly when using them for penetration.

New Fine Arts Has the Best Toys to Use With a Partner

Partner sex toys are a great way to spice up your sex life, increase sexual pleasure, and create more intimacy. New Fine Arts is here to make finding the best toys for partnered sex easier and more accessible.

To get started, find your nearest New Fine Arts location. You can also contact us in advance or talk to our knowledgable staff in person to get all of the information you need about partner sex toys.