How to Store Your Adult Toys

Did you know that around half of women use sex toys?

Whether you have a large collection of adult toys or only a few favorites, it’s important to understand how to store sex toys safely. The bedroom is not the place for dust and fluff-covered sex toys, both for the toys’ longevity and for your own health.

Fumbling under the bed or through the bedside cabinet for your preferred toy when the moment calls isn’t the best foreplay, and it could also lead to a variety of intimate problems.

Fortunately, there are many fantastic ways to keep your best sex toys organized. Keep reading this article to learn the best ways to store adult sex toys!

Why Is It Important to Store Adult Sex Toys Properly?

There is a very good chance that dirt, dust, pet fur, and more will get into your collection if you don’t store your sex toys safely.

Bacteria will be teeming in your best vibrator if you just leave it out willy-nilly. If this harmful bacteria spreads to your vulva and vagina during the subsequent session, for instance, it could result in an imbalance and an itchy infection.

Because of this, it’s crucial to understand how to store sex toys and keep them off the ground and under your bed. A common solution is to store toys under the bed or on the floor. After a hot session, it’s quick and simple, but it’s unsafe and unhygienic.

Make Sure All Toys Are Clean

First, make sure you know how to properly care for sex toys before storing them. Cleaning toys with a suitable sex toy cleaner and letting them air dry before storing them is a great idea.

During use, most sex toy materials trap lube and bodily juices. If you don’t properly clean your toys with hot water and mild soap, bacterial growth is guaranteed.

Using the toy without washing it will probably lead to a yeast infection because you’re giving this bacteria access to your nether regions. So, before you store your toys, please ensure that they are clean!

Store Adult Toys in Silk or Satin

Your sex toys are now ready for storage after you’ve cleaned and dried them off. It’s important to know what type of material your toy is made of when you’re ready to store them away until the next time.

It is advised to use a silk or satin storage bag because leather needs to breathe and moisture can lead to the growth of mold. Never store your sex toys in airtight containers or plastic bags!

Store Different Materials Separately

The majority of sex toys are made of silicone, which can be stored together, but if you also have any that are made of glass, metal, plastic, or jelly, they must be stored separately.

Toys made of silicone and less expensive materials may require separate storage boxes or individual pouches. It is best to use the satin bags that vibrators and dildos frequently come with for storage.

Jelly is the cheapest and riskiest material, so this is unquestionably the case for any toys made of it, she continues. Other toys may melt and disintegrate as a result of it. If this occurs, throw away your toys because they are no longer suitable for play.

Remove Batteries Before Storage

Take the batteries out before storing if you frequently use battery-powered toys and vibrators, or if you have a wide variety of app-controlled vibrators and don’t want to spend money on batteries every five minutes.

This will increase the motor and battery life. Vibrators can consume battery life while being stored, so you might find that your favorite vibe isn’t working when you need it most. Batteries may leak if they are kept inside the toy.

Always get rid of batteries and toys safely if this happens.

Organize Charging Cables

This is still very important, even though it is more of an organizational point than a safety one.

The only thing worse than having a vibrator that runs out of battery mid-use is one for which you can’t later locate the charger. This prevents chargers from ever being mixed up.

However, leave the cord loose in the bag. It will get damaged if you wrap it tightly around the vibrator or wall plug. Additionally, keeping a toy’s motor in good shape requires charging it every six months, even if it hasn’t been used.

Take Inventory

How much storage you need depends entirely on your collection. A lot more space will be needed by someone with a variety of rabbit vibrators than by someone with just a few bullets.

But in this case, it’s always better to go bigger because it’s highly likely that your collection will expand in the coming weeks or months.

Make a list of everything you own, including any toys, lubricants, chargers, or other accessories you want to put away, and then physically measure your available space to see what you have.

Now You Know How to Store Your Adult Toys

Adult toys are a fun and exciting thing to have at your disposal, but storing them improperly can lead to bacteria and harm. Now that you’re aware of the right way to store adult toys for women and men, you can ensure your next steamy session is clean and sanitary!

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