Perfect Sex Toys For Summer

We are in the favorite season for many, and not so much for others, but why not take advantage of the heat and enjoy it with sex toys  that are perfect for this season, and you can find them at New Fine Arts.

Although we know that sex toys have no specific season to be used, but if you are going to use them during hot seasons or near pools or beaches, you have to consider certain factors including if you plan to take your best friends on vacation.


On your vacation you want to relax and enjoy yourself so opt for waterproof toys so you can enjoy them in a pool, hot tub or jacuzzi. So, visit one of the 3 New Fine Arts locations  in Dallas Fort Worth and choose from all the options we have for you, from classic vibrators, double stimulators, clitoral stimulators, and more. You can use them for self-stimulation or enjoy them as a couple. Remember that there are also ones that you can control from your cell phone.


Although for sex toys there are thousands of options, this time we are going to recommend that you opt for a small or medium size sex toy  because it is more comfortable and safer if you are going to take it on your trip. A compact size adult toy is ideal even to carry it in your bag, since in the suitcase you run the risk of damaging it. It is also safer and easier to store it in case your suitcase is checked, if you are embarrassed to have it removed in the middle of the airport check for instance.

The favorites

Clitoris sucker: absorbs part of the sonic waves it produces to redirect them to the clitoris and provoke the most intense pleasure, stimulating more areas of the clitoris than ever before. Explore its vibration modes with different patterns to, through intense pulsations, stimulate the clitoris in the deepest and most pleasurable way.

Cock ring: It is a ring for the penis, you can choose one that is not one of those to use and throw away, it is one of those that you can keep for a long time. It is discrete and comfortable. The upper part vibrates, which makes both genitals receive pleasure in the form of waves.

G-spot stimulator: Having fun as a couple using sex toys is now easier than ever. You can try a remote-controlled vibrator designed to stimulate the G-spot. Thanks to Bluetooth technology, the cell phone becomes the remote control of pleasure. With this toy, couples can put their complicity and passion to the test, since while one uses the toy the other can choose when to activate the vibration from their cell phone no matter the time or place.

So, you have a choice of erotic toys to select from for the summer. Here are some options to enhance and celebrate your sexuality, while trying something new and creating exciting memories. Enjoy the summer, your partner or yourself with all the options we have for you at New Fine Arts. Visit the location nearest you and enjoy the summer heat.