The Different Types of Lube at an Adult Store

How’s your sex life going?

After all, there’s nothing better than great sex. But sometimes you need a little help, especially when you can’t get wet enough to fully enjoy the experience.

One of the secrets to taking intercourse from average to awesome is to understand how to use lubricants and sex toys so that both partners get maximum satisfaction. The key is to find the best sex lubricant for your needs. Fortunately, this article can help. Here we look at the different types of lube you can buy at an adult store.

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Why Do You Need Sex Lube?

It’s important to acknowledge that your body is built for sex. That’s why it feels so amazing. When you’re stimulated, your body is designed to secret natural lubricant that reduces friction as you move against each other.

And yet everyone’s body is different. This means you might not get as wet as you’d like. When this happens, a safe lubricant helps make the experience much more enjoyable.

Different Types of Lube

Ready to experiment with sex lubricant? Great. Let’s take a look at the different types you can choose from. After all, not every lube is created equal.

For example, silicone-based lube is ideal for longer sessions in the bedroom. It’s also the perfect choice for masturbation or having sex in the shower. Keep in mind that you won’t need to apply much, and you shouldn’t have to reapply as often as water-based lube. Silicone-based lube is also tedious to wash off without lathering up with soap and water.

Water-based lube is a good choice for people with sensitive skin. This is especially important if your penis or vagina is easily irritated. The biggest downside to this type of sex lubricant is that it washes away easily and tends to get a bit sticky during marathon sex where you might need to reapply more than once.

Oil-based lubes provide an extremely pleasurable experience when masturbating or having unprotective sex. But this type of lube should never be used with a condom.

Using Lube for Anal Sex

If you love anal sex, you’re not alone. But most people prefer applying lube before attempting to penetrate back there. In these situations, your best options for sex lubricants from an adult store near me are water-based and silicon-based lubes.

It’s important to point out that condoms are more likely to slip off when using lube, so be very careful that it doesn’t come off inside your partner.

A Guide to Choosing Sex Lubricant at an Adult Store

Great sex doesn’t happen by accident. The mood has to be right, and both your mind and body need to be ready to respond to intimate moments. Fortunately, this guide to choosing sex lubricant at an adult store will help make your next sexual encounter as pleasurable as possible.

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