What to Look For in an Adult Sex Store

Whether you’re partnering up or going solo, a dedicated adult store is the best way to buy new toys and lingerie. It’s no surprise then that the sex toys market is anticipated to be worth over $60 billion by 2030.

Although it may seem as obvious as going in and picking out what you want, there’s a bit more than meets the eye to determine which store will be the best for you. Keep reading to find out those factors and how you can make sure you have a great shopping experience.


Looking for “sex stores near me?” The most important factor in finding a quality sex shop is its location. Regardless of their product lineup and other factors, if they aren’t in your area then they likely won’t get your business.

In-Person vs Online

With e-commerce sales accounting for over a fifth of spending from just April to June this year, plenty of people prefer online shopping to shopping in person. But there are still some advantages to shopping in a brick-and-mortar adult store in Dallas.

And visiting an adult store close to you also allows you to return anything if you need it, or can be especially helpful if you need to see something in person before you buy, rather than trusting the pictures over the internet.

That’s not to say that online shopping doesn’t come with some pros of its own. First and foremost is convenience, as you don’t need to travel to get just one or two items if you know what you’re shopping for.

The second benefit is that you can place orders from anywhere. This is especially useful if you already have a favorite store since if you’re out of town or planning a trip, you won’t have to maneuver your schedule around going to the store.

Adult Store Products

The true test of a reputable adult store is its product lineup. Although many shops will have a variety of items ranging in price, you’ll want to make sure that the products are of good quality. This includes making sure that they’re body safe, sturdy, and durable so they won’t break easily, and that the items are laid out in an easily accessible and eye-catching way.


For lingerie specifically, there are a couple of extra considerations. Variety is especially important for clothing, so look for a large selection of colors, styles, and sizes. This way you’ll have a good range of lingerie to choose from to suit your or your partner’s tastes and can choose from several different materials depending on your priorities.

A good adult shop especially should have a guide or offer other helpful advice from employees for buying lingerie, especially regarding sizing and fit, fabrics, and maintenance.


There’s plenty of advice all about sex toys, which a sex store should be happy to relay to you. Based on your personal preferences, any partners you may be sharing toys with, and your budget, there should be a wide selection of toys to choose from. These should all be made with body-safe materials and be easy to sanitize.

Helpful Staff

A customer’s experience is comprised of more than just the product selection and how far they have to travel to the shop. You’re not likely to come back if the staff aren’t helpful, considerate, and nonjudgmental.

Helpfulness, especially for those who are new to buying sexual products, is vital. While you should do some research beforehand, a good employee will take the time to make recommendations based on your preferences or tell you where you can find additional information if they don’t have personal experience.

Employees should also be considerate. One green flag is when you pick out a product, an employee may recommend something to go along with it or give you some advice on how to use the product best, especially if you seem unfamiliar with it.

Another aspect of this consideration and thoughtfulness is knowing when a product won’t be safe, or won’t be safe in the way you intend on using it. An employee should always recommend that people practice safe and consensual sex and understand the limits and best usage of the products they purchase.

Lastly, the most important personality trait in an employee is that they’re nonjudgmental. Whether you’re branching out and trying something new in the bedroom, or you’re just picking up a trusted item, employees should avoid making fun of your sexual preferences and be willing to help you find the items you need.

Welcoming Atmosphere

The atmosphere is the factor that wraps these up together and cements a great buying experience. All of the previous factors and considerations are collected to create an ultimately welcoming space.

In regards to location, make sure you feel safe in the area of the shop. Although searching “adult store near me” is the first part, the second is scoping out the neighborhood.

For the products, do they switch out the inventory or seem to have new products in stock every so often? This is a sign that not only are they up-to-date on new products coming out, but they care about bringing those products to their customers, as opposed to keeping the same items on the shelves which doesn’t encourage repeat visits.

As for the staff, do they remember you if you come in fairly often? Is there a rewards program or other incentive that keeps you coming back for new products? All of these go into cultivating a positive environment.

Satisfy Your Curiosity

With how many adult stores are open for business, you as the customer get to be and should be, picky with where you spend your money. That’s why these factors are all important aspects of finding an adult store where you’ll want to become a repeat customer.

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