Toys for February: The Month of Love

Can you believe that the global adult toys industry is worth more than $12.6 billion?

Lots of people think of solo play when they imagine sex toys, but the truth is that using toys with your partners can unlock new realms of pleasure for you both. Since there are so many different options in stores nowadays, it’s okay to feel a bit overwhelmed.

Are you wondering, “What should I buy at sex stores near me?” Keep reading our guide which will highlight the best toys you should try with your partner this Love’s Month.

Bondage Gear

Bondage gear is one of the most exciting adult toy options since lots of people fantasize about power playing. Using bondage gear like handcuffs or ropes on your partner means that they have to submit to your every whim.

Just keep in mind that you and your partner should always establish a safe word so that you can experiment with bondage in a fun, welcoming way.


Vibrators will always be one of the most popular types of adult toys due to the earth-shattering orgasms they can produce. Women can benefit from vibrators the most since they tend to have a harder time finishing from penetration alone, but they can also titillate men as well.

Men can get excellent stimulation by rubbing a vibrator against their penile raphe where there’s a nice bundle of nerves.

Cock Rings

If you’re buying adult toys for the man in your life, why not get him a cock ring? These devices are designed to make his erections harder and bigger. He may even last longer in the bedroom, too!

For extra spice, you can get a cock ring that vibrates to provide pleasure for both of you during penetration.

Anal Plugs

Whenever you’re shopping for adult toys, anal toys should be on your list of items to consider. Men can have crazier orgasms by stimulating their prostrates while anal plugs can help women prepare for anal sex.

If you’ve never done anal play before, the key is to start small and work your way up with plugs at the adult store as you start enjoying it more.


Have you asked yourself, “What can’t I miss when I visit an adult store near me?” The answer is dildos!

People can use dildos in tons of creative ways for both partners’ pleasure. Someone can tease their partner by doing some foreplay while they watch, use a dildo on their partner, or even do double penetration.

You’ve Got to Try These Adult Toys on Any Day

Using adult toys will make your upcoming Date Day way more passionate. You’ll be amazed by how incredible you and your partner feel.

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