The Viral Sex Toy: The Rose

You have probably crossed it by your social media feed because this sex toy has become super viral especially in TikTok and of course New Fine Arts has it for you, we are talking about the “Rose Toy”.

Lately this sex toy has become one of the most popular and sold in the world, and plus to its original, beautiful, and sensual form, it has the best technology on the market and other things that make it unique. New Fine Arts tells you why you should not miss the chance to use it and some of the benefits and other tips that will surely convince you to go right now to one of our  3 locations  in Dallas-Fort Worth and buy it.

What Is This Sex Toy?

The rose, this pink sex toy that women are excited about is a suction-based clitoral stimulation clitoral stimulation  tool with various vibration settings. They belong to a category of devices called clitoral suction sex toys. This beautiful flower-shaped clitoral sucking rose is quite compact, has a unique design and is made of medical grade silicone. So, it has all the characteristics of being the perfect sex toy that every woman should have in her adult toy drawer.

How Does It Work?

This famous sex toy  not only for its shape and size but also because it includes seven suction modes: three that provide continuous clitoral stimulation at different levels and four that stop and start at different speeds and rhythms. You can turn the rechargeable product on and off and cycle through all the patterns with just one small button.

How To Use It?

Thanks to its size and shape, it is easy to use and only works by stimulating the clitoris. Bring it close to your clitoris and you will notice how it provides a sensation of emptiness and energetic palpitations without the need to touch it. With an extra smooth finish and perfectly integrated to redirect the sonic waves and provide a more intense stimulation at the same time comfortably. Of course, it is 100% submersible so we can use it in the shower, in bed, during a bath or anywhere you can imagine.

Why Should You Have One?

In addition to all the benefits that we have mentioned above such as its shape, size, material, vibrations, etc. you should know that it has a rechargeable battery, it is super discreet not only in size but also low noise level, so this makes it even more discreet and easy to clean. You can use it on other parts of your body and enjoy it with your partner.

This sex toy  is undoubtedly one of the toys that cannot miss in your collection, in addition to elegance, femininity, good technology, is one of those that will give you more pleasure and you will be yourself who control it. Feel free to visit one of our 3 adult store locations in the Dallas-Fort Worth New Fine Arts area and complement your purchase with lubricants, sexy lingerie or even a special gift for your partner.