How to Store Sex Toys

Are you thinking of buying your first, upgrading your collection, or keeping your new sex toys for the long run? Either way, you’ve come to the right place.

It’s a familiar process for many of us, considering the sex toy industry will be worth $62 billion by 2030. Still, not many people like to talk about it.

Luckily, we’re here to help. If you want to keep your new investments for the long run and get the most enjoyment out of them, then let’s talk about how to store sex toys the right way!

Risks of Improper Storage

Before we discuss how to properly store your sex toys, let’s quickly go over the importance of proper storage. If you don’t store your sex toys properly, you run the risk of breeding bacteria, fungus, and other unwanted organisms. This can pose serious health risks to you if you continue to use them.

Without proper sex toy storage, you will need to buy new sex toys in no time. The materials that most toys are made of are designed for pleasure, not necessarily for fighting off bacteria. Unfortunately, these different materials are often porous, making them perfect for certain molds, mildews, and bacteria to breed.

Once this process begins, it’s usually too late. If you have a larger collection of sex toys, proper storage is essential, as it could save you hundreds of dollars in replacement costs. Even if you only have one or two toys, there’s no point in wasting your money.

If you notice discoloration, mold, or unpleasant smells on your toy, don’t use it. Especially for penetrative toys, these could cause serious illnesses. Here are some sex toy storage tips to help you out!

Clean Before Storing

Always use a sex toy cleaner before storing your sex toys. Read what type of material your sex toy is made of (on the box or manual) and what type of cleaner is compatible with this toy. Always use the appropriate cleaning techniques for your specific toy.

Dildos, plugs, and similar toys are typically easy to clean. You can start with soap and water and clean them like you would anything else, just using a special cleaner. However, other toys might be a little more challenging.

For example, pocket pussies and other internal toys pose some extra challenges. First, you can’t see the inside unless you flip it out, which could ruin the elasticity. Second, you may need special equipment to reach inside for a thorough cleaning.

If you’re worried about properly cleaning these, read the manual that came with your toy and follow the directions clearly. The inside is most important to clean, as it’s what you will be in direct contact with. If you start to see any discoloration on the toy, it’s time to get a new one unless you can clean it thoroughly enough.

Keep It Dry

Once your toys are clean it’s time to dry them off. Moisture on a sex toy is a guaranteed way to grow mold or mildew. If you live in a humid climate, it’s especially important to keep your toy as dry as possible.

After cleaning, you can dry them with a paper towel or lint-free cloth towel to get most of the moisture off. From there, use the sex toy powder of your choice to keep them dry.

If you don’t have a sex toy powder, you can use corn starch as a secondary option. However, we don’t recommend using this all the time. It’s best to use a moisture-wicking powder that’s geared for your specific product.

Now, if you will definitely use the toy every day, you don’t necessarily need to store them this way for 16 hours until your next use. However, if you’re unsure when you’ll use it next, it’s better to be safe than sorry. One day could quickly turn into twenty, which could ruin your toys.

Even in the short term, you will still need to wash your toys with cleaner and dry them off. Leaving lube, bodily fluids, or any kind of excess moisture on the toy creates a breeding ground for bacteria to thrive. Unfortunately, this can become a problem in just a day or two, depending on where you live.

How to Store Sex Toys

For most people, hiding your sex toys from plain view is probably not a big sacrifice. Even if you aren’t worried about who sees it, you still don’t want your toys to see the sun. We’d recommend storing your toys in a cool, dark location with plenty of drying agents on your toy.

Tossing them in your nightstand drawer is not always the best option. We recommend using dedicated sex toy bags or boxes for storage, and storing them in a dark, dry, and cool place. These bags or boxes need to be able to breathe, and they need to be able to fit and secure your toy collection.

If you keep your home temperature-controlled, placing your bag or box under the bed could be a great option. Otherwise, aim for closets, cabinets, or dressers that are away from direct sunlight or humidity from your shower or kitchen. From there, use your toys to their fullest extent and end your bedroom monotony!

Keep Them Clean

Now that you know how to store sex toys, remember to always keep your toys clean and dry before storing them. From there, just allow them to breathe and keep them in a safe, temperature-controlled environment. Also, if you notice anything off, it’s better to be safe than sorry!

Use our sex toy storage guide to your advantage today, stay up to date with our latest tips, and feel free to contact us with any questions or to find a store near you!